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  1. Great video! Of course, I would have just driven to the mailbox. 🙂 Interesting packaging, but I would have liked to see that the container had a closed end after the flashlight or compass cap was taken off. Then you could have used it to heat water in. Of course, you probably have to take both ends off to get those "pucks" out. I could see someone getting frustrated shaking it like crazy to get the fire puck out and then accidentally flinging it into the wilderness. Is it the same size as a mag lite? That would be cool if it fit in a belt holder.

  2. Nope, nope, nope. no just no.. this is one of the worst, I think the coghlans kit in a can is way better.

  3. Looks like a cheaper, gimmicky, smaller version of Gear Pods.
    I love the modular application of Gear Pods and bought the empty container so I can fit my own stuff in it. What the hell am I gonna fit in these? A damn toothpick?

  4. I find it funny how your whole channel is like about survival and your motto is 'be prepared because you never know…' But yet you still don't wear a helmet on your bike xD

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  6. Jeez dude. You can't like move your mailbox closer to your house or something? Seems nuts for it to be so far away.

  7. 4:35 to 4:40
    its looks like it is laying tin eggs, 😂😂😂

  8. For the price of this thing I would rather go on Amazon and buy empty gear pods and make my own tube kits I think they would be more comprehensive than this one ! But I guess if you're a true minimalist purist this is perfect lol!!

  9. In an emergency, especially in the dark, good luck messing with all those cans for something you need right away, you’ll be there for 5 mins looking for something 🤣