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alright guys Rob French here at t1 G
again what we’re going to discuss today
this agility drill is the dice drill so
if you look at the number 5 on the piece
of dice that’s how the cones are set up
if you’ll notice you at we have four
cones around the perimeter and one cone
in the middle there’s about a meter ring
in the deck around the middle cone how
the cones are numbered is starting away
and left it’s one two three four working
in a clockwise direction what you need
is you need a an R so a safety or a
coach or a buddy or someone to call out
a number to you you start at the middle
cone when he calls the number one two
three or four you run to that cone
firing two hits on steel once you get
your second hit you come back to the
center cone once you’re within that 1
meter circle on that Center cone he’s
going to call out another number you’re
then going to run to that cone two hits
and then you just keep going back to the
middle cone after your second hit each
time if you guys watch the previous
video where we shot on one foot this
kind of helps out here because if you’re
running to a position and you throw on
the brakes when you get to that shooting
position all your weight is going to
slide just like if you’re in a skid in a
car your weight transfer isn’t going to
be equal on both feet so shooting on one
foot getting good at that helps us
shooting on two feet when the majority
of our weight is on one foot because
we’re throwing on the brakes when we get
to a piece of cover so you can see all
these agility Djilas kind of help us out
and become a better unconventional
unorthodox shooter so what we’re gonna
go ahead and get it on and get a little
demonstration going
alright guys what that was that was the
the five drill on a piece of dice that’s
because that’s how the cones are set up
so what you saw was quick bursts of
speed change of directions there were
even some not on purpose pivots like
you’re running away from the target and
you have to do 180-degree pivot once you
get to the cone all while placing
accurate shots at varying distances so
you could do this slick you could do
this full kit you could do it four seven
eight twelve twenty two numbers it’s all
just on your fitness level and what you
want to get accomplished that day so
throw that in your training tool box and
let us know what you think

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Survival Gear Wholesale Suppliers Where Can I Shop

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  1. That is great an all as long as the coach doesn't loose their head. Also as long as you are adhering to good shooting stance and such.

  2. Normally, I don't like to complain when it comes to safety issues but I kinda did the "yeesh" face when his friend leaned away from the shots. I'm pretty sure he did it to kind of get out of the way of the concussion rather than the shot (or both) but yeah, seems a little off despite the skill of the shooter. No harm in standing back a few feet.

  3. Could you also upload some knife fighting or hand to hand combat drills? For the people that live in countries that don't allow guns and it is Of course good knowledge to have

  4. looks fun, and challenging. lots of comments about the RO being unsafe – that part actually made me smile. yeah, he's potentially in harm's way, but it was so obvious that he knew where his guy was, where he was in relation to the target, and that a small shift in position was all that was needed to be out of the way. i have no military experience, this is just me thinking, but i imagine in a real combat situation you have to rely on each other's competence 'cause various safety rules just can't be followed. maybe i'm wrong, and every op had a safety compliance officer along, just to be sure, but my gut says no.

  5. I like the simplicity. The fact that its a drill that's gets the heart pumping and involving movement, gets me. Well done.

  6. 1:48 Trustin' Soul!
    Shootin' on one foot yeah… i could see that. Given my 65 year old ass, much of the shooting positions benefitting me most, would be double tappin' during or after a bad skid or semi arthritic fall would be better known as ''Tumbling Dice Drill'' practicle tacticle. Good stuff, This. -former 82nd 11b4p 121917

  7. Yes he shot over the shoulder of his RSO, however consider that in the real world that’s how shooting works. Down range you’re gonna have to maneuver around and trust your battle buddy not to shoot you in the back, and likewise you’ll have to have the muzzle awareness and discipline to be sure you don’t FF. The real world isn’t the range, practice safety and you’ll be safe, and archaic rules like “remain behind the line of fire” just have no place in an actual combat situation.