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what is prepping emergency preparedness month how to prepare your family for emergency survival situations what emergency supplies to stockpile best tips for new preppers
what to put in a bug out bag emergency survival prepping disaster readiness bug out bag mistakes
hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you realize
that September is emergency preparedness month
what is prepping what is the first thing you need to
do for emergency preparedness is get your family together and make
an emergency preparedness plan communication figure
out how will you find out when there’s
an emergency will you get alerts on your
cell phone are you paying attention to
the news so you know what’s going on in
your community be aware of the public
broadcast announcements that come over
the television alerts to emergencies and then maybe you need a
NOAA emergency weather alert radio next
you need an emergency shelter plan if you’re going
to shelter in place stay in your home bug in you need to know
where is the safest part place in your home
you need to know how to secure your home
and you need to supply your home if you
need it to stay in your home for an
emergency situation make sure that you
have water food first-aid supplies
sanitation supplies some hygiene
supplies and the things that you would
need to make sure that your home is hardened secure
fortified or protected different
emergencies require different
preparations if you’re sheltering in
place and the power could go off make
sure you have an emergency radio so that
you can keep track of what’s going on in
the surrounding area next you need to
make an evacuation plan or a bug-out
plan what if you had to leave your home
there are some emergencies when it’s not
safe to stay in your home and so you need to leave
the area evacuate bug out
make sure you have a bug-out bag 72 hour kit with
three days worth of supplies and
emergency equipment make sure you also
have emergency car kit get home bag and the things
that you would need in your car then you
need to have a plan if you need to evacuate or bug out when would you leave
where would you go
how would you get there and where will
you stay once you arrive at your bug out location make sure you
have paper maps that show the safest
route to your bug out destination and always try
to make sure you have at least gas in your car keep the gas tank at least 1/2 full
tank full of gas follow safe evacuation
routes and be alert to hazards don’t
drive through floods watch out for down
powerlines make a communication
plan with your family if you’re at your
home where do you meet inside of your
home if you have to get out of your home
where do you meet in your yard or your
neighborhood what if you’re away from
home at work or at school have an area
in your neighborhood or your community
where you would have a meet-up spot and
if you needed to actually evacuate or
bug out make sure you have a plan of how
to communicate that to each other it is time to bug out or evacuate and
that you know where that bug out location is
then you need to start gathering the emergency supplies stocking disaster survival supplies
things that keep you safe prepper stockpile make sure you
have an emergency contact list gather up
a list of your identification your
medical records your insurance
information your credit card information
work and school contact information make
sure you have that written down on a
piece of paper and you have emergency contacts and vital information with your
bug out bag or your car emergency kit
keep your contacts and identification with important papers so that you can make
sure that you have that information even if there is
no power or no access to cell phone
communication each family member needs
their own bug out bag or emergency kit
you need to include in it things like
water food something to shelter with
such as a Life Bivy emergency sleeping
bag from Go Time Gear you need some plastic bags some
paracord a flashlight a multi-tool a
first-aid kit
any medications that you need and a
simple sanitation and hygiene kit add to
your emergency preparedness kit
bug out bag 72 hour kit anything that you feel is vital
that you would want to have in an
emergency situation take the opportunity
to prepare for emergencies during national preparedness
month get your family ready so that you
are prepared no matter what comes your
flood fire winter storm earthquake pandemic tornado hurricane civil unrest chemical spill volcano nuclear accident
we never know when an emergency is going to come but you can be sure
everybody is going to have to face them
sometime in their life so be ready for
whatever comes your way
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Survival Gear Wholesale How Can I Shop

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  1. Words of wisdom my friend…….we live in dangerous times…if people don't heed the call now, than I don't think the ever will