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  1. All these people claiming to be survival experts.
    There is no reality in this.
    If you live out in the country areas you will die.
    Stay near or in cities.
    Power in numbers. You will die alone for certain.
    You cannot hold down your house in the country against an invading army. That is a hollywood fantasy.
    An invading army will rape and kill everyone in the outskirts and use your house for their officers.
    You are stupid if you think you are going to go fishing in some stock pond.
    The first year will have killed everyone who lived on the out skirts of cities.
    The 2nd year, if the invading armies have left, or your own armies have left will have som people from the cities using those dwellings on the outskirts.
    All the preppers will be dead, there stuff long gone by armed factions, gangs, and armies.
    People with crazy guns will soon learn that a small caliber pistol and military rifle will do better. Also common rounds. Anyone with 357sig or .454 Cassel will find out that their gun is a one time use and then its trash.
    .22lr is very important.
    9mm is very important
    All the silly add ons for some m16 style rifle will do nothing but confuse your loved ones when they learn to shoot under pressure. They will miss. Also, none of those stupid gears are needed.
    You wont be able to use your cooking gas, as it will be needed for your car when you run out of gasoline. You will need to know how to switch your gasoline car or truck over to propane. If you don't know this knowledge then you should stick to 2cycle vehicles only for shtf. Your fas hoes bad in 6 to 10 months depending on the weather, and can turn red or pink ecen sooner.
    You should have a common car with available parts and front wheel or rear wheel drive that has a v block and can hold at least four people like a crown vic, or e 150. If you think your honda is going to save you your wrong. You need a tough car with decent milage that can take a hit and can haul weight.
    You should never travel alone or without protection.
    Having lots of guns is stupid because you can only use one at a time realistically.
    A sling shot is good for hunting. Better than a gun.
    Trapping is better than guns.
    Bullets are for humans and animals that mean harm.
    Your cousins will rape your daughters.
    Your preacher will murder your family for food.
    The postman knows what you have at your house and who lives there.
    This is realistic.
    The idea that you will fish out in the open without being shot by a sniper or found in your remote area by a gang of hostiles is a fictional story from the movies.
    If you kids are with you while you are fishing they will probably be raped before or after they are murdered.
    Americans, especially white americans need to realize they are soft. And have no idea what its like. This survival prep bs is a farce.
    You will lose your home first thing. Your rv is a target. Your prius is a joke. Your monster raised truck is loud and will draw attention and leaves tracks that stay for days, plus uses too much fuel.
    Wearing a hoodie, a backpack and sunglasses ot only looks suspect, but no one will trust you.
    Me personally, I will shoot you from at least 250 yards away and keep moving on my way no question.
    People who carry pistols out in the open i will also shoot or avoid as they are either clowns like these preppers or hostiles.
    I will never be alone, but with others who will also kill people with no question if they appear to be prepper clowns or hostiles.
    You cannot take a chance with people who are from a soft life style and have a mind set that their privaliged life griwing up made them an expert in everything. The blond girl will accidentally shoot your chid or herself walking around with a gun drawn everywhere she goes.
    Avoid those people. Avoid most people. Avoid wild animals as rabies will be ever present after the 3rd year.
    Choose which dogs need to be put down. Base this on, usefulness, obedience, and economics in care. Also a dog is heat in the winter.
    Masks will jot save you. Walking around with a mask on will make you look hostile, crazy, or suspect. Especially a hockey mask, or gas mask.
    If I see a white guy with a man bun and a hockey mask me and my family will avoid this person or shoot them from at least 250 yards away. If i see people with gas masks, avoid the area, avoid them, or shoot them.
    If you encounter drunk high addicts, you kill them first chance.
    Even if you know them.
    You may have to cut people off who drag you down like relatives with drug problems. Those must be rid of, or even executed.
    You cannot trust people on drugs.
    You cannot trust people who are sexual deviants.
    You cannot trust people with crazy racist or bigoted ideals, even if they like you.
    Humans will be your most dangerous opponent.
    Avoidence is better than shooting people, unless those people are going to be a problem.
    Remember, that if you shoot the wrong people you will have made yourself problems.
    Problems in the US will be the privaliged class who drive around in jeeps and trucks with camo jackets who believe everything belongs to them; after they run out of silly foods they will justify killing people for food and robbing them as they feel a heightened sense of sentence over other humans.
    The other problems will be gangs of self righteous white people who claim to be the most correct righteous people who are fit to lead and enforce their ideals on others amd have some cause that they claim is great and wear either a uniform or some style of dress. They may be made up of drug addicts and sex offenders. Examples are the bike gang Hells Angels, Antifa, KKK, Neo Nazis, self proclaimed christian religious cults sent by God above, Satanic cults, suicide cults, homosexual fascist cults, fake military gangs, and other confused disturbed people who need to follow a group to cope with reality.
    Then there will be black americans. They will fare well in some areas. However there will be gangs of black americans who are the same as the crazy white americans who claim to be sent from God above, or have a biased racist goal, or are a group of drug addicted thugs. Satanic cults will not be as common with them, nor suicide cults, but there will be some.
    There will be foreigners who live in the US who will mostly stay in a family group. Most of them will fare the best. The will also have crazy cults too, mostly the American foreigners like mexico or Canada or anything from the continent, as you will see less of that from south americans and euroleans, africans, asians. These will be the people you will want to do business with as gold coins are worthless.
    I seriously doubt most of these well to do people out in the woods will survive as they are telling people to basically kill themselves.
    A real survivalist would have put out a net before light and went the wrong way home to confuse predators and enemy armies as to his tracks. A net works by itself. So do traps.
    Why cast so everyone can see you. Dont you know someone is watching you? They are going to let yiu fish and then kill you and take your fish and leave you rod there. Theu might rape your body too.

  2. Ticks CANNOT stand peppermint /spearmint essential oils. Another good thing to have in your bag the peppermint soap reminded me of that… great ideas thank you

  3. Oh man, 6:28… The irony of some people in USA.
    Good kit. To bad people don't know how to use them.

  4. Nice kit. I like the idea of a family bin. Supplemented by my /our bags. Time for a paradigm shift, Thanks.

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