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and now the survival show that once
survived playing with its bag a little
too much in this episode your buddy
former operator and privacy and security
expert Justin Carroll drops by we deep
dive on EDC. Howdy and welcome to the
rabbit holes urban survival podcast this
is episode number 282 I’m your host
Aaron and you are in the rabbit hole
safe and sound
Justin welcome back to in that rabbit
hole Aaron what’s going on man
oh you know living living the dream
living the dream here on the interwebs
saying crazy stuff and doing fun and
exciting things so you for people who
are new here you you’ve been a guest on
the show a whole bunch of times you’ve
gone interesting places and punched
interesting people in the faces I think
that’s how that expression goes not
exactly but but we’ll just playing along
with it but I think what is it your bio
here for those who are new is so I I
guess my official bio starts when I
joined the military I was in the Marine
Corps for eight years I was a MARSOC
operator when I left the Marine Corps I
worked for a couple of years for some
other government agencies doing some not
as sexy as it sounds stuff running
around with the rifle and a radio in
some interesting places then I went to a
u.s. military special operation school
as a full-time equivalent instructor and
I left that job I spent five years there
just just about now left there about
five years ago and I’ve been working in
the digital security privacy space for
my day job ever since and blogging my
face off and podcasting and all that
good stuff awesome dude so when it comes
to today’s topic of EDC you’ve had a lot
of different experiences with a lot of
different scenarios both military other
other things and and then also as a
civilian just carrying junk around with
you everyday and and having that mindset
so I think and y’all have also done to
get into a little bit you also have also
we’ve done a fair amount of you and your
co-hosts on your new show across the
peak I’ve done a fair amount of talking
about this so I thought since we’ve been
doing a lot of back-to-basics episodes
it would be fun to go back and revisit
EDC all the junk you carry with you
everyday but to give a better definition
of it for me personally
I find EDC is a it to handle whatever is
likely and then even some of the more
extreme scenarios of what can happen to
you in a day but that’s it it’s in the
course of it’s just designed to get you
through stuff that can happen in a 12 to
24 hour period and that’s it it’s not
the kitchen sink it’s not gas masks it’s
not other craziness and and it’s my
other thing is that it should at least
cover as many of the basic eight
survival categories as possible without
being some monstrosity that you wag
around what do you find any differences
with the way that you think about like
the basic idea of what EDC is Justin so
well I’ve had ADC items in my pocket
since before I knew there was a term for
EDC like since I was probably in my
early teens I was like okay I like
always having the same thing in the same
place at this all the time always know
where my pocket knife is and my wallet
and whatever else but when it comes to
EDC bags I think I just kind of started
formalizing this concept in my head
maybe six months ago and and we’ve
recorded that episode a few months ago
and that really got the gears turning
and I really kind of refined this system
and I think of it as yes there are some
stuff in there that is solely for
emergency use solely for use in some
sort of disaster or things go wrong in
some way major or minor but I think more
importantly for me it contains a bunch
of stuff that I’m going to use anyway on
a daily basis like my phone charger and
my computer cable and you know maybe a
rain jacket that you know it happens all
the time up here in the Pacific
Northwest that I might have to throw a
rain jacket on I guess here’s what my
EDC bag is not it’s not a break glass in
case of emergency type capsule of stuff
that mm-hm I don’t touch this unless
something goes wrong it’s a bag I have
my hands in every single day the food in
there is the snacks that I snack on on a
normal day and replenish you know
whatever I’ve taken out and the water
and there’s my normal water bottles that
I drink out of that sort
that kind of mentality about it yeah
yeah and I think in a lot in in almost
every way like we really align on those
things I know mine to go back in time
mine was I think my first eec bag that
Witten you know I don’t know twelve
years ago or whatever when I really
started to get more serious about things
I mean I I carried a pocket knife for
the longest time but that was you know a
pocket knife and a comb and I think that
was generally it or an ax phone and and
in some ways it’s it’s still my pocket
EDC and I think you made a great point
about that as that is where EDC begins
is still pretty pretty similar a little
more thought has gone into that but in
general when I first began I mean my bag
was was much heavier there was a lot
more stuff and it was a much bigger bag
and it was a little tactically delicious
a lot more so than it is now and and I
think that’s something that as you spend
more time with this and realize like
okay I’ve got to drag this thing around
every day I don’t need these these super
isolated except for me I have one thing
that is like there is only one one
purpose for this item and that being a
pistol but the rest of it has to serve a
pretty pretty good purpose what
have you had a similar evolution or is
it for you is it is it always been more
about trying to a rational take on what
an EDC kit is no so my first the first
bag I ever put together was more of kind
of like a bug-out bag go back kind of
thing then I’m like I’m gonna keep this
in the car and keep it on me and it had
all the standard I guess prepper
whatever stuff in it like a sleeping bag
and air 15 magazines at MREs and I I
don’t even know man it was loaded to the
brim and I realized basically this
thing’s gonna sit in my car for twenty
years and never get touched if it stays
like this it’s gonna get unpacked and
I’m gonna buy new shit to put in it and
that’s pretty much going to be it and
then I moved on to carrying a backpack a
lot especially as I moved like into an
office environment basically I just had
a bag with a bunch of crap loose in it
and the one thing that is completely
revolutionized how I think about this
and how I deal with the problem of what
do I put an EDC bag is inception packing
or you familiar with that no I can’t say
that I am so it’s basically the concept
of having a bunch of bags inside your
bigger bag a bunch of okay like yeah
basically I have make seven or eight
maybe plug and play modules like a
first-aid kit hygiene toiletry kit and
inclement weather clothing kit that you
know has a jacket and gloves and a hat
an electronics kit so basically I zip
open my backpack and I’ve got like seven
smaller bags inside there I pull out
what I need if I’m I you know if I’m
going on an overnight trip I throw in
the one that has a change of clothes in
it I threw in the toiletries and I’m
good to go
that has completely changed how I think
about this whole setup man that to me
makes a tremendous medicine sign oh I’ve
done that with my bug-out bag I haven’t
really thought to do that with my EDC
bag although I’ve gotten my EDC bag so
small I don’t know that I could do that
but I mean I could I need to put some
thought into it now that you’ve
mentioned it now you’ve got my wheels
turning on that that’s
that’s pretty clever and as it so
essentially like you’ve turned it into a
modular system that is dynamic and B can
be situational changed out or the
situation at hand yeah I think I leave
most of the stuff in there most of the
time so like my bag basically is you
know the first-aid kit
there’s a toiletries kit a electronic
stuff my inclement weather stuff a
change of clothing and then like a
little snack pack with my you know candy
bars and nuts and whatever and then a
basically a backup wallet and a
removable for a flight bag that has
sharps and a couple extra magazines and
things like that and most of that
honestly stays in most of the time for
just due to the frequency of my travel
and even if when I’m here I might have
to go into Seattle which is like 25
miles away it can take a couple of hours
and you know a lot of things can go
wrong with that system if one bridge
goes out or shut down for some reason
now you’re looking at like four hours to
get home five hours maybe so most of
this I think most of the stuff stays
with me most of the time the one thing
that might come out sometimes like the
change of clothes and then if I’m if I’m
doing like international travel
obviously the removed before flight
stuff will come out maybe another change
of clothes will go in but yeah really
flexible modular system mm-hmm
you know I think that was a really
important point that you just made about
items that are removed before flight
because I do know somebody that grabbed
their EDC kit without thinking about it
and went to go get on a plane and had
forgotten their pistol and yeah they
could they didn’t make that flight yeah
yeah so I and and they caused themselves
some legal headaches I mean it wasn’t
super it wasn’t it wasn’t horrible
because and I’ve heard some other
airports are much more much worse about
it but but the I think be one of the
things that I heard was get a bright
orange carabiner and stick it on the bag
that you have a gun in
and you know just always try to be
mindful of that orange carabiner if
you’re somebody who has to get on get on
and off planes often and I thought you
know any sort of a system that makes it
identifiable to you and of course not
other people that hey this bag is hot so
to speak so yes so my remove before
flight bag it’s a zippered bag zipped up
nothing is going to come out of it and
it goes inside a little flat zippered
compartment in my pack and I actually
bought a red remove before flight tag
and put that onto the zipper pull and I
always leave that hanging out into the
bag and that the pole lets me like
quickly see if it’s there or not and
having that in a sealed bag I really
like that because if I let’s say
nine-millimeter Brown
pops out of my magazine it’s still
contained within that bag and not just
floating loose in my backpack we’re fine
I was like probably not going to find it
until the TSA informs me that it’s there
so that’s pretty so as a short rabbit
hole is that a premade product or is
that just you grab you’ve got a red tag
and that’s what that means to you know
so all the bag itself is from think-tank
I’ll send you a link to that and the tag
itself you can buy remove before flight
tags on Amazon it’s this clock tag
that’s about four inches long that and
it’s red and white letters it says
removed before flight oh that’s really
cool I think I’m gonna need to buy a few
of those that’s really cool what to go
back for pockets for a second week since
that is where EDC really begins what do
you keep in your pocket and what do you
keep on your person because that might
be a little easier to more
all-encompassing then yeah easy man so I
I think my EDC begins with my knife I
think that’s probably the most important
thing you can have on you I have a zero
tolerance zero 620 which unfortunately
is discontinued so I made sure to snag a
couple of extra those before they well
you could still find them I carry a
flashlight a Phoenix LD oh – I think
it’s just literal single triple a
flashlight it’s not a super tactical mod
model or anything like that my car keys
my iPhone and my wallet and then in my
coat pocket I always have a can of
pepper spray and on my in my belt I
always I’m not going to say always I
typically have a handgun there currently
I’m carrying a compact 1911 but that’s
that’s kind of conditional based on if I
can’t carry where I’m going her fun
flying or what right right yeah for me I
think it’s it’s almost the same mine
always starts with a knife and and I’m
almost at a toss-up between a knife and
a wallet but but I know your your
reasons in mine four are pretty much the
same if you had to drop me somewhere and
I only had it could only pick one thing
and be like I all right give me a knife
and for me it’s a zero zero tolerance
zero five six to CP I think it’s CP or
CF and but before that I used to carry a
bench made triage which I still really
liked that knife and find that in some
ways it’s probably a more practical
knife for what I’m looking for but not a
great knife for for self-defense
purposes and then from there it’s phone
wallet wallet and and I like to make
this distinction wallet with lots of
cash in it and in some some small bills
and in large bills and then also Latif
when it was it phone wallet knife and
then pistol sometimes on my and I and I
don’t always carry my pistol on my
person I will if I’m carrying my bag I
will carry it’s often carry the pistol
just in the bag but the bag is designed
for fast access to the weapon so so
pretty much the are actually I mean
really other than type of knife
identical although I don’t carry pepper
spray I keep thinking about carrying
pepper spray and I don’t so tell us a
pepper spray
dude I love pepper spray I’ve never
sprayed anyone with it but I have been
sprayed with pepper spray and I’ve I’ve
completely ignored it like most of the
self defense community until just a few
months ago and I decided to buy a couple
of cans of it for me and my girlfriend
and I started looking I assumed it was
kind of like a firearm in the places you
could and couldn’t take pepper spray but
dude you can take pepper spray almost
anywhere and you know I think about I’m
very reluctant to to think about using
my firearm in salt defense because even
if you’re completely legally justified
there’s you still may have to defend
your actions in court and you know
George Zimmerman’s the example that gets
trotted out a lot especially but I am
not sure if you’re familiar with Andrew
Branka we were at the law of
self-defense well yeah I attended one of
his classes and he said you know
Zimmerman’s final legal bill which a lot
of it was really you know pro bono work
done by his attorneys but the final bill
would have cost him 1.7 million dollars
he also pointed out that had he had
pepper spray on him that would have been
a non-event
he would have called 9-1-1 that would
have been at very worst that would have
been a simple assault charge and that
probably would have solved the issue
right there so I’m a massively big fan
of pepper spray because I can take it
almost anywhere mm-hmm
yeah I think I think you just made a big
case where I think I’ve just heard mixed
mixed results on how it effective it is
but I guess that’s always you know go
for pepper spray first and if that
doesn’t succeed move on to more extreme
measures well my my my co-host on rich
my co-host on the podcast spent years
working as a bouncer at clubs he was a
cop he’s pepper sprayed literally dozens
of people and said never once has it not
worked and I said when he was a cop and
other other cops would bring someone in
and be like yeah pepper spray didn’t
work you’d always look and see you like
you know because it’s always dyed like
bright red or whatever said he would
look and this guy would have like a
streak of red on his neck or something I
think it really depends on you getting
getting in the right place yeah it’s
it’s it’s like a gun you have to aim for
the right parts yeah it’s not just a
point in the general direction you yeah
you actually have to make a solid hit
with it I think
uh-huh yeah that that makes perfect
sense because I mean its main point is
eyes and mouth so in a few days now the
nose and if you don’t get it in the face
then you know just spring somebody
across the chest or neck isn’t isn’t or
like one officer I know where you
accidentally sprayed his partner or his
purpose bring him I can’t remember which
one it was but yeah but tends to not be
effective yeah and I’m not being glib
I’m certain they’re cases where it has
not worked I think the overwhelming
majority the time when you get it in the
right place it will get the job done
mm-hmm yeah I think you’ve just
convinced me that I need to start
carrying so I’m in addition so let’s
move on to bag do you so you’ve talked
about you’ve gone back and forth between
a backpack and a messenger bag and and
you know like all of us I feel me
personally I feel like the contents of
my bag are constantly evolving and part
of that is based on some some just
personal rules that you and I have
similar rules about but let’s get into
what do you find is important that you
have in your bag I know you broke it
down a little bit but like let’s go over
what you feel is important and mate and
maybe even what you’ve actually removed
from your bag while you’ve gone through
this process okay so oh boy you’re about
to coin the term which I’ve noticed
listening to your podcast almost every
guest says this at some point you’re
about to make me get on the rabbit hole
it’s all the devious trick yeah so I
think probably one of the single most
important things you can have in an EDC
bag are the things that will equip you
to deal with really common emergencies
that are massively more likely to occur
and the zombie platypus apocalypse or I
don’t know pick your pick your poison
for me the most single most important
thing in there is my little admin module
which is basically about
wallet and I have a to backup forms of
ID I have a passport and my passport
card in there I have since listening to
your episode with Joshua sheets up to my
amount of cash to a thousand dollars in
there in in cash mostly in big bills
just in the interest of saving space but
also twenties tens fives and ones and as
well as I think about $10 at coins and
backup keys to my house my car and a
couple of other things like my I have
locks on my gun cases and things like
that so if I’m locked out of my house I
really don’t walk out of this house
without my bag on me if I walk out of
the house and the door closes behind me
I’ve got keys to get back into the house
or it can just take my spare key and
start my car or whatever I think that is
really really important as well as in
addition to cash like Joshua was Joshua
was saying access to money I have
backups of my ATM card I don’t use debit
cards I have an actual ATM card that
only works for ATM transactions and
backups of my credit cards and you know
like I hate to keep hammering this point
home but that was such a good episode
not a lot of problems that a thousand
dollars won’t solve for you and just
having access to money I think is you
know to his point probably one of the
biggest overlooked things in the
prepping community mmm-hmm yeah I would
agree and I’ve always thought of money
as an omni tool and I think I may have
even said it in that episode too that it
is it is a tool that can be turned into
anything else that you need and and
borrowing some truly extreme situations
cash can be turned into anything else
pretty quickly there’s god it would have
to be truly insane for cash to not be
I hear that argument sometimes like Oh
when society collapses money is not
going to you know any money or you can’t
eat gold or whatever and that’s true but
there’s about fifty steps between where
we are right now and a complete collapse
where money is only good to start fires
or whatever and in all in 49 of those
steps money is a really really good
thing Pat yeah why and and I would even
add a little bit to that 50 steps in
about three weeks to three months before
money is just like no longer of any use
at all
right yeah that’s pretty good so what
else we got in there so that’s that’s my
backup wallet my admin stuff and I’ve
kind of built this bag as if I had a run
out of the house naked in the middle at
night I could clothe myself I could you
know replenish my pocket items mmm my
you know I’ve got an extra knife extra
flashlight extra keys that sort of stuff
I think the next biggest thing for me is
and probably most frequently used as my
electronics bag my computer I have a
backup computer cable in there I have
cables to charge my phone recharge
battery from my phone I have a 12 volt
adapter for my phone every way in the
world that charged my phone because
again I think this is an incredibly
overlooked to survival item yes we have
an EMP it won’t be any good but anything
short of that even if we don’t have cell
service I still have downloadable apps
on my phone I still have the ability to
use that as a flashlight it will still
function as a compass an incredible
capability and the ability to keep it
charged under any circumstances that are
remotely within reason I think it’s
really freaking important mm-hmm I would
100% agree with you on that first aid
kit is is probably my next thing and
this does not get used very often I do
have some booboo kit items in there with
band-aids and Neos like single serve
packets and neosporin and some single
serve packets of over-the-counter
medications and those get used
occasionally I have a decent amount of
medical training and that I listen to an
episode of yours yesterday common sense
was like for emergency medicine yeah
yeah and I really liked what that guest
said about like basically having the
equipment to match your level of
capability and most of my stuff is just
a tourniquet a bunch of trauma dressings
for metaphors and combat dressings and
kerlix gauze and stuff like that you
know again with a handful of clinical
things III think I’m probably far more
likely to need that but I ever roll a
handgun mm-hmm yeah yeah I think
everyone should have a first
of some sort mm-hmm I think in a lot of
ways mine’s pretty similar States is
very similar to yours I think there’s
one thing that I know you and I don’t
share and we’ll come to that in a second
but for me it’s pretty much the same
it’s a small first aid kit and that
includes you know all the stuff that
unions name including like nitrile
gloves and the only extra thing that I
carry in there that I don’t think you do
is I put a one of the emergency mylar
bags in there and and that’s just for
being able to maintain body temperature
or shock or anything anything like that
and they’re so small that you know why
not I do the same thing an emergency
emergency cash and credit card in my bag
in addition to what’s already in my
wallet and and even an extra set of
small bills because I for some reason
there’s always something weird like it
takes ones that I’m out of one’s so I
always kind of end up replenishing my
pocket out of there a flashlight I also
carry a Leatherman Raptor which is as
much a self-rescue tool as it is there
basically it’s Leatherman ‘he’s upgraded
answer to the the medical shears for
cutting away clothing and stuff like
that but it also has a rescue hook and
glass breaker on it then I carry a
Leatherman Wave same stuff I have the
everything that I need to be able to
support my phone because they are so
critical as a communication device as an
information storage device and like you
said if it’s an EMP okay fine but in all
other likely scenarios a phone is the
thing that I’m going to need the most
one other thing that I carry that I
don’t think I’ve ever really seen anyone
else carry is I use the write in the
rain 3×5 spiral-bound notepad and on the
inside cover I’ve written down my ID
number my health insurance information
primary care physician wife’s name and
telephone number and then on the first
page I’ve turned the first page of that
into a telephone directory of the the 15
most important numbers that I may ever
need and then the relationship next to
them in case I’m incapacitated and
somebody finds it and I have a note on
the the front of the thing that you know
what is it that II
or whatever it is whatever the the
acronym that notates to emergency
responders if they see that acronym they
know oh this is meant for me to look at
and I found that to be a really
important thing and not that I’ve ever
had to reference any of that but if
something happens to my address book or
anything else at least I have an offline
copy of what I feel to be my most
important numbers and my most important
personally identification information
other than that like a lighter and I’ll
save this one for last I’ll skip ahead
so other than a pen a pistol and extra
magazine hearing protection and a spare
set of keys now
the then I also carry lock picks but you
and I can talk about lock mics the
hearing protection I carry just because
I have been in several situations where
it’s like I’m having to sit around and
wait for something and I want to read a
book or I want to do something else and
I don’t want to sit around and listen to
everyone else chatter in addition to it
being really nice in if I get to the
range and the batteries are dead in my
hearing protection or whatever I’ve got
that with me so it is actually something
that I do find that I use often but but
so the lock picks
I carry em and you don’t for me I carry
the the Bogata I’m pretty sure I’m not
saying that right they but I’ll put it
in the show notes
the titanium tiny little lock picks and
I find that at least once every six
months there’s something where there’s a
padlock or a garage door lock or
something weird where I’m somewhere and
it’s like yeah I could probably
fashioned some picks and get into this
quickly but these are small enough light
enough and just
just kind of forgettable enough I guess
that I don’t worry about officers
finding or something I also just don’t
do things that tend to attract attention
by officers so for me that’s why I have
found them useful but now I understand
you don’t carry lockpicks in your stuff
even though you have a tremendous amount
of training in that area I do I have a
you know basically five years of
training and experience in doing that
and I recently took my kid out because
my very basic kit is is pretty pretty
freaking hefty it’s you know it’s
basically this the little leather
zippered wallet that you’d buy like one
of these I don’t know forty seven piece
sets in or whatever I through almost
every single one of those things out and
I’ve built a lot of the tools that are
in there and have very specialized tools
for some certain things and that’s in my
brain that’s kind of like my minimum
this this is what I need but it’s still
a pretty big kit maybe I need to
reassess that but just a couple key
things I find that if I am actually
going to have to pick a lock basically
one tension tool and I have one that I
really like attention tool and a curved
pick and maybe a was the little half
diamond pick oh yeah well that will do
90% of the things that I need to do with
lock picks
maybe I should reassess that but yeah I
recently took that kid out I do have
some dedicated survival only stuff that
that will never get used on a day-to-day
basis but if it is going to be a thing
that that does not get used on a daily
basis or has no utility you know just
just in in the course of normal activity
it has to be small and unobtrusive
enough to to not impose a huge weight or
size penalty I do have a fire starter I
am a big fan of the spark light I’m not
sure if you’re familiar with that you
have to check that one oh I have some
water purification tablets like I said I
have I also have a and this is not a
strictly private life I have a
Leatherman multi-tool and a Gerber
multi-tool in there I have a little
emergency repair kit with a whole little
thing a duct tape I made and a couple
zip ties
and a little bit of 550 cord and those
those things are so small and light and
take up so little space I really don’t
have a problem carrying those I think
where I get into being kind of turned
off with dedicated emergency equipment
is when somebody’s carrying like a
broken-down ar-15 in their backpack cuz
there’s it’s huge it’s heavy there’s no
other use for that it really restricts
where you can take do I use it often if
yes leave it in there if no does it have
disproportionate size weight penalty if
yes it’s out if no then maybe I’ll put
it in and you know what a purification
tablets perfect example that they’re
super super tiny they weigh almost
nothing they can fit almost anywhere is
there a multi-purpose item I can replace
like three other things with or can I
modify something to be like survival
related so I I’ve talked about this on
the show but I think it’s a perfect
example of just picking my water bottles
I do have two water bottle slots in my
pack and I keep those both loaded with a
32 ounce water bottle and I could have
gone with a Nalgene or you know whatever
the plastic water bottle but I think you
lose some capability there so I want a
single walled stainless steel so I can
boil water and that if I have to it’s
not any bigger it’s not a dedicated item
the is 32 ounces so it works with all
water purification tablets the threads
will fit all major water purification
systems and it’s just a very very minor
change that gives me an enormous leader
capability mm-hmm yeah I would agree
with that I think that was one thing I
forgot to mention is that I do also
everywhere I go I’ve got at least 32
ounces of water with me the that’s a
good point though about the metal one
because I know I carry a metal now gene
in my car kit but I’ve I’ve not I’ve not
stopped and thought about actually
carrying one with my person since I do
carry a water bottle constantly one
problem I’ve run into is since I have
packed it all the way down to an 11
liter bag
so it’s really small it has no kind of
side hooks or anywhere for a water
bottle so I always find I’m having to
drag it around by hand or if I stop and
do something that I tend to just leave
it in in my truck
but then usually my truck is within 25
75 yards of me and so I don’t think I’m
gonna need water in that big of a hurry
or or something’s gonna take my car away
so I’m not too worried about that but I
think that’s that’s an excellent point
and I think that’s one thing that in
general people tend not to drink enough
water and they walk around dehydrated as
it is so it’s just a good habit to get
into plus it’s you know its water it’s a
top priority
and that’s the thing that I’m kind of
I’m kind of anal about before I leave
work every day if I’m in the office I
always make sure my water bottles are
full before I hit the road I make sure
they’re full before I leave in the
morning wherever I’m going because and
you know 64 ounces of water will go a
pretty long way for me and I kind of
turned into a perpetual hydrator you’re
on a very very short timeline without
water mm-hmm that is that is extremely
true so what if you know I think you you
mentioned and you and I have a running
gag about gas masks and and well I think
gas masks are interesting and they may
even be interesting for something like a
blackout kit but as far as an EDC kit
they’re not so great and I think another
problem is one thing and this just
become one of my pet peeves one of the
things about gas masks in general is
that there are so many types of gas
masks and they are so specialized and
then the other problem is most of us got
these beards nowadays and your gas mask
is ly useless if you have a beard so
yeah I haven’t been clean shaven in over
10 years that almost 11 years now so
yeah I’m probably not going to be
getting gas masks on even if I like he
said there’s multiple types and what are
you preparing for what or what’s the
intended purpose of this gas mask if
it’s for like tear gas that’s you you’re
gonna be fine like that gas mask will do
something for you if it’s for the
Russians strapping nerve agents on us
you have to protect your entire body and
that’s that’s a very short-term solution
that’s basically until you can get to a
non contaminated area and all that I
have a kind of fatalistic view of a kind
of like chemical munition it’s probably
going to get you
don’t be super uncomfortable in the
meantime I guess yeah you’re super
cheery what what are some of your pet
peeves as far as what you see that that
people drag around with them needlessly
so actually spent oh man I got sucked
way we ended this this morning I’m like
what are some ridiculous things that
people put in bug-out bags and I just
googled EDC bag dump or a bug-out bag
top hmm and oh my god and photo after
photo sooo I think there’s a lot of you
know for actual EDC bags I see a lot of
camping gear a lot of sleeping bags
tents jet oils that sort of thing don’t
get me wrong if I broke down on the side
of the road like if if there were if the
five was shut down for two days and I
had to be out there who’d be awesome to
have a sleeping bag and just go to sleep
in my car but he’s probably not very
likely that that’s going to how I do
keep a couple of blankets in my car but
if there’s a tent in my bag I’m not I’m
not sure where people think they’re
going to set that tent up like I I get
it there there is some application for
having that some sort of emergency kit
but what I carry back birthday today
that probably doesn’t make the cut for
me right and I think maybe that’s it to
like people don’t make distinctions and
building out systems of support as far
as having different bags for different
things so like my EDC kit like I said
it’s an 11 liter bag it’s I’ve
intentionally forced myself so that
other than the tools I’ve I’ve talked
about like all I can do is throw a
laptop and a hoodie in there and and
that’s it so that I don’t drag around
all this other stuff and then the other
the things like I talked about like
there is a metal now gene bottle and
then there is a much more extensive kit
that just stays in my truck under a
backseat and I think maybe that’s where
people kind of miss it like hey you got
this vehicle you can store stuff under a
seat in there whatever I separate kit
you don’t have to drag some of that
stuff around with you but yeah and then
some of the items it’s like a tent like
what are you you’re gonna pull over to
the side of the room and throw up a tent
so yeah I don’t get a lot of likes
can’t protect you and to be clear like I
do view my et Cie back kind of as my
bug-out bag if I had to like I say the
example I always use find a run out of
the house naked in the middle of the
night mm-hmm I would grab that and try
to grab my shoes because I could
completely clothed myself replace my
wallet my not my normal EDC items with
the exception of my firearm which
hopefully I and my phone which if I
could grab those things great if not I’m
sure sure I can replace them later but
my bag is a little bit bigger and like
in the environment I work in it doesn’t
really stand out all that much it
doesn’t really look weird for someone to
carry I don’t know what’s the 3-day salt
pipe is it like thirty liter I think
it’s 30 liters yeah twenty somewhere
between 20 and 30 liters yeah I know the
one you’re talking about yeah yeah so so
about that size and I’m gonna put this
to the test my girlfriend and I are
going to Ireland Iceland for almost two
weeks like 11 or 12 days coming up in
January and both of us are taking
nothing but our EDC bag and the clothes
on our back and we’re really gonna test
this strategy out and you know getting
back to like my my common emergency my
most likely emergency I may have to
evacuate my area I’m probably going to
drive to my parents house or a friend’s
house that lives like two states over
and just having a change of clothes some
basic toiletries those are probably and
money those are probably the things I’m
actually going to need in that event if
it’s an event where I need a rifle and
magazine a chest rig a melee weapon then
probably I’d be screwed but the
likelihood of that happening is very
very low unless unless I could come home
and get my melee weapon well you know
your tactical tomahawk you that should
go with you everywhere you go man I have
a think about tactical personal pet
peeve about that but anyway I’m not
gonna go dinner yeah and I think that’s
one thing is and I think that’s a
mindset shift to a lot of people start
looking at I view the weapon that I
carry with me every day as something
that I can
used to break contact something that
it’s just get the hell away from me
while I get the hell away from you
whereas I see rifles and things like
that as a much more serious defensive
weapon and mmm something and I think my
other thing too is is when I was younger
sure I had you know with thought like if
somebody had asked me if all there’s an
active shooter shooter situation are you
going to engage with it and like
probably not as the older I get the more
like mm no my top number one priority is
to my wife and therefore my top
number-one priority is not doing things
that are gonna get me injured and keep
me from getting home to my wife so but I
think that it’s just a mental shift that
happens for some people some people it
takes I agree let me let me let me
sidetrack for just a second if I may it
is a rapidly cycle way about three weeks
ago we were sitting here on the couch
and I live in a densely populated area
with a lot of I’m gonna say like
ten-story ish buildings around so sounds
can kind of get distorted in whatever
and we just hear this really weird roar
outside like what the hell is that what
the hell’s going on so I open the door
put my head out on the balcony I’m like
I still don’t know so I we live on the
ground floor I walked outside it was
like holy shit that’s rifle fire so ran
back in I had my pistol on me but I
grabbed my three magazines out of my ADC
bag and I was like man I’ve always said
I would never get involved with this but
like I can’t sit here with potentially
people being hurt or killed and just
with a clean conscience just sit here
and do nothing and I ran out the door
and it wasn’t until like I was 50 yards
out that I noticed my girlfriend was
right behind me and we got like maybe
another 50 yards I could see it was like
a big fireworks display for this grand
opening of a restaurant but I was like
holy crap man who what what the hell am
i doing what’s what’s going on right now
yeah and I think in a lot of ways I’ve
worried that I would make that choice
too and and an override my personal set
of priorities as far as who I’m getting
home to and who I’m willing to step into
the fray for and who I’m not so I you
know and I think that’s one of those
interesting things you don’t know what
you’re going to do truly until you get
into that moment as you yourself
discovered 50 yards away from your
apartment right and any number of like
getting involved in something like that
any number of bad things can happen
right I thought a lot about that sense
like what what was I doing
what what was going through my head
mmhmm yeah and I think that speaks a lot
to a mentality to think about as far as
when people are thinking through their
EDC or any these kids is what it what is
realistic and what are your personal
priorities like what I what would be the
right way for you to respond respond to
these things based on what you’ve got
going on in your life or where your
priorities lie period and I think to
kind of back step a little bit and go
into you know you’ve touched on a bunch
of times something that you’ve got to
touch all the time for me the rule that
I’ve come up with is whatever’s in my
bag is something that I have to have
used within the last six months
excluding my pistol because hopefully
I’ve not used that in the last six
months but excluding that everything
else in there has got to be something
that I use on a regular basis what do
you use do you use a more defined
criteria or is it really just like you
look at it on occasion go okay you know
what I haven’t used this in forever it
needs to come out
um no I think I’ve gotten this pretty
pretty down now the things that are in
there that don’t get used are
they’re kind of small enough light
enough unobtrusive enough and don’t need
to be replaced all the time or
maintained all the time they’re just
kind of fired forget throw them in there
and don’t worry about it I think I’m
pretty solid with those with the
exception of the first aid kit it’s kind
of big and bulky and it just kind of is
I kind of accept that that’s right on
top it’s the first thing you see when
you open the bag and get to anything
else you have to move it probably the
other thing that doesn’t get used a lot
is the change a ton of a ton is the
change of clothing which like I say
sometimes comes out but and I I do
change those clothes out occasionally
and honestly man I think I’m in a pretty
hate to keep using this work pretty
refined point in what’s in my bag that
makes sense well very cool
now y’all did also your own discussion
on your show and actually y’all are
doing a whole or y’all have done a whole
series on your show across the peak and
we’ve hinted at it a few times so tell
us about this new show what are you
doing over there cuz you’ve you were the
privacy security for a while and I know
you’ve you’ve branched out and now
started doing this new thing
tell us about it please yeah so I tend
to I tended to follow the advice that’s
given to all podcasts and bloggers of
specialized find a very very small Beach
and be the guy for that thing and what I
realized very quickly with the privacy
thing is as much as I love it I still do
I’m still very very into it
the other thing asserted was the
revolver guy blog I love revolvers it’s
still very into them but only being able
to write or talk or podcast about one
thing all the time gets really really
tedious and quite frankly just kind of
boring and you feel boxed in mm-hm and
across the peak is is my antidote to
that it’s basically our show where we
give ourselves license to talk about
absolutely anything but primarily it’s
capable human skills like how to change
a tire which very disappointed that is
one of our least popular episodes but
also one that people probably need the
most but we talked about EDC stuff we
talked a little bit about firearms we
talked about coffee and how to build a
cocktail and we have all these we
interviewed Todd or who survived a –
grizzly attacks back to back um yeah so
it’s a it’s a little bit of everything
I think the way frequently he gets
pegged is as man knowledge but I think
we are pushing this as human knowledge
we want everybody to to adopt some of
these skills and to know about some of
these things we’re about to have my
tattoo artists on to talk about tattoos
we’ve got some history focused episodes
coming up that’s kind of the thrust of
across the peach
that’s really cool so it’s just like all
the stuff your daddy should have taught
you yep there we go or or all the stuff
you wish somebody’s dad would teach all
those damn kids running around these
days wouldn’t exactly I think you know I
I think kind of I probably shouldn’t say
this on the air I think our avatar for
the show was basically people that went
up grew up went to high school went to
college and then have spent five years
working in a white-collar job and wake
up one day and realize like holy shit I
don’t know how to jump start my car or I
don’t know how to do X Y or Z and kind
of conversely the guys that have been in
the military for 20 years and have all
these awesome tactical skills and
medical skills and can pick locks and
whatever but can’t cook a meal for
themselves or that sort of thing so
trying to create well very well-rounded
humans in a income a full spectrum of
humanities and hardware stuff and like
EDC and whatever yeah that’s a room long
enough no I think that was a great win
and I know I’ve personally really
enjoyed it so what is give us the name
and what is the website address for the
show the show is called across the peak
and the web address is across the peak
com and if you’re on Instagram you can
follow us on Instagram at across the
peak and that the Instagram is 100% the
work of my girlfriend and it is amazing
it she is awesome
well good stuff dude as always it was so
much fun getting to talk to you both
before the show and of course during the
show and look forward to the next time
yeah you too man thanks for having me
Aaron show notes and other tasty
resources from this episode can be found
by going to in the rabbit-hole comm /e
282 and hey please use our links because
if you do we get a little something
extra and it doesn’t cost you anything
if you’re watching this on youtube do
all that YouTube stuff like this video
subscribe and slap that Bell
because bananas are yellow with that we
wrap up episode number 282 from the Lone
Star State til next time stay safe and

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