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Hello from Alien Gear Holsters. I’m Nate
and I’m here with Tim.
And we are talking about how you can conceal carry outside the waistband
right here on beginners guide.
Alright guys, Nate and I are both
carrying outside the waistband today and
we are concealing we’re gonna show you
practical tips on how to conceal outside
the waistband meaning that you’re
wearing your holster on the outside of
your pants and how that would be
different than carrying inside the
waistband and how practical it really is
to conceal outside the waistband right
now Nate has on several holsters can you
tell when we give us a spin check it out
what do you think any holsters am I
wearing a holster can you tell how many
holsters am I wearing hard to tell
exactly when we go ahead and take off
that jacket right so let’s take this off
and you might see one or maybe even two
never really know what you’re gonna get
and this is a good example of if you are
gonna take off a jacket when you’re
wearing outside the waistband you might
show some of your guns so you’re gonna
see us put on and off some of these
layers here and you’ll see if you see
them so keep that in mind if you’re
wearing outside the waistband
now now once you give us another spin
Nate doesn’t have a jacket on and just
have a shirt on okay now why don’t you
reach up high like this oh pretend like
you grab something off a shelf oh and
then turn around while you’re doing that
look at that folks
concealed or not concealed you wouldn’t
noticed that he has something on this
side here but you might have peeked a
little bit of a firearm on this side so
it’s just something that you got to keep
in mind if you’re carrying outside the
waistband it’s a little bit trickier to
conceal but it definitely can be done
now the kind of
holster that you conceal with outside
the waistband makes a dramatic
difference some outside the waistband
holsters will conceal easier and one of
the big things there is how well it hugs
to your body and the design that makes
it happen as well as where you wear it
on you so there are different kinds of
holsters we’re going to go through all
the kinds that we could think of to
carry outside the waistband and conceal
them so we’ve got shoulder holster ankle
holster belt slide paddle and they’re
more out there of course we’re gonna
show these ones today and why don’t we
first start by showing you what a
typical inside the waistband holsters if
you don’t know won’t you show that Nate
so this isn’t inside the waistband
holster right here it’s called an IWB
holster if you’re not familiar and
controversy there is owb holsters if you
haven’t heard that term standing for
outside the waistband holsters here is
one that I’m wearing right now this is
called a belt slide holster this is part
of the shapeshift modular holster
system and it is a holster that allows
you to take your gun and move it between
all sorts of other types of holsters so
you get it into one system that’s
modular it’s really cool it’s really
convenient it’s very modular and it’s
very comfortable on each of the holsters
another holster that we offer at Alien
Gear Holsters for a belt slide it’s
called our cloak slide holster that is
what Nate is wearing right here he
actually has it on cross draw so you
would typically wear it at 90 degrees or
you could wear it across draw like this
yeah the cool thing about the belt slide
is actually hugs so close to your body
it’s probably one of the more
concealable outside of the waistband
holsters the one thing that the paddle
holster might have which is over here
over that is it’s easy to get on and off
and you can see how quick that was to
take off where this you actually slide
your belt through it so if you’re just
grabbing and going the paddle holster
might just be the one that you want to
wear outside the waistband for
concealing and then just throw in your
over it just like that why don’t you go
ahead and show them exactly how
concealable each of those are so you
actually pull up your shirt I want you
take your shirt off all the way right
now here we go let’s just do that for
you real quick this will make it a
little easier there yeah yeah once you
go ahead and turn so they could see from
the side how close this really hugs your
body right here and then on the other
side this one sticks out a little bit
more it’s also a double stacked firearm
that’s going to make a difference so
it’s a little bit wider and those
bullets and that mag are stacked
side-by-side instead of directly on top
of each other so this gun is a little
bit naturally wider but also this
holster doesn’t quite hug as close to
the body and as opposed to this one the
cloak slide which is available for over
500 models that we offer hug super tight
it really pulls it in so it’s a great
great choice and then the shape shift
belt slide that I’m wearing over here
does the same thing pulls it in nice and
tight and when you’re doing a belt slide
as opposed to the paddle holster that
Nate was talking about it’s a little bit
different getting it on so it actually
slides onto the belt instead of pushing
it over with a paddle and the way that
you put it on is you have to take your
belt all the way off so if you’re gonna
take off the belt slide holster you’d
actually have to loop the belt outside
of the holster like this and you put
your belt back on and you could switch
to a paddle holster this is our
paddle holster and now this one actually
rides off of your body a little bit
further than the belt slide something to
keep in mind what the belt slide is that
you actually can loop through one of
your loops go through loop through
another loop and then go through so you
don’t have to try to fit it right in
between your two belt loops you can
actually put it in between them if you’d
like so you can wear pretty much
anywhere you’d like
yes and so now that I’m wearing this
paddle holster you might notice this one
sits off your body a little bit more so
this is kind of a preference thing how
close do you want to ride that gun to
are you trying to conceal outside the
waistband so this one’s gonna be a
little more tricky if you’re wearing a
coat probably doesn’t matter but if it’s
in the summer and you just have a shirt
like this it’s a little bit loose this
is how that would look so you could pull
it off but it does print so prints that
means that you can see the shape of the
gun that you’re carrying a gun so if
somebody says you’re printing that’s
what that means so I personally would
not carry like this because I feel like
it would be a little bit awkward but if
I had a coat on that’d be different
story right if you did have a coat on
you might just wear it like that so you
can get easily into your firearm yeah
and a really cool thing about this
holster is that the gun pops off that
easily and then you could rotate it 360
degrees to be any position that you want
yeah that’s really a nice feature thing
it’s not about concealing with the
paddle holster which is nice as if
you’re out hiking or in the woods or
something it does allow you to go out so
you can put your jacket on the inside of
that you can reach to it that’s when
you’re not trying to conceal the paddle
holster but layers between it that’s
right okay so next up we have the
shoulder holster Nate’s favorite one of
my favorites right here the shoulder
holster why is it your favorite uh well
it’s just so comfortable to wear all day
long obviously you can get a couple of
back up magazines over here on your side
if you want or you can you can roll with
two firearms and it’s it’s just
comfortable I don’t know I feel secure
and safe it’s just cool I like it it
definitely does yes and it’s a classic
of course so you’re gonna conceal with a
shoulder holster you’ve got some choices
to make it extra concealable one that we
offer with the shape shift shoulder
holsters you lift up your left arm there
you can actually change the cant of the
firearm here so that it’s vertical so
that it doesn’t stick out if you’ve got
a long 1911 or of course carrying 1911
shoulder holsters a popular choice or
you can have it come sideways although
this way maybe pointing at people behind
you that might make you feel
uncomfortable so there’s just some
personal decisions to make
and also with how concealable it is with
where that gun is pointing and how large
it is the the thing that’s gonna help
you conceal with the shoulder holster is
if you take your belt clip back here a
little bit further instead of having it
right up here it’s gonna pull that
firearm back a little ways like that so
you’re actually gonna be able to not
print is so much whereas if you moved it
forward this would just come out a
little further so if you hide it a
little further back like that as well as
changing the can’t so if your guns can
sit out this way it’s gonna stick out a
little bit more with you can snug it
right in like that you’re hardly gonna
print at all turn for me there that’s
this piece right here that he’s talking
about so you’ve moved this further back
and it will ride that gun a little bit
further back under your arm exactly okay
lastly that we have to show you today is
our ankle holster also part of the
shapeshifter modular holster system both
of us have one on right now why don’t
you show yours first all right so now
Nate has on the Glock 43 in the ankle
holster and he is wearing this outside
of the boot want to turn your ankle just
a little bit so the way that he’s
wearing this it’s got the gun outside
the boot now if you have a longer gun or
a larger barrel what you would do with a
large boot like this is you could
actually carry the holster and the shell
inside of the boot and then lace the
boobs up around that and the way this
holster works is that you just kind of
strap this around and it hugs it tight
into your body onto your ankle here so
it can hug
into your calf depending on the shape of
your calf and then also how high you
ride this holster will depend on how it
fits on to your leg here so with a
higher boot like this if you wanted to
carry it out that’s going to make a
difference there you also got to keep in
mind too that you’ve got to clear that
pant leg above the gun so they did a
good job at getting that high enough so
that he can make an effective grab on
his firearm definitely something that
you want to train with and you might
want to wear a little bit of a looser
pant with something like this
yeah Boyd the skinny jeans and enough
that’s all I can really say on that yeah
and I have on an ankle holster too
and this is for a 9-millimeter and I’ve
got more of a standard shoe on here hey
Tim can you show them like if you wanted
to try it with a different size of type
of boots maybe ones that don’t lace up
if you want to just go you know just
step into a boot what do we got here I
got a cowboy boot here if you want to
wear him the cowboy yeah so now I’m
writing with the cowboy boot and the gun
inside so that’s what that’s gonna look
like he could see it does size it up
just a little bit but I could find that
comfortable especially if you really
wanted to wear some cowboy boots there
you go and obviously you will not print
hardly at all with cowboy boots just
gonna look like your boots also if
you’re looking right here like this look
you can’t honestly tell if I’m gonna
pull that up like that and reveal it you
probably would have never have known
that I had that that’s concealing
outside the waistband for sure right
there then I’m wearing tactical pants
these are standard cut I believe and so
if I wanted to clear that gun I just
have to pull up like that and that gives
me a good access to my firearm now the
ankle holster is part of the shape shift
modular holster system it has all sorts
of choices for outside the waistband and
inside the waistband carry including the
shoulder and the belt slide in the
paddle and each of them are made for
comfort so great choices if you want to
carry outside the waistband
it’s definitely a practical thing to
carry outside the waistband and conceal
it just something that you should be
aware of how concealable it is and how
it works for you where you wear the
holster and which holster
yes there’s also the drop leg holster
which is not very concealable unless you
have a duster or a pair of chaps or
something like that which is also
outside the waistband but much harder to
conceal I would say yeah we also carry
in the shape shift modular holster
system a hook and loop holster for
velcro and desk holsters holster mounts
if you don’t want to carry a holster on
you if you’re driving or you’re at your
desk or even at your bedside there are
other ways for you to put your gun in
concealable locations so keep all that
in mind and if you have any other
questions check us out at alien girl
holsters com we’ve got a great blog
where you can get more information on
this stuff and learn more about carrying
inside and outside the waistband follow
us on Facebook and make sure you
subscribe to our You Tube channel thanks
for watching and we will see you next

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