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  1. just 1 MRE has enough food you can use to catch other animals and fish to last you a couple weeks. easly

  2. I see all the terrible advice comments….and I disagree. You're going to be miserable if you have bugout and ANY food is going to be awesome….and you just need it get by…not be comfortable. I suspect most people on this thread would melt down from Facebook being down…much less keep their shiit together in an emergency. You can cover a lot of ground in 3 days how many of you think you can walk for that whole time? Not many I'd say…and even less packing 15 pounds of food with weapons, shelter, and fluid. YouTube survivalists always make me laugh….

    Great vid man. Good job.

  3. I usually just bring instant oatmeal packets. I pour them into my mouth and with a sip of water they are easy to get down and relatively delicious when you are super fucking hungry out on the trail. Not to mention they're far more nutritious than crunching down plain ramen noodles

  4. The MRE would be my choice, It has everything you need. with 11 years in the military, I have live a span of 30 days with one MRE per day during a training exercise. – Water is the real thing of need

  5. Met-Rx makes a (complete meal replacement bar) the size of a big candy bar – 3 per day for 3 days = 9 bars. = about one pound of weight.

  6. You are not right in your head. Very bad advice. Now what if something went wrong and your out for a longer time.

  7. Your nonsense is going to get someone dead. I just hope that others are smart enough to see your stupidity

  8. Cannot understand why nobody will focus on water and its weight in bugout scenarios. Always empty canteens stuffed with extra gear. Everyone seems to insinuate you will always find water which is a common myth IMO. I have depending between 32 to 48 ounces of factored in my bugout situation. Sure it’s added weight but your first line of survival in most situations.

  9. That is fine if you are willing to eat DRY Ramen Noodles 3 times a day for three days.
    I wold prefer to carry the extra 3 or4 pounds for the variety of food and no water needed, and usually a chemical heater.

  10. I carry plain pasta with different flavors of bouillon cubes. Aso rice and parched corn. I find i can do alot with these items and their light weight.

  11. I would stick to the noodles even before watching this. It's possible to find deals on noodles that could fill a 30 or 50 gal plastic drum and hardly even dent most people's weekly check. That's your household taken care of for a few weeks not to mention whatever you already have in your home. As far as bugging out, I'll add a couple lbs of jerky or pemican and still be better off than carrying just beans or MREs.

  12. It's finding a safe location here in UK is almost impossible, most land is privately owned or owned by councils, governmental etc very hard to find a place to bury the long life food stuff,ive got air tight and waterproof lidded buckets for food and water storage, because in serious disasters, food source could be in rapid decline, crops are already failing due to multiple floods,landslides, drought and pestilence diseases and growing population, volcanoes going off etc we know these events are increasing already…atb