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  1. Where is defense equipment. There will be people who haven’t prepared and will try to take your stuff.

  2. you will be able to do VERY little as far as injuries go if shtf. So thee''s just not much point in these big trauma kits. You're not going to get the needed aftercare for months on end. Especially if you're by yourself. You're just going to either eat your gun or somebody' or some dog pack is going to kill you. There will be no months of rest in which to recover. Prevention will be ALL. Stay hidden during daylight, have night vision, use trekking poles, keep the load light, CACHE half of this stuff at your BOL, people. You'll have to have 6 months worth of food, clothing boots and other materials there anyway, So what's the problem with caching 20 lbs of this stuff there? If you pull a muscle, sprain a joint, suffer a hard fall, with the extra weight driving you down on that sharp rock, that frozen ground, you'll be done-for.

  3. google for Bill Moreland. He survived 11 years in the Idaho wilds in the 1930's, and he had the following gear, and nothing else. Some hooks and line, a canvas tarp, a wool blanket, a pocket knife, a skillet, a coffee pot, flint and steel and the clothes that he stood in! He survived 2 more years, actually, but had stolen a single shot .22lr rifle and 50 rds. He average a deer per month after he got that rifle, one shot each. You know it had to be sub 20m brain hits. He slept inside of hollow logs. Yes, he broke into some ranger's cabins and stole the small amounts of food left there, but you can bet that that food didn't get replaced for months on end, especially in the winters, , with snot 14 ft deep, and no sled dogs, etc.

  4. you'll need 10-30 lbs of guns, ammo, silencer, scope, concealable armor, night vision, passive IR scanner, solar charger, and enough brains to remain hidden in daytime. your cover element sucks. I know that you've never used it, or you'd know that the Mylar bivvies cause horrific levels of condensation in just 2-3 hours. Instead, get the "breathable' mylar SOL "Escape" Lite", bivvy, and around it, wrap the SOL 2 person (non breathable ) mylar bivvy. The Escape is not big enough for a big man. you can't have any part of it touching you, other than what's underneath you. So I bought two of them cut one in half and joined it to the first one, using 100mph tape. This combo totals 15 ozs, and lets me sleep ok at 40F, in a hammock, in just my cammies. Wth the bugnet bags and the contractor's trashbags, the balaclava, glove liners, sock liners, and "breathable" mylar hood and booties, I can sleep ok at 20F. I can exercise inside of the bag and handle 10F. There's a 1.5 ft wide clear PEVA strip down the side of each bivvy, so that I can admit and trap the radiant heat of the sun or the one way projected heat of a Siberian fire lay. The "greenhouse" effect" of the mylar and PEVA mean that the bags interior is at least 30F warmer by noon than it was at dawn. A discrete Dakota fire pit, at night only, can be used to heat rocks or water and take those items inside of your bag with you. Because I've installed full zippers in both mylar bags and both bugnet bags, I can wear the bags as ponchos, or lay them out flat like tarps. The sleep-shelter system is 3.5 lbs, the "extra" clothing is 1.5 lbs. I can handle 9F when walking and the Siberian fire lay lets me sleep OK, at -20F. The US military says that hostilities nearly cease at 10F,, especially at night, cause cold just murders batteries. So you can have a fire at colder temps, as long as you are GONE from that area by dawn.

  5. you'll be very sorry that you lack more shelter/sleep/bug-fighting gear, bro. Ditto the lack of weaponry , armor and night vision. Such lack is likely to get you killed. Y'ou're worrying about the wrong things and ignoring very important things.

  6. Well at least he acknowledged he’s a city boy.. cause that’s definitely a city boy fun pack. A real bug out/survival bag should be minimalist. You have a whole general store in your bag. And all these fire starters and you have a hand soap stove 🙄

  7. Bro,the military plans to forcefully vaccinate everyone with the mark of the beast aka covid vaccine, starting dec.

  8. Bro,let me know if you wanna bater? Am a Caribbean builder/landscaper in NYC. Can build almost anything,houses,cabins,decks,bridge, bunker,septic tanks etc…I need a few survival gear, 1 concealed,1 longer gun etc..will move outa NY to bugout in another state maybe west. Joe ( email:[email protected]