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  1. Nice kit. I like the hammock idea. Here in the desert either you need a full tent or be off the ground. The scorpions are nasty little critters. You've given me some great ideas.

  2. Anthony, you're cheatin' a little, counting multiple items as one at times ;>)
    Extra .22 rounds fit well in another Altiods tin (regular or small), add cotton balls for sound deadening.
    I cleaned off a section of the BK2's spine to act as a striking surface for firestarting and keep a firesteel in it's attached kit. I also cut some jimping in the spine for what detail work I do with a big knife.
    Do you keep all this stuff in your BOB or GHB?

  3. This video has helped to strengthen my resolve. What kind of leather gloves are you showing in this video? Don't forget the pocket size Bible! I have The Scriptures by the Institute for Scripture Research, it is a very good cow hide. 5.5×4.7 inches