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  1. I was US Army infantry until 2009. I don't even know half the stuff you have showed in your videos. I also strap up with some medical equipment in my Jeep, just in case. and conceal carry daily.  Your reviews of some of your packs have added a few items to my packs. Thank you, and keep doing what you do.

  2. First off, thank you for devoting time to make these videos, I have enjoyed watching several tonight. I am so glad I stumbled on your channel tonight and saw this particular video after checking out a couple of others. I feel exactly the same as you, and I live my life in a very similar fashion as you. I live tactical for the same reasons. It was refreshing to see this, as lately it has become a fad for guys to be "tactical". They have bug out bags that are copies of some of the YouTube commandos, but the bag is always clean and unused. If you don't actually use it, then you surely could not use it if a situation were to arise. So many people now think that you must be military or just a wanna be military if you live "tactically". I am an outdoorsman, and just generally prepared for anything. I prepare myself with tools, mentally, and by honing my skills. It is just how I live to serve my family and my community. Some think it is a little nutty that I have all of this stuff, but several of my friends found themselves trapped in a car overnight during the winter storms this past season. They began asking for my advice afterwards to better prepare themselves.

    Thanks again,
    Your newest subscriber

  3. Tim, thank you for the videos.  You mentioned that you are also a pastor, is there by any chance that you may have sermons on YouTube?  Thanks.  

  4. Tim, I just wanted to say thank you for being bold in your faith and stating that you are a pastor. I feel that it is a calling on my life as well, but I do it in a much smaller form with post on instagram, and facebook! No I am not looking for advertisement,lol.

    I do appreciate what you are doing here as I believe it is essential for the concerned American populous to know how to react in certain situations and to know what tools are best suited to those. 
    I follow these things, because of a speech Lincoln made, "A House Divided". Although this is his speech, it was first made know in the Holy Bible!! Mark 3:25 says "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Unfortunately, in the times we are living in…we are a house divided. 
    Long story short, thank you for your faith, your discernment to make videos to help people become aware, and for being an awesome guy!


  5. hey Tim this is Brian Ray I'm a new subscriber I really like your stuff man and also a beginner in Bushcraft I've always hunted and fished and love the outdoors but I seen your video on the 10 lies and it made me think so I'm slowly getting into Bushcraft stuff love your videos you do a great job look forward to seeing more videos sorry the messages so long one more thing though what do you think about knives of Alaska