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Hello, and welcome to the Slingshot Channel.
You’ll remember that we had seen
a few iterations off my new everyday carry design with rollers. We started with a wooden one,
Pretty thick.
And you see the rollers extend the draw and then I made the one from aluminum and perspex, we can
see it working, you can see that the
bands are running inside of the frame,
and you can also see the magnet powered magazine for 4 8mm steel bolts. Quite nice.
Now, so many people wanted to have
one of these that I thought maybe it is
best to publish the data for 3D printing. So I contacted my friends at myminifactory dot com.
Great company, and sent my drafts and they just sent me the
first iteration of the 3d printed
version of it, but look what happened…
I think they made a mistake with the scale.
Look how big this is, it’s huge, but
interesting. So you know it is a full
sized slingshot. This means that you can
still hold in the hand and shoot it and
it’s nice and comfortable, but it stores
about 20 centimetres of band inside,
so it makes your arm 20 centimetres
longer. Now one of their samples, I attached perspex instead of the 3d printed
top plate so you can see inside. And
as you see, that’s a lot of band material here.
On this one, I attached metal rollers, but the 3d printed rollers are actually working
better I think. This is the normal band set, one that you can attach to a dankung slingshot
or something like that, and as you see,
it disappears completely inside of this frame.
So when you draw it out, your draw is really tiny, that’s all you could stretch it to. So you
need longer bands for a slingshot like this.
Now this band set I made specifically for it. Here, you can also see the plastic
rollers that are 3d printed, they
worked fantastic. And this one of course,
allows you to really draw out very far,
but still it makes your arm much longer, so it adds power.
Also the larger size allows me to put in 10mm steel balls, not just 8mm steel balls, like in the smaller version.
This still fits into my pocket quite nicely.
A lot of people were are a bit concerned that this is
not long enough for comfortable grip.
But that is not the case, because the way you hold the slingshot is like this and
therefore all you need to do is round
this a little bit with a knife or
maybe sandpaper and that’s all you need, and then it’s very comfortable to hold.
So you press this against your palm the pinky, and then you have a very solid grip.
Well, the large size I actually like it, it’s not bad. Maybe we really will
do a few different sizes, maybe one micro that shoots 6mm, one medium size, and one big size.
Anyway, we’ll keep working on this and I’ll keep you updated, hope you like this because,
That’s it for today.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Thanks and bye-bye!

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Survival Gear Weapons Buy In Store Nearby

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  1. Looks cool but likely compromised by rollers not spinning freely under huge stress of pull. That would result in shot wandering to extent of pull varying on each side. Probably not ultimate target shooter but nice for compact size, clean looks, and novelty. As for power unsure what bearing stress will do but Joerg is the man to test the limits on hard pulls!

  2. I shouty cousin In the knuckle with a Rock out of a slingshot and it really hurt 😢. He tried to fight me after but was unable to because of the pain