Survival Gear You Can Live With How To Buy

One Dollar Prepping Items to stockpile for emergency survival disaster situations prepper
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you’re thinking about getting into prepping preparing for emergencies there are a
lot of items supplies gear that cost are only about $1 that are great to stock up on think of emergency preparedness
categories of water food first aid supplies
hygiene fire-starting lighting flashlights candles tools
shelter and there’s always
miscellaneous survival gear you don’t have to shop
solely at a Dollar Tree store a Walmart
there are all kinds of stores that have
items in the dollar price range there’s
no one magic right store or one specific
item of emergency survival disaster prepping gear that’s going to be the very best must have item but if having an extra prep that’s only about
a dollar could really be handy in an
emergency situation look at some of the
survival or prepping items that you
could buy for about a dollar remember
when you’re looking for prepping gear
and you’re stockpiling supplies keep
your eye open wherever you travel or
shop you never know when you’re going to
find something at a garage sale a yard
sale a thrift store a Walmart a Dollar
Tree or any other store in the clearance
bin also remember to vary your prepping
supplies don’t stock up on a single item
and nothing else of any other item you
want to gather a few of each items
before you would decide to have a
massive stockpile of any one category
because in a real emergency situation
100 single items that are all different
are going to be far handy if for you
than 100 rolls of toilet paper or 100
batteries to make sure you’re stocking
up on a variety of items so that you
have whatever you need to face any emergency survival disaster
whatever comes your way
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Survival Gear You Can Live With How To Buy

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  1. Well said.

    Variety, variety, variety.

    So important, but so often overlooked by people when they start out, good to see you reinforcing that idea.