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  1. The Taurus 709 is a low cost but quite decent quality weapon. One shouldn't compare it to handguns with three times it's price. It's not a Cadillac or a Match Grade target pistol, but it's also NOT a Saturday Night Special, nor is it . Taurus has produced a bargain that can save your life in a short-range encounter. All that being said – the 709 is my hot-weather (under a t-shirt) carry weapon. I shoot Fiocchi and Geco 115 grain FMJ and I've never had a failure to feed or eject after about 200 rounds, so I don't anticipate any. Get one – you won't regret it.

  2. WTF is with the goofy pin under the takedown lever !? That's not on my 709 or any I've seen ??

  3. If weapon is shooting low, you need to raise the rear sight to bring it to point of aim.

  4. It was my brothers gift to me as a welcome to Tennessee. It’s alright, my wife couldn’t rack it. It has a problem shooting my reloads while none of my other 9mm guns do. I am making a special case resizing tool just so the Taurus can shoot them. Apparently it’s chamber is slightly smaller then all my other 9mm guns. Also another problem with my reloads that I have with this gun and not the others is it doesn’t set off the primer all too often. I can take that same load and it’ll fire in any of my other guns. It shoots low left again only with this gun.

  5. .got one of them also. They are good shooters at close quarters. Similiar to the g2c but a wee bit smaller.