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  1. Abear42229 -Bud Reg. and Lite is rated at 6% alcohol, good enough if you drink for effect, LOL. Now, the Fabricator in this video,has some serious skills; Epic video. -thank You!
    BTW, Minnie Bull Designs (4 years ago, BiosLite#2), Intense Angler and FlatCat Gear are the builders i would like to give credit to for their roll crimp designs -thanks!!

  2. Can you use the die for more than once or is die a one time use.Very nice video,helpful.

  3. Very good video great instructions I've done several stoves myself and saw many videos yours Is one of the best thanks for the video.

  4. Nicely done! My method for measuring the holes is to fold a sheet of copy paper over once one inch wide. Cut to make a one inch strip 11 inches long. Mark the edge in 1/4 inch slots – tape the strip to the can with scotch tape – drill the holes at the marks.
    The strip can used over and over.

  5. That sounds great. love it when someone comes up with better ways to make a mouse trap. Cheers

  6. I've seen all manner of videos for making the crimp/roll die… this is by far the easiest. Bravo zulu!

  7. I have a couple of suggestions for the jet holes…

    1) drill them out before you assemble the two pieces (you won't have to worry about accidentally drilling too far)

    2) Also, before joining: stick a nail in the holes and bend them upwards, to direct the flames to have more contact with the bottom surface of the pot (this increases their effectiveness in heating).

    3) Aside from these things, using a larger diameter pot works even better for capturing as much heat from the flames as possible

    4) ..as well as using a wind screen to help insulate the heat from escaping, un-used.

  8. I like your video the best. Nothin like a bunch of buds getting together to make a video! Yall make it worth watching! Very informative. Look foward to seeing more. Thanks!