9 thoughts to Survival Gear Wholesale Suppliers Where Can I Buy At 17:48

  1. Really appropriate the CW vs NW approach. You're seemly the only review I've found to do this comparison. It helped me make a decision in a more positive manner. Thank you!

  2. Great review as always budgetbugout i just purchased one for work/edc off of your recommendation can't wait for it too come in

  3. was there two different people narrating the video and doing the introduction? Would have been better using the intro voice throughout.
    hemming and hawing between the CW and NW, how much difference in apparent brightness is there between the two? (NW is Neutral White, not Neutral Warm, BTW)

  4. Got the CW Ti3, and while I like it, NW suits me much better. Got a NW one on the way, and when it arrives, my teen brother's getting the CW one as his introduction to the world of flashaholics!

  5. My ti3 just started malfunctioning budgetbugout, I have dealt with their customer service and it's not great. What steps to take for a replacement? Thanks

  6. Your videos keep getting better and better… I'm glad I have a place to go find a good to the point review before I go spending my hard earned money.