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next to Kanye West’s presidential bid
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today’s episode will win the popular
vote with those interested in everyday
carry for some the EDC is just a fun
pocket dump you guys have seen these
pictures and I love it I love to see
what other people are using but for
others like today’s guest it is a gear
obsession today I got my buddy Wes
Robinson coming on the show and wes is
interesting he’s passionate to talk
about gear in general and especially the
everyday carry now I think he’ll be
back on the show at some point to talk
who knows what all kinds of gear this guy
is gear obsessed again but what’s
interesting is he scours for gear that
can stand up to his daily expectations
and and he’ll tell you this guy’s pretty
rough on his gear he’s brutal he’s
dropping in water he’s dropping it from
like multiple feet above concrete floors
and and his gear is worn and torn and he
has high standards a flashlight for
example has to have more than just the
lumens or tactical appeal how’s it gonna
deal with Wes’ life style Wes also
puts a cap on the decision of what your
concealed carry should be he does this
with ease too he’s got he’s got some
guidelines and he really lays out like
three basic things you need to consider
when choosing your concealed carry
weapon and you need to stick around to
see what these are cuz it’s really much
simpler than any blog I’ve seen he has
it’s very a very simple guideline on how
to choose the right gun for your
everyday carry
this episode could save you money and
honestly with Wes’ tips on holsters
and pistols it could even save your life
seriously this guy’s got a lot of
knowledge he’s put a lot of thought and
process into his everyday carry and I
was excited to have this conversation
and I’m really excited to share it with
you all gear that West talks about all
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is time for gearbox talk with Wes
all right welcome to gearbox talk a show
all about gear West Robinson welcome
aboard man hey man how’s it going good
good I do we’ve been talking about doing
a podcast together for so long so I’m
pumped to get you on gearbox talk and
yeah very long time and it’s funny
because I’ve known you for years and we
keep like hey man will do a dove hunt
will do will do something we’ll sit down
and do something and we’re not that far
away but no it’s tough yeah yeah I know
there’s even like you you’re like
passing ship in the night where I’m at
sometimes in Louisville for your job and
we just haven’t been able to make it
happen and then funny enough I’ll meet
you like at a random trade show in a
totally different state right yeah I
think I’ve seen you like twice this year
in different states which the last time
we did a brief podcast on restless
native we did a little five ten-minute
one quick run down one and that was
funny because that is the last time you
know one of our last trade shows that we
did this year so all right yeah we met
on gowild which I like your shirt good
good sure two times here for sure what
you are like the pocket dump master my
team even commented on sometime comments
on it sometimes cuz you know you don’t a
lot of photography for brands you’re
working with some some guys I know –
like tacticalories and you’re doing some
cool stuff but otherwise like sometimes
it’s just you know here’s Wes’ morning
coffee with his pocket dump and right
yeah when we were talking about people
that we wanted to pull in for talking
about everyday carry in the pocket dump
episode the first one we do I think this
will become a recurring episode that we
do I was like I got to get Wes on for
the first one man what got you so
interested in the this it’s almost like
you’re passionate about the EDC like
creating the content and telling that
story so what got you started down that
I guess honestly just showing people
their options because there’s there are
so many options there’s so many
different ways to do it you know you you
look at people the things that they
carry and you’re like how in the world
did they carry all that stuff you know
and there’s there’s a way to do it you
know there’s its so I think that was the
original thing was just just showing
people you know kind of getting that
that 2A movement going like you know
three four years ago on social media it
was really big and that’s kind of what
got me going on it was just trying to
get people you know to you know
to try things no to be more prepared
because you know as the world gets
crazier you know I I like to see people
being prepared I’m just trying to show
people different ways to do that yeah
and and something one of my I was I told
one of my co-founders because he’s like
I saw your interview in West this
morning he’s like I want to know his
opinion on knives he said I’m trying to
find a good knife right now and you can
spend 40 bucks you could spend 400 and
and so that we’re gonna talk about that
today we’re gonna talk about Wes’s
Wes’ got a couple different pistols
that he carries but we’ll talk about his
approach to that and holsters and and
there but really today we’re gonna go
over everything we’re gonna talk about
like how do you fit all this stuff in
your pockets from the wallet to the belt
to the flashlight knife pistol all of it
and then at the end Wes he’ll tell us
his favourite piece of gear and he’s
even gonna give like when he has a
little bit of an upgrade to a small
everyday carry bag what he uses for that
and there are some additional things
that he kind of brings into the mix
there so you know what do we don’t we
start with your wallet man because
that’s what’s interesting is that kind
of gets overlooked about some people the
wallet actually can be a great place to
carry like I used to have a credit card
knife until I lost and flying they took
it from me want to forgot about it it
was so convenient that I forgot about it
but this thing was like surgical steel
sharp and I loved it and I think I got
it for like seven bucks or something but
you know is one of those really cheap
cheaply made things but you can pack a
lot of cool stuff into a wallet these
days a lot of cool tools for it so what
let’s start with your wallet and and
what’s your packing around for sure so
and you know first I want to start off
by saying that there’s there’s a lot of
different approaches to EDC and as far
as what you know if you want to be more
prepared for you know defensive
situation offensive situations or
honestly just have the things you need
every day so for me I’m not worried
about carrying any kind of you know
James Bond weapon in my wallet all I
wanted something super thin because back
when I used to carry one of those big
you know one-inch-thick wallets you know
I’d find myself not having it with me
you know you take it and you throw it in
your cup holder because you don’t want
to sit on it yeah and then you get in a
store and you don’t have it because you
left it in your
vehicle so for me it’s one of those
things like EDC is all about having it
on you you know it’s everyday carry so
if it’s not comfortable if it’s not
something that you’re gonna have every
day it shouldn’t be a part of your
everyday carry so for me this is a just
literally a card wallet from the brand
is primo it’s a guy named Mason primo
out of New York and I think he’s
actually since I think he still does a
little leather work but he’s went on to
like graphic design or something so this
was like I think four or five years ago
that he made this for me it’s all hand
sewn and everything but I mean it’s
super thin and I mean I’ve got probably
shoot ten cards in there I would say and
there’s still plenty of room you want to
show up like you know quite a few bills
you can fit you know ten bills in here
no problem so twenties hundreds whatever
each one cash on you there’s room for
that but the thing is just super thin so
you’re not gonna be worried about
sitting on it doesn’t hurt to sit on it
when you’re driving so it’s always on me
for that reason dude I’ve got a actually
pulled this out show it here I have a
beautiful wallet that is handmade it was
made in Mexico and the group is I have
to look it up while you’re here in a
second I’ll look it up and say the name
but the it my wife got this for me I
think it was for a birthday or Christmas
gift now I wish I could remember now but
it has a hundred year warranty on it and
and they great it’s it’s like a little
leather shop in Mexico and it’s a
family-owned business and I’ll have to
look it up my co-founder Zack got one
probably I guess this was when I first
met him so but you know like eight years
ago or something and he told me about it
and I told my wife I was like man I
burned through wallets like I go through
him I think typical one last like three
or four years and I have had this one
for a long time I probably had it for
six years or so cuz she asked him and
got it for me
I’ll find the name of that if I forget
to on the show I’ll put I’ll drop the
company in there because if Wes’ guy
isn’t making those anymore I would
almost guarantee there this company is
making something similar to what
you’re doing which would be cool you
know I they’re expensive but again 100
year warranties kind of hard to beat
right yeah and there’s a lot of people
that make super thin wallets I mean
there’s a lot of people that make them
out of Kydex and stuff which is probably
arguably you know going to last longer
than the leather
but for some reason you know I just
there’s some things that I want to stay
with leather you know Kydex and plastic
and nylons they’re all great but wallet
it I feel like I want a leather wallet so
that’s what I went with but yeah so the
other thing that I don’t really have an
example of it I always have on me as an
ink pen so with my job and again this
is one of those things where if it’s not
something that you need don’t you don’t
put it on you you know you don’t need to
carry extra but I’d use the ink and very
very you know commonly throughout the
day you know with my job so so
always got an ink pen but but that’s kind
of the you know the boring stuff so I
guess well no dude you know what I’ll
give a shout out to a group that I just
met recently at shot show the Fisher
Space Pen is oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah and
don’t get me wrong there are some pens
that are absolutely you know really nice
I mean if you’ve never used a good pen I
mean it sounds silly but good pens are
nice yeah and then this you know they
make the nice you know tactical pens
that are you know kind of made for
either breaking glass on one end or like
as a defensive weapon I mean you can get
completely you know offensive or
defensive with an ink pen so yeah you
know there’s and that’s a good point
really because a lot of places you know
such as like airports you know flying
you know you can’t have knives or guns
you can have a pen and they don’t really
care if it’s a tactical pen so that’s
something that’s good to have you know
in a pinch it works
yeah the the Fisher Space Pen this is
just a fun little fact here the the
Space Launch recently a SpaceX the
Fisher Space Pen was used by the
astronauts on that and the reason it’s
it it’s it’s used by NASA is because the
the pen will ride upside down it’ll
write when it’s wet it’s like literally
foolproof system which is why they’re
now looking at working with like getting
more hunters to use it because if you’ve
ever had to fill a tag out in the
miserable weather or it’s cold or you
know whatever it is or you just got a
busted pin you know it’s actually an
important thing the game warden walks up
and you haven’t filled out your harvest
log yet you’re gonna be hurting but
actually they’ll even get you if you
I’ve heard this they leave they might
even get you if you don’t have a pen so
like your point having one because if
you don’t have one you don’t intend to
log one right that’s kind of the process
and that you know some states are
different like that you know out west a
lot of them have little notches they do
that but yeah here you sign it I mean
I’ve had to use the tip of a bullet you
know little bullet before to try to write
it in there because I forgot a pen so
yeah all right all right well moving
past the pen as you called it the boring
stuff well what’s next on your EDC list
so next is going to be I’m going to try to do
this in order of stuff as far as it’s
getting used
I guess my flashlight so what I carry
for my flashlight is a Streamlight it’s
the Protac 1L1AA
not a huge light by any means but it is
super bright I think it’s like 350
lumens and you know for the people that
you know buy like the the really super
cheap flashlights that say they’re a
thousand lumens quality lumens matters
you know they can say whatever they want
but some lights are just brighter
whenever they’re you know a good quality
brand so either stream light or surefire
both make excellent lights the thing I
like about this one is the fact that
it’s one double-a battery so that’s
that’s huge to me a lot of them will use
the you know the short what a CR 2
batteries or you know to triple A’s on
the super small ones but everyone has
double-a batteries you know you’ve got
double-a batteries in your drawers or
whatever at home these things the thing
about these LED lights once they go they
go like right now
they don’t get dim over time it’s one
day they’re working the next day they’re
not so the you know being able to
replace that battery quickly is super
handy because this thing and you
probably can’t see it in the video but I
mean it is just wore down because it
gets used a lot
it gets dropped a lot of drop it in
water they’re completely waterproof drop
it on concrete it’ll work on concrete and
it gets dropped daily but it also gets
used I would say at least 20 to 30 times
a day I’m pulling this thing out and
using it working on off-road vehicles
and stuff you know trying to find bolts
that fell down and you know looking up
for this or that I mean these things get
used and flashlights is one thing that
you know a lot of people when they think about EDC the first thing they think
is a gun but you really need to think
about what you’re actually gonna use and
if you don’t think that you’re gonna use
a flashlight I strongly suggest trying a
flashlight because you’ll find you use
it a lot more than you ever thought that
you would for sure oh yeah but yeah for
the number of times a day I use my phone
flashlight like replacing that with
something that actually works well the
one question on what is there a sequence
when you turn it on like some of them
have like the on flash yeah and stuff
for sure and stream light they most of
their protac lights they have what they
call ten tap I think that’s a
copyrighted term that they have ten tap
programmable so you can set this to
however you want it oh no you can set it
to whenever you first hit it you know
you got a momentary on with bright or
dim or strobe I’ve got mine set to where
you can just hold it or you can click it
so if you hold it it’s on as long as you
push it if you click it all the way
it’ll stay on but I only use the bright
setting and then if I double tap it it’s
a strobe I figured I’d use that just in
case it’s like an emergency situation
there’s something like that on the road
but yeah I just use the the high setting
all the time because the thing will last
I mean like I I use it a ton and I can
get you know a month out of a double A
battery with it and so I’ll just always
use the high setting but you know a
flashlight is another thing that people
don’t think of as far as defensive you
know airports same thing you know if
it’s any bit dark and you hit somebody
with a good quality high lumen
flashlight you can really disorient
someone and get yourself out of a bad
situation with that for sure you know so
you don’t always have to have a weapon
you couldn’t you can have stuff like
this as well but dude I had a blowout on
the way to turkey hunt this year too and
like just situations like that to pop up
and I have my little flashlight similar
to what you’re using there it’s probably
one of the more generic ones that’s been
in my hunting bag for years and man I
mean they’re life savers like sitting on
the inside of the interstate without a
changing the tire without a flashlight
is in at 5 a.m. with semis blowing by
you is not fun well y’all know for sure
so definitely definitely things pop up
that’s why you carry something like
that’s to be prepared all right what’s
next on the EDC list so next is going to
be my knife
and you kind of alluded to it earlier
but you can spend a little bit or you
can spend a lot and whenever I first got
into this I spent a lot I the first one
I got I think was the zero tolerance
0452 to I believe was the model but
super awesome knife but I give like $180
for it and a knife gets used a lot
with me I use it a ton and more
abusive ways than most people would
use a knife you know I mean I’m cutting
against metal and stuff a lot so I’m
destroying blades I used to be bad about
losing knives and so when everybody’s
losing knives yeah when I got that zero
tolerance and I was like this is awesome
you know I was taking pictures out at
people’s comment no it’s a beautiful
knife and and then I lost it for like a
day and I’m like no you know so I kind
of I just sold it and I was like yeah
I’m gonna go about this a different way
so what I ended up doing was at Cabela’s
actually they had the Kershaw spline and
at first I wasn’t a huge fan of this
blade type I usually like a more slender
blade but what got me on this one
was the price so at Cabela’s I think it
was like $40 and this thing is very very
nice for forty dollars and I’ve actually
seen them on like Amazon and you do have
to be a little bit you know aware on
Amazon that sometimes you’re not getting
the real thing for sure but I have seen
them you know for like 25 bucks whether
it was the real thing or not but any
case either way $40 at Cabela’s is what
I gave for it
it does have Kershaw’s speed assist
opening so it’s it’s made it I think two
years now and the speed assist is just
now getting to where it’s not super
strong but I’m telling you when I say
abuse a knife I really abuse a knife
and because I mean it’s it’s getting to
where it’s like the blades getting loose
and everything but it’s held up very
very well I’ve made a few videos on my
youtube channel talking about this knife
because I was really that impressed with
it it was one of the sharpest knives out
of the box that I’ve ever seen and it’s
really held its edge well so I guess
Kershaw in general is a pretty good
recommendation for me
this is obviously one of their you know
China made knives I suppose because
forty bucks they have some american-made
that’s you know eighty hundred hundred
twenty dollars but for the money no it’s
really really good I haven’t had any
issues with it probably fixing to buy the
second one after you know two years but
I’ve got these for people for Christmas
gifts because I I really like it and
like I said this one if you don’t carry a
knife it’s one of those just like a
flashlight you will use it a lot more
than you think and in some cases you’ll
abuse it so yeah I wouldn’t recommend a
two hundred dollar knife unless you just
want to look cool what do you think
about the like serrated blades that had
the kind of the combo on stuff like that
not a fan of those they’re fine while
they’re sharp but they’re a big pain to
sharpen you know you have to buy a
specialty sharpener or
just get really really good at
sharpening I mean you can you can do it
but I like who is it can’t remember the
company but they they’ve got it’s a
little yellow sharpener it’s got the
little carbide on one side and ceramic
on the other and I think you give like
five bucks for him I’ve got six or seven
of them because they’re cheap and they
work I like to just hit those you know
once a week or something once every two
weeks hit it with the carbide and roll
with it and you just can’t do that with
this rare with a serrated you got to
have you know a specialty tool to do it
dude Jeremiah doughty got me turned on to
the knife works sharpener and yeah holy
crap like when you when you pull that
thing out you’re like what can I sharpen
next you know it’s it’s so good it’s so
fast you know you’ll be going out to
find your garden tools
my dad got one of those man this things
amazing you got to try it and I just
loaded up all my kitchen knives I was
like sharpening for me you know oh dude
I went through and did all of my kitchen
and cooking knives and yeah you
over time you just kind of forget what a
sharp blade is and all of a sudden you
know right just flying through stuff
it’s almost dangerous hundred yeah yeah I
mean it’s and but by the same token it’s
dangerous to have a dull knife no
totally I mean yeah yeah if you got it
all say it in a great edge and you’re
happy to do this to cut you know like a
piece of chicken you know that’s not
good yeah there’s an old saying like
there’s no
more dangerous than a dull knife for
sure and for good reason
knives are funny I’m in it’s almost like
you know I used to lose
sunglasses all the time and then I got a
I got a pair of Oakleys
and I did not I kept that pair of
sunglasses for like eight or nine years
and then finally my dog chewed them up
and then I got another pair Oakley’s and
I’ve had them for probably as long and
then my wife just got me didn’t plan on
showing these but all she got me some
like $30 kind of like Ray Ban knockoff
style but they’re they’re Woody’s and
okay almost 100 percent chance I’ll lose
them because there were $30 yeah works
since you’re showing off glasses you
know a leupold just yeah I saw you
were aware line yeah they did a cool
thing where they was like there’s like a
geocaching thing they sent them out to
some people you hid them and you know
give hints and clues and stuff people
could go out and find a free pair in the
wild so it’s kind of cool but yeah I’m
actually pretty impressed with these
they are expensive I mean they’re
they’re pretty much Oakley prices but I
mean they’ve been fine so far yeah
alright so after the knife what are we
rolling into okay so connects it or
maybe yes so oh there’s two two things
that I would recommend well the one
thing I will recommend something sturdy
so whether you choose to go leather or a
nylon make sure that it’s a sturdy belt
because you can get nylon belts that say
they’re for me EDC or they call it a gun
belt or whatever if you can hold it up
and it just droops down it’s not sturdy
enough to be a good gun belt so I mean
myself I have both I have a lot of both
actually but so for if I’m gonna you
know where a tucked in shirt or
something I’ll wear leather and this one
is Galco Galco gun leather and I mean
you can see you can hold it and it just
I mean it’s sturdy and yeah I’ve ran one
of those for about a year now and it’s
still super super sturdy but the one
that I will honestly use probably more
than anything is the nylon this one is a
blue alpha gear and I want to say this
guy is out of Ohio but I’m
100% sure but I mean a lot of people
make these they they use the Cobra
buckles which are super nice this one is
the hybrid buckle so if you’ve ever used
a belt like this they can be a pain to
get around your belt loops and stuff
because you’ve got to unstrap them and
everything the hybrid you can actually
run and they keep this part slim so you
can run that through your belt loops
just like a regular belt but the thing
about nylon is there’s no stretch so you
sweat all day and you got a gun on you
got all that weight by the end of the
day you know an inferior belt will have
stretched and everything is sagging and
so you that’s the that’s kind of a nice
thing of the nylon so a good strong
nylon belt that is sturdy is really
hard to beat but in a pinch if you want
to look nice or if you just prefer
leather definitely get a good quality
leather actual gun belt because you know
like I said if they stretch which leather
obviously is the worst about it but if
it stretches it’s not doing you any good yeah I’ll
toss in there too I got a really good
handmade leather belt from actually a
place here in Louisville leather heads
and the guy the guy told me when he was
I was buying the belt it was expensive I
don’t know how much was but I wanted a
nice belt to be able I had a bunch of my
grandfather give me a bunch of his belt
buckles and I wanted to have a nice belt
to work with those and he told me a good
tip that I’ve shared before to friends
is the thing to consider with you know
you go to like a you know you see them at
like flea markets or craft fairs or
whatever these guys cutting belts he
said the thing that to know about most
of those places is they’re gonna they’ll
take a you know a piece of hide and they’ll
cut and I camera what the number was I
feel like it was like 25 belts out of
that he’s like I make 18 he said it you
get to a point in the far ends and the
belts get so much thinner and since he’s
told me that I’ve looked at leather
belts been dude mine is so thick like
one piece is so thick compared to
anything else I’ve ever seen so I like
your test of holding it up and seeing if
it droops yeah that’s that’s a really
good way to think about it because the
weight of a gun you know depending on I
mean depends on what you’re shooting but
you know it’s it they do move around and
even just kind of flop
in general so you need something sturdy
yeah that goes to your holster too but
if your belts not gonna be able to hold
that up and the other thing too I’ve
kind of got them you know if you’re
gonna I don’t particularly like this
just holster but like if you’re
gonna have something that Clips you know
you need to have substantial size to
clip around to and we’ll talk about
holsters in a second but that’s also
something to consider like a thick belt
is also good for that for sure yeah
so I mean I guess now we can just run
into gun holster setups if you want to
go uh so wherever you want to start on
that you’ve got a couple let’s talk
about your but let’s work our way into
that so you’ve got a couple different
pistols you you carry let’s start with
like your what do you consider when
choosing a pistol for your everyday
carry like let’s kind of start
high-level there cuz there’s a I know
there’s a lot there’s tons and tons of
options but like what another podcast it
is it is but like what like what are
your top three you know this is kind of
a quick hit punchy show what is the top
three things that you kind of think
about when you’re looking for something
to carry okay when you’re looking for
something to carry because that that’s
the that’s a huge thing right now you
know versus first gun or first gun to
carry that they can be completely
different so first gun to carry the main
thing in my opinion that you want to
look for is something that is whether it
be small enough or just comfortable
enough but it’s got to be on you so just
because you shoot a Glock 19 super well
it might be too big you know if you if
you’re not gonna carry it it’s not gonna
do you any good you know I see people
all the time and you know there’s
different opinions but a gun in your
truck isn’t doing you any good a gun in
your purse usually is it doing you any
good unless you practice a lot with it
it needs to be on you because if a
situation arises you know you’re not
running to your truck you know you can’t
say you know hold on bad guy let me
unzip my purse in my opinion you can be
there’s people it’s really fast at that
but it needs to be on you in my opinion
so the first thing I would say is small
and comfortable the next I would say is
reliable and then lastly accuracy and
you know just being good at shooting it
practice will really take care of the
third one but there are guns or
more accurate with than others so I guess
in my opinion you don’t want too
small but you know there’s in my opinion
the like a Glock 43 is kind of the the
best of everything
most people she don’t really good Glocks
are known to be super reliable
there’s no safeties which I don’t think
that safety should be on a carry gun I
think the least amount of things that
you have to do before that gun can fire
the better my this this is my safety you
know if you don’t want it to go off
don’t pull the trigger it’s not gonna go
off and a lot of people you know have
mixed thoughts on that but that’s the
case I mean they drop test these guns
they do all this stuff at the factory
for that reason the only way that that
gun goes off is if you pull the trigger
so I guess as far as just simplicity and
being comfortable a small revolver is a
good option for you know a lot of people
but the one thing that I found for me
personally is I don’t shoot a revolver
as good as I do a semi-auto for the most
part there’s some that I do but I just
don’t there’s people who just swear
about revolver accuracy and and I’ve
seen it I’ve seen people that can shoot
a revolver better than a semi-auto they
can shoot a lot of people talk about
reliability – they don’t get jammed yeah for
sure I mean they they are more reliable
you know inherently just but if you ever
do have a malfunction it’s usually a lot
worse you know you’re probably not going
to get that one cleared but yeah I think
all in all it’s a good option if you
throw it at them right yeah and then hit them with your flashlight right
face for real so yeah I get you know my
opinion on everything is you you want
the most rounds in the most effective
caliber that you can carry while still
being small and comfortable and accurate
and that’s that’s a pretty pretty tough
thing to define really yeah I know stop
shower you didn’t lead off a stopping
power which is something gun nuts argue
about so much but I think like really
like you said finding something that’s
comfortable that you can shoot well is
more important because if you’re not
hitting anyways starting so why not no
when I first started this whole EDC
journey it was a 40 caliber Glock 23 and
I shot it
extremely well just slow fire but that
40 you know if you was ever in a
situation where you need shoot fast I
found that by the third shot I was you
know way off target yeah just because
there was so much recoil and I’ve got a
lot of experience shooting so yeah the
you can’t just just because a 45 has a
big bullet or ten millimeter has a lot
of you know energy it doesn’t matter if
you’re not hitting what you’re aiming it
so my favorite caliber is nine
millimeter because I know that no matter
how many rounds is in the magazine I can
put them all you know in a softball if I
need to so that to me is is pretty
important but yes so my favorite gun is
is gonna be my Glock 43 and this one is
in a the company is called geaux hard
holsters it’s like G E A U X they’re out of
Louisiana so french this one yeah so
this one is a inside the waistband
holster that I carry appendix and this
is my favorite way to carry a gun of any
size people look at appendix carry and
think that’d be super uncomfortable and
I guess for a bigger person it might be
so I mean this is one of those things
that all depends and I’m I’m no skinny
person at all but I still think that
this is super comfortable and I’ve
carried you know full-size pistols
appendix and not had any issues but the
thing I like about appendix is it’s
super quick you know it doesn’t take but
less than a second to you know clear
your shirt and pull it out and be on
target the other thing is you know
typically if you’re in a fight or some
you know you don’t want a gun on your
back because if you’re on your back you
can’t get to it you can always get to
your stomach typically if you’re in a
fight so that’s just something to think
about but definitely my favorite way to
carry is going to be appendix carry and
this is my favorite gun you know
hands-down the there’s a lot of people
though that don’t care for Glock I think
it’s because glocks so popular and it’s
one of those things that if everybody
likes it nobody wants to like it
I have the glock 26 and yeah you want to
talk about a gun that gets made fun of a
lot like a lot of people crap on it but
I I can shoot it well I like the size i
I carry that gun a lot too when I hunt
you know it’s it’s a it’s it’s
good for me like you said I mean I know
people you know my buddy Blake makes fun
of me for whenever we go shooting but
he’s got giant hands and it does look
ridiculous in his hands oh yeah yeah and
that’s the thing and I want to reiterate
that everything that I say as far as
what my opinions are and what I think is
best is completely in my opinion there’s
so much of this it’s just subjective I
mean you gotta find what works for you
and if I say that Glock 43 is the best
for me try it
but try other stuff too though yeah
there’s so many things that people like
one thing I am just recently picked I
guess I picked this up in this is what
my Black Friday deal but the bodyguard
you know I actually like this gun a lot
because how compact it is and it’s you
know it’s almost unnoticeable in fact my
big fear with that gun is that I’ll
forget I’m carrying it sometimes you
know the but I’ve kind of started I’ve
kind of leaned towards that instead of
the Glock because it’s it’s quite a bit
lighter then yeah the 26 especially when
it’s like you know 90 something degrees out yeah
and at least you have on you I mean that
you know I’ll get to a gun that works
good for that in a second but anyone
even I don’t go ahead like this this
this kind of like pocket this is like a
sticky pocket holster was really good
for shorts if you’re in it like
sometimes you just can’t do a waistband
right like if you can just all string
I’ve literally can carry this with like
gym shorts
yeah sticks in there real good it’s not
gonna fall out
so anyway I’m sorry I kind of I kind of
steam rolled your thoughts you know you’re you’re
totally fine so so my favorite way to
carry is appendix and inside the
waistband holster we’re talking
concealed carry yeah when it’s a little
cooler out though I do really enjoy this
this is the Galco what do they call it
the combat pro or commander I can’t
remember it’s on Galco site but it’s one
of their most popular holsters I can’t
believe I forgot what it’s called but so
this one is a leather holster it’s
comfortable you know it conforms to your
body a little bit but it’s still that
same sturdy leather they use in their
belts that I mean it’s really nice and
I’ve got this is a Sig p365
which is super popular right now
yeah they look fine to me right yeah
yeah so so for me I still definitely
like the glock better but there’s a lot
of pretty cool engineering in this
because I mean this thing will hold a
ton of rounds and it’s honestly feels
smaller in the hand and the Glock 43
does so it is pretty impressive I still
like the Glock better but this is a good
option for people that’s looking and you
know what’s – look I did you pick that
up recently this one here is from a
friend right now he has uh yeah this one
is loaned out he’s like hey man you want
to make some videos I’ve got on p365 and
I was like I do so I had it for a while
yeah I’ve had it for a while this one is
one yeah I made some videos on it for me
this one shoots this one shoot low and
I’ve tried you know it’s not my the way
I’m looking through the sights or
anything I’ve had a lot of people on
YouTube like learn to shoot a gun and I’m
like it’s not it’s not it it just shoot
low for me so it might just be this one
you know example but or if I don’t know
if all 365 shoot a little bit low but
this one does but other than that the
gun actually you know feels really good
in the hand but definitely one you
should check out but yeah this one for
fall whenever you got a hoodie on or
something this is a great great way to
carry because it keeps it nice and close
to the body and it’s you know you’re not
inside your pants so it’s not super
uncomfortable and it’s still fast so
that’s kind of what I’m doing here is
the inside the waistband appendix is the
fastest to get to outside the waistband
four or five o’clock is so fast and then
moving on to what you know you were
talking about with the pocket holster so
a pocket holster is not as fast and if
you’ve we’ve probably practiced with
your pocket holster you’ve seen that
it’s it’s not as fast but it’s one of
those situations where if it’s 95
degrees out and you got shorts on are
you going to put this on are you gonna
wear it outside the waistband no but
this is certainly better than
not having it at all and so I find
myself you know with something like this
a lot because again it’s just so much
more comfortable and if it’s a hindrance
if it’s hurting if it’s digging into
your stomach
it’s causing you to sweat you’re
probably not going to carry it very long
and this won’t you’re not gonna know the
dis is on you so in this one I’ve got
the Ruger LCP2 I’m also a big fan of
the LCP custom which is discontinued
model but it’s still awesome
the LCP’s I used to think they were
almost gimmicky whenever I first see
them because they’re they’re so small
and almost cheap feeling like a toy but
they’re they shoot extremely well I
don’t know a lot of rescission was one
of them I know a lot of police officers
you carry those off-duty yeah I mean
that they they really shoot well the one
thing that I will say is if you’re a
person that has very big hands it’s
probably not for you because if you have
anything close to proper grip technique
which would be you know something like
that as you can see my thumb is not far
from the end of that barrel and I’ve got
a buddy who’s you know really big into
shooting and and he’s got super big
hands I mean he’s like out – they think
I just can’t shoot I’m like yeah I don’t
blame you but for me for me they’re
awesome I can’t recommend the LCP enough
the one thing that you know I’ll say is
it is a 380 so it’s not nearly as much
power as a nine-millimeter but it just
kind of comes back to it’s better than
you know not having anything on you yeah
that bodyguard that I’ve mentioned
earlier just for anybody that’s watching
this since new it’s also a 380 so so
kind of yeah this ain’t a lot of people
debate between that gun and the
bodyguard it’s kind of like what the guy
on – and I was actually debating between
those two – and I found a good deal on
this one yeah and the thing is I mean
you know to get small and compact you
don’t want a nine-millimeter I mean
you’re not gonna be able to shoot it I
mean 380 feels like a pretty hot round
of these small small guns but yes so
after the pocket carry the next thing
that I would kind of recommend you know
it’s not ideal but it keeps it on your
body is an ankle holster obviously not
gonna work with shorts or at least not
concealed anyway yes I say maybe
maybe it does maybe you’re that guy
right but yeah so this one is made for
an LCP as well this is the Gaucho ankle
glove and out of all the ones that I’ve
seen this is probably the only one that
I would recommend this thing is super
comfortable the one drawback is after a
start to stink for us I mean that’s
gotta get sweaty yeah I mean it it’s
like rip some velcro so it’s it’s got
this like plush like you’ve never had
one of those yeah one of those coats
when you’re in like sixth grade it was
like tan and had this on the inside
that’s what it’s like but yeah that
stuff once it gets sweaty it’s not gonna
smell good but these things are they
really do they comfortable so no the
defense organism you just smell awful
yeah exactly it’s like skunk or
something so yes so that’s an option
again not very fast you it’s kind of the
same speed as like a concealed-carry
purse it’s better than you know in a
truck but but it’s still not ideal so
definitely my favorite is gonna be you
know appendix carry inside the waistband
I think that’s just the fastest that
works for me
some people aren’t
comfortable carrying a gun there for
obvious reasons and they like to have it
on you know four or five o’clock on
their side yeah and that’s fine
the main thing when it comes to that
stuff is that you practice you know
you’ve got to practice because in a
situation you know that you need that
you need to be practiced you want to
not have any accidental discharge as
you’re pulling it up and you won’t be
able to clear your garments and
everything and it’s super important to
practice for sure awesome man great this
is a great great run-through on all the
options you actually had way more
options there than I thought you were
going to yeah I mean like I’ve got
revolver options as well but I’m just
showing you mine you know yeah I could
make a two-hour video on right all the
different options well and what works
for me
this is this is it and we’ll give a
shout out to your YouTube page too if
anybody wants to hear more from Wes on
what he’s doing he’s got a YouTube page
we’ll link to you can find some of his
content there let’s talk about the bag
because there’s it you know you got your
bag option that you start to bring in a
couple other pieces into that let’s talk
through what you’re using and what you
add to that carry okay so so this is
something that I keep in my truck again
it’s one of those things where some
people like to carry medical on them for
me it’s just getting too much and I
I’m just not carrying it because I just
don’t want to it’s not comfortable I’ve
got a buddy he’s got a system like that
ankle glove except it’s strictly for
medical he never wear shorts he only
wears pants and he’s got medical on his
ankle at all times and it works for him
for me it just doesn’t so what I do is
I’ve got this the sling bag I want to
say this one is from 3v gear but there’s
a lot of different places that you know
has bags similar to this the thing that
I like about it is that it’s super quick
if I ever need it to jump in the truck
and grab it and hit the woods I mean
we’re talking you know hard times here if
that ever happened but but it’s it’s a
it’s an option you know it’s not like
it’s in a grocery bag or anything this
this will work in a pinch too it’s a mini bug out
I’m not carry yeah exactly yeah I mean I
don’t I don’t have a seven-day supply of
food in my truck but I do have something
that in case things get bad it you know
I can go away for a while so what I
carry and that one is another flashlight
so I’ve got a bigger surefire
flashlight that I actually bought for
EDC and it’s just too big so I moved it
to the bag it’s super bright I think
it’s like 400 lumens I’ve also got
another knife so it’s actually just a
cheap gas station knife it doesn’t have
to be super great because it’s never
been used literally it’s never been used
thank goodness that I’ve never used
it you know because if I ever have to
it’s bad but yes so it’s never been used
so it’s just there in case you know I
ever need it I’ll have it for a little
while because it’ll last you know a
little bit of time the other thing that
I carry in there is full box of ammo so
50 round box of ammo I’m again in a
situation where I had to hit the woods
you know you can kill a squirrel or
something whatever you kill a deer if
you’ve had to I mean there’s there’s
options you know so I carry a box of
ammo in there and then the other thing I
carry is going to be some medical so you
got tourniquets bandages stuff as simple
as like triple antibiotic burn cream
stuff like that
band-aids I’ve got vet bond which is
like a tissue adhesive kind of like
superglue for you know if you cut
yourself really bad Luco tape which is
just a strong
type of tape that’s good for you know
taping up bandages and then like
moleskin stuff just stuff that you don’t
really ever need but when you do it’s
nice to have I don’t know how many times
I’m getting into this thing
for the burn cream that stuff is a
lifesaver I don’t know what what they
put in it and what kind of chemicals is
used to make burn cream but the stuff is
if you’ve ever burned yourself in the
kitchen it sucks
and that stuff will immediately make it
better and it never hurts again it’s
pretty impressive nice man nice all
right we’ve got a fantastic look at your
EDC I will ask you know what I end all
gearbox talk episodes with this question
across everything that you’re carrying now
we’ll stick to the EDC category because
you’re a diverse guy you like to do a
lot of different stuff hunting wise and
shooting wise rifles and all bows and
all that stuff so with your EDC stuff
though what is your absolute favorite
piece of gear right now man it’s a hard
it’s a hard choice between the knife and
the flashlight again I mean guns are
awesome and guns are fun but you don’t
use them every day to me what I can use
every day and it takes the beating and
keeps on ticking I guess I honestly I
think I’ll have to go with the
flashlight because there’s a lot of
different options for knives out there a
lot of companies that make knives but
with flashlights I’ve really only found
a few different manufacturers that I
would trust with my life so to say and
stream light and surefire or one of the
only two had really good luck with
Princeton tech but they just don’t make
one that fits my EDC needs and that you
know that thing being able to run on one
double-a battery and the amount of times
that’s hit concrete from three to four
feet high and been in water and it’s
still good the knife finally you know it
finally took a turn for the worst
recently the flashlight has probably
been on me longer and it’s still going
strong and it’s still good so I mean I
can safely recommend that to anyone that
wants a flashlight it’s a it’s a really
good choice nice that’s a great great
selection there all right everything
that Wes has talked about today is gonna
be in the show notes
all those anything that he’s mentioned
you can click the links in there and
anything I’ve mentioned too
we’ll have those links in there West
Robinson man thank you for for coming on
tell us where people can find you to ask
questions or follow along with your
yeah so my youtube channel is called
gear 101 and that’s where I talk about a
lot of just a lot of different types of
gear so might be guns EDC related it could
be archery hunting or later just just
stuff that I like honestly I mean it’s
just me getting talk about things that I
like so it’s awesome but you can find a
lot of stuff there also on gowild and
on Instagram I’m Robinson outdoors on
both of those so you can find me there
and then I mean I’m not really on
Facebook any for the most part but good boy
Robertson outdoors on there I’ve got
them both linked but I really never check it
so all right man well thanks for coming
on this was awesome I really appreciate
it yeah for sure man
All Right see ya see ya
Thank You Wes
Robinson for joining me on gearbox talk
please make sure you connect with Wes
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the children think of the kids
all right let me know if you still have
questions I’ll be watching the comments
on YouTube or GoWild wherever you’re
watching this and I love to see the
feedback and I’ve had a lot of questions
sent in directly and requests for future
future conversations some of which we’ve
prioritized recently we’ve kind of
shifted around some of the shows that
we’re gonna hit soon because of your
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give us feedback it’s great I appreciate
it and my final request is is you know
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and and we take all that and we consider
it and we continue making content that
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know whether that’s with restless native
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to get the feedback from you all on what
you’re into all right a final think
you’d ever want to go out who makes this
show happen from everything from the the
research that goes into the topics that
we’re going to cover the the artwork
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thank you to our team here at GoWild and that
is it though that’s all the thank-yous
and notifications I have for today
so I’m out

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