12 thoughts to Survival Gear Wholesale Suppliers Where Does One Buy At 13:42

  1. i have the same flashlight and a manual one.. the small one will go in kit, big one in backpack… or i could relize that zombies arent coming and i sit at home all day watching youtube videos, not camping… love the vid, but im very confused bout the hillbillies who think zombies are coming… its like saying skeletons, orcs, and goblins are coming, where have i seen that? Video games, books, movies, but not real life. Not trying to troll, but it is kinda wierd… no offense to anyone.

  2. i drink so much water, because i am something called "scary healthy, that my urine just happens to be clear. My hands also always smell like hand sanitizer, soap, and shampoo, because i brush my teeth, shower, and eat 3 times a day. I am what you call mental, and what i call splendidly amazingly indeedy grand

  3. ooh nice price… i could buy the same stuff for $50 at a "better" store, or pay 1000s of dollars on rei for something that i couldnt use, cuz im a kid… but again my alter ego could use such sophisticated equipment as such mentioned from the 3 letter website, Rei.

  4. I used to be into swiss army knifes for its multi utility,however I would get a good knife and a pair of foldable scissors instead.

  5. I thought you did a good, honest review of a mediocre bottle-kit. It's a starting-point for a beginner, better than nothing. I love how you kept challenging these numb-nuts to video themselves buying all the gear at a store and if it was cheaper than this kit then you would send them an expensive gift. It's now like 4 years later, and no-one took you up on it. Hilarious. I just thought that was pretty funny. Peace.

  6. Not to just be negative, but you could do this video a bit shorter if you didn't repeat yourself so much "it's all pack into this bottle" like 3-4 times in the first 1,4 minute. And don't rush your speach .. talk slower and without the "uhm .. " and the videos will be more interesting to watch.
    But .. all credits for doing videos at all. Just too bad that the kit itself is just a plastic piece of junk IMHO