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  1. What I think would have made this flashlight near perfect is to have an output setting around 40 to 60 lumens as an option. I consider that level "practical" lighting, especially from a "key-chain" flashlight. I would gladly sacrifice either (or both) of the low settings for a mid range option. I do like the 120 lumen option, but in this case, you either get 30 min of great light, or…not much light at all.

  2. love this light. but it constantly goes off in my pocket. so drains quite a lot. wish I could find a way to stop it

  3. Great review. I did the research between the Olights E3s and this Ti3, which are very of similar models and was about to buy the Ti3 on Amazon after I saw your take on it. But I noticed as i hit the buy button that the Olight is guaranteed for 5 years, no questions asked but the ThruNite for only 30 days. Thrunite then guarantees it for 2 years if you pay shipping and parts, so might as well just buy a new one. Hate to say it that the Olight is so similar, that the warranty sealed the deal even if the Ti3 was a little better from your review. I wish they stood behind the product at least 6 months to a year minimum, but maybe they will when the see Olight taking their business. Thanks again for your great reviews.

  4. If you need to use strobe…you have to go through all that???? Thats ridiculous. Also, further investigation shows the light does NOT hold memory. Worthless light really.

  5. I modified my Thrunite Ti3 to take a diffuser but I dont know how to share my pics, are you interested to make one and share it? pls give me email address I will send you photos thanks

  6. Just an update, I bought 3 of these lights back when this video was posted. Now all three lights are dead….

  7. I have a few thrunight flashlights, my edc/ my fav one is the ti5t. I think that one is discontinued thow