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(Mylar blanket crinkling)
(upbeat music)
– [Loryn] I can see my titties!
– Possibly some kinky things
including the condoms. (laughs)
Where is my head?
– You’re disgusting.
– This thing is very heavy.
(jazzy music)
– What’s up you guys welcome back
to Clevver Style.
– We have a brand new set at Clevver,
and it looks just like my bedroom.
– Coming to you live from my living room.
(Sinead imitates display music)
– I am in my bedroom
because as you guys know,
we are practicing social distancing
and I hope you guys are too.
I hope you’re staying safe and healthy
and all that good stuff.
– We’re gonna do some things
that I don’t usually do in here. (laughs)
– Ahhh, that’s weird.
– Loryn, Sinead, and I sat down together
and we compiled a list of things
that we would put in a disaster bag.
Because it’s just always
good to be prepared
in times of struggle.
– It’s safety first people.
– So we each have chosen
to do a different disaster
for our prep bags.
Obviously we live in
California, I live in a house,
I decided that I actually
really could benefit
from doing, like, an
earthquake disaster bag.
– So I’m Zombie Apocalypse
just because when I think
of the end of the world that’s
what I think could
potentially happen. (laughs)
– I will be preparing
for a robot apocalypse
because that will happen.
– Come along with me as
I unpack my disaster bag
and prepare for the worst (laughs).
– First up, you need to
see what my bag looks like.
It’s so heavy.
Mine’s a Fila bag and
it’s neon green and black.
And I love it so much.
– Disaster bag time.
Isn’t she a beauty?
I can do sit ups.
Beat that zombies.
(video game dying sound)
– So my bag is very big.
Spoiler, I don’t know what the
other girls’ bags look like,
but I was told mine was the best.
– I’d like to proclaim
that I guarantee I have
the coolest bag out of all three of us.
No offense, you guys.
– Notice how it has my name on it just
’cause our producer is great
and you should always put
your name on things. (laughs)
– Our producers pulled a bunch of items
so we don’t actually know everything
that ended up in our bags.
So this is gonna be a
surprise for all of us.
– Zipper, is nice.
You hear that?
Oh, yeah.
(Sinead imitates drum roll)
– Aw, cute!
– Are these inhalers?
It looks like an adult baby bottle.
– [Drew] Oh my god, yes!
Okay so it’s one of those
like water filtration systems.
If you just fill this up
with water from anywhere,
this little baby will filter it.
That is handy, AF!
– Yes, I will be putting wine
in here, thanks for asking.
This is for Shawn!
I guess we’re sharing a disaster bag.
Oooh, that means he has to carry it.
– A jumpsuit.
– Oh my god, is this a crop top?
– If there were a bunch
of robots running down
the street all around your
house, you need to blend in.
– If there really is an earthquake
and I do need to be found,
this is bright and they
will see me from space.
– You can’t be hidden, you
have to be one with the robots
so that they don’t think you’re a human
and immediately destroy you.
– Reflectors, also goes with
my Coachella light stick.
– What the?
What is this?
Oh you know what this probably is?
It’s probably so I can
like hide from the zombies.
– Let’s try it on,
you know you gotta make
sure everything fits.
Hate to get into a disaster situation
and find out that nothing fits.
– Oh it’s like a camo tarp.
Holy crap you guys.
Oh my god.
(Nils farts)
– You’re disgusting.
– Now you see me, now you don’t. (laughs)
– Are you getting this?
(Nils laughs)
– Oh my god this is amazing.
(hums) What am I singing
right now? (Nils laughs)
Is that a theme song for anything?
– Can you see me now?
How about now?
– Oh yeah.
This is it. (hums)
No robot’s gonna mess with
me if I look like this.
– [Drew] Scrunchies because
who doesn’t need scrunchies?
– I can see that our producer chose brown.
– [Drew] Gotta put the hair up
when you’re fighting the zombies.
– Oh it’s because at
the end of this pandemic
I’m gonna be a brunette.
You wanna see a real disaster?
Look at my roots!
– You have to have maps because
you can’t be on the grid.
You have to be off the grid
because robots can track
everything that you’re doing.
Because they’re all knowing
and they’re in all of our computers.
– This is called a Pee Buddy.
A girl’s best friend
for unfriendly toilets.
Imagine a penis and then
make it a little more…
– It’s a poncho.
And it’s camo. (laughs)
– I guess this would be a good time
to learn how to read a map.
This is so much anxiety.
This is a lot.
Is it upside down?
(ding, ding, ding)
– [Nils] (laughs) No.
– No it’s not upside down.
– [Loryn] Like this, and
it, well maybe down here
’cause that’s where my pee hole is.
And then you direct it
right into the toilet.
Or wherever.
– If I’m in a robot apocalypse
and I opened up this big, giant thing
a robot would definitely spot me.
Excuse me hold on one second. (laughs)
– [Loryn] Direct it onto some
plants that look a little dry.
Or maybe I’ll pee right
into a water bottle
in case I run out of water
and have to drink my own pee
like James Franco did in
“127 Hours”.
– Hell yeah!
I see these elite
pro-style training gloves.
I know you’re probably
wondering what am I gonna do
with boxing gloves in a disaster bag
with a zombie apocalypse.
In my mind, when I had my nails,
I wanted to protect my nails.
So if I could just hit
them without touching them,
also because they’re
like oozing and gross,
this is ideal. (laughs)
– This is a Paracord.
And if you need rope this unravels.
(Drew imitating punching sounds)
– There’s a compass on here!
I don’t know how to use this
thing. Drew is over there.
5 degrees.
– [Drew] It has a light.
– There’s a whistle. (blows whistle)
Oh sorry, Godric.
Oh good it works if I ever
need my dog to come rescue me!
– This little silver
part is a fire starter.
– This little doohickey,
and that little doohickey,
you rub ’em together and
you’re like a caveman.
– Lookit and it’s cute too.
So cosmetic and very functional.
(flashlight whirring)
– Is it really powerful?
– Ah lookit that!
Wow that’s bright.
Cute, oh my gosh you can make
like little s’mores on it.
– This is so cute and effective.
If I’m walking through the desert,
if I’m walking through a cave,
if it’s dark outside just in general
and the moon is not
enough to guide me, hello!
This is perfect!
– [Nils] Shine it on
your reflective outfit.
– I swear it’s reflective.
– [Nils] It is, the stripes are.
– It’s not.
(disco music)
– (gasps) It extends?
– This is a party kit.
What disaster?
– Am I Bob the Builder?
Holy crap, Dora the Explorer.
I’m coming for your neck.
– These are magnets.
Lemme give you guys a ‘lil lesson.
are made out of metal.
are the only things
that can mess up a robot’s hard drive.
But do not put it
anywhere near your iPhone
because you will be sorry.
Or your computers or your laptops or TV.
– Oh my god.
I just saw that our producer
put condoms in here for me.
Like, hello?
It’s a zombie apocalypse.
You’re gonna be, like,
yearning for some lovin’.
If you know what I mean.
(jazzy, sensual music)
– Oh, yeah.
(lantern whirring)
– Whoa.
(Sinead and Nils laugh)
– 6-inch snap lights, safety light stick.
– [Drew] USB solar panel charger.
Yo, this is handy AF.
– (glow stick cracks) Ahh!
And shake!
Ooooh! Oh my god I feel
like I’m at a rave.
It’s like Coachella never got postponed.
This is great.
I just wanna see what it
look like in the dark.
Oh yeah!
I can see my titties.
– Wet wipes?
It’s 99.9% water, and the rest
of it’s a drop of fruit extract? (laughs)
– Hello? These could
be used for everything
because you never know if you
take a crap out in the bush,
wipe with a leaf, then you
wipe with some baby wipes.
Then you’re good to go.
You’re butts gonna be nice and soft.
– Harrison, he’s my
4-year-old, he poops a lot
and this is something that’s
very important to have.
– I don’t know if it’s
better just to be smelly
because then the zombies
might not want you.
– This is waterproof.
What I would probably
need to do is make copies
of important documents that
would be really disastrous
if they were lost.
Or even like phone numbers and addresses
of important people that
I need to get a hold
of once my phone dies.
This is a very serious one, okay?
I’m not joking!
– Oh my god, I’m so done.
Grow a boyfriend?
There’s two of them! (laughs)
I don’t want a fake little boyfriend,
I want a real boyfriend that’s
what the condoms are for.
– This is a Mylar blanket. (laughs)
It reflects 95% of your
body heat back into you.
Which I just learned all on my own.
– What’s like a good apocalypse guy?
Like a Jason Momoa.
An Idris.
Oh a Chris Hemsworth.
Could help me fight the zombies
and also fight that kitty cat.
Oh my god I can’t say that on YouTube.
(cat yowls)
(Mylar blanket crinkles)
– [Nils] You know who invented that?
– Who?
– Really?
– Yeah.
– Emergency roadside flare kit.
(Mylar blanket crinkles)
– Oh my god these look
like the traffic cones
I used to steal in college.
(Mylar blanket crinkles)
And haven’t done since.
– [Sinead] Whoa, it’s see through!
Can you see me?
– Nuh-uh.
– Dude, I can see you.
(Nils’ laughs)
– [Drew] This looks like
some beer or something.
What is this?
Liquid death?
– This is water in a can,
it just looks like beer.
– Water?
– I did not pick this, but
I’m glad my producers thought
to think of water.
– No beer but lots of
canned water, that’s fine!
– I thought of adding, (light bang)
just pulled the side of the couch.
Beer, (laughs) actual beer to my bag.
– Oh my gosh and it’s pink!
– [Drew] Gorilla Tape?
Girl this is the strong stuff.
– This little doohickey thing comes
with a 48 page paper notebook?
To journal how bored you are.
– I don’t think I’m gonna be
needing this for boob tape
because I don’t need
my titties to be high,
but I don’t know I feel like I could
do some stuff with this.
Possibly some kinky things,
including the condoms. (laughs)
Where is my head?
This is an apocalypse, focus Drew.
– Are these paper towels?
(can cracks open)
Oh my gosh. (gasps)
Aw, it’s like a little wet nap.
Oh my god what if this
was like a makeup wipe.
I would be set.
– I feel like this the right type
of weapon to have for robots
because if you think about it,
the only way to pierce
through metal is with metal.
And that was my idea, I
was like I need a hammer
because this is a weapon.
– [Drew] It’s a hammer!
Oh my god and a little baby ax.
That’s terrifying.
– Okay, this is a wire ax
and if you unwrap it,
which I’m afraid to do.
– And also it’s a multi
tool so lemme show you guys.
All of these things come out.
Like a knife, which I
would never be able to use.
– So that is like a, good for eating bugs
and you just never know
when you’re gonna have
to do cauliflower taste
test in a disaster.
– A nail file.
– [Drew] Holy crap I could
F up a zombie with that.
– Oh whoa what’s that?
– [Nils] A saw.
– You could cut wood like this.
– What tiny piece of wood am I gonna saw
with this little thing?
– Or, cut whoever comes at ya
’cause you got a pink survival kit.
(Sinead imitates saw)
– What?
– This is it right now.
– Wow.
– I’m very concerned is this
for the zombie apocalypse?
Is this supposed to be in Drew’s bag?
– This is the best hammer ever.
– Godric can you comfort me?
– [Drew] Oh my god is
this a walkie-talkie?
– Hi, over.
– I dunno how to turn it on
but it looks cool. (laughs)
Guess I’m not being found.
– [Nils] Whatcha doin’?
– Copy?
Copy that.
Over and out.
– Just filming this Clevver video, over.
– [Nils] Why is it taking so long, over.
– I love you.
– [Drew] Oh my god Rachel, God bless you!
It is my go-to cleanser.
I don’t know if there’ll be running water
or if I’ll be in my house
but I could find a spring or a lake.
– Now this is the first aid kits
to end all first aid kits.
– [Drew] Oh my god it’s a
cute little first aid kit!
– Oh my god a party fanny pack.
Fanny packs are really in right now
so of course my disaster
bag would have one.
– You can’t go wrong
with having an extremely,
like, intense first aid kit.
You’d rather have one that has everything.
Sometimes you get those little
rinky-dink first aid kits,
but when you got robots
chasing you down the street
you can’t be too safe.
– [Drew] Lookit how cute
this first aid kit is!
And it says “kiss it better”.
– I love this.
So this is for your personal medicines.
Put your headache pills in one,
and your Midol in another.
– Emergency blankets.
– Oh my god, everything is labeled.
So we have a CPR kit, which
I am CPR certified actually.
– Oh look! Tweezers!
– (gasps) Tweezers?
– For when your, you know,
eyebrows get really out of control.
– (gasps) Ow.
I think this is gonna go on my vanity.
– Or, you know, maybe if
you have to pry shards
of glass out of, this is scary.
– I’m pretty sure I
could take over the world
with this first aid kit
I’m very happy about it.
– I am adding some tampons
because you arready know
when you get to squirting it’s
like the red sea down there.
– All right so there’s very little things
that I require in terms of snackage.
Flaming Hot Cheetos.
Is an absolute necessity.
So I made sure to have
quite a few.
– Dried mangoes.
Yo, you guys this video, like,
high key might save my life.
– You know me, you know that
I cannot drink coffee black.
I can’t.
I will die.
So, it is important that
ya have creamer with ya.
– Whey protein, makes you
fart, totally worth it.
– Oh it’s those waffle things they used
to serve on the plane!
– Not just any type of
creamer, pumpkin spice creamer
’cause you don’t know what season it is
when the disaster strikes.
– Planters salted peanuts, delicious.
Definitely gonna eat those as
soon as this video is done.
– I see more food.
The bad part about
there being food in this
is that I’ll probably
just end up eating it
while I’m social distancing
in my house. (whimpers)
– This may not stay in my disaster kit.
– Black t-shirt.
You can never go wrong.
You have to have black t-shirts.
I’m wearing one right now.
– I’m also adding some undies.
– You’re also gonna wanna look cute,
you know for the gram.
– Gonna need a few changes of clothes,
you’re gonna be hella funky.
I’m gonna have to like
wash my clothes in a river.
– And one last thing.
One extremely important thing.
I need my switch.
You have to have some
form of entertainment,
even in a disaster.
‘Cause that’s priorities
you guys, also robots?
Might be, like, really confused by this
they might be like thinking this
is some long distant cousin
and be like really intimidated,
so it could be a weapon,
in a sense, you know?
– Okay you guys, so
that was us unpacking our disaster bags.
I really hope you guys learned something.
To be serious, like it
is a really good idea
to have a diaster bag.
So I highly recommend that everybody
just pack something that
has your essentials,
documents that you’ll need,
food, your toiletries.
Just different things.
Pack some type of bag
because I want you guys to all be safe.
– Please let us know in the comments
what your favorite items were
and of course everything that we had
in all of our bags will be linked
in the description box below as well.
– I hope everyone is staying
safe during this time
and staying healthy.
We’re really glad that you’re here
to watch these videos with us
and make sure you come back
’cause we are trying to do our best
to make everybody feel
good in a bad situation.
Click over there for another video!

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