14 thoughts to Survival Gear You Can Live With Best Brand To Buy At 10:41

  1. So don't watch. Wow…took a brainiac to figure that one out, right? I mean, no offense, but obviously we're not making these videos solely to make YOU happy and with 117k views, someone else likes it. Now, shoo. — Veri

  2. I really have to thank you big time to your professionalism, dedication, and productivity in making these videos. They are an essential part of my online reference guide to survivial and equipment. You do a great service to many many people. Trolls will troll, its what they do and they are purely their own waste of time. I tip my hat to you man. Aim High!

  3. I know the truth! a pilot on a training mission ejected and it happend to be he landed in your back yard so you shot him took his vest and made a commentary o.O lol jk but nice vest and i hope to join the Airforce when im 17 and hope to have a good vest like this to keep me alive if i ever had to be in that situation.

  4. Great video series. Do you know the name of the knot they use for the dummy cording?

  5. Future US airman here shipping out this July. I'm booked for the AFSC- 1P031 (aircrew flight equipment) I'm not sure if you were aware but the AF combined both 1T- (life support) and 2A- (survival equipment).

  6. The SnapTrack attachment system owned by Advantac (formerly Ultimate Survival Technologies) is coming out on a new civilian line of vests under the name ModTac Vests. Would you be able to do a review on these new vests they've gone through several stages of revision since this video was made? Your videos are top notch!

  7. On a serious note though nutn, what's up with the thumbs downs?

    I mean guys he did this video out of the kindness of his heart.

    Nutnfancy bro, you don't even know!