9 thoughts to Survival Gear You Can Live With Where Can We Purchase At 6:40

  1. I'd be worried if you opened that first aid kit to help me with an injury and I saw that canvas needle sitting there!

  2. Nice video. Great point about the first aid kit location, especially about letting your companions know where its packed.

  3. Great video, very thoughtful and one of the best hiking essentials videos out there, thank you. Everyone has their own take on this. Here are my modern hiking essentials ( & survival essentials) – and it all fits in my daypack: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-gear/modern-hiking-essentials/

  4. Great video. I haven't picked up a sail needle yet, but I do carry a smaller needle and always dental floss…..many uses if you need it and a small container of floss is 40 meters. You can fix a pack or a shoe good enough to get you home.

  5. Which pocketknife you have matters greatly, and while the Leatherman is a great multitool, it's a terrible pocketknife. If you want to go 9in that direction, get a Swiss Army Knife. It also has all the tools you think you need, and it's a far better pocketknife..

    Teaching Scouts how to use a real woodsman's pocketknife such as a Stockman would be ideal, but a SAK is also a good choice. Using a Leatherman as a pocketknife just sets a horrible example. Using a Leatherman as a pocketknife at all, even leaving Scouts out of the mix, is not a very smart or knowledgeable move.

    The last thing you want to happen is to get into real survival trouble in the wilderness, and have a Leatherman as your pocketknife, but this encourages it to happen.

    It also discourages anyone who imitates you from learning how to use a pocketknife properly because a Leatherman simply isn't capable of doing many of the carving tasks anyone in the wilderness should know, or even that those in the woods can use just for fun.

    The pocketknife is the number one workhorse of any real woodsman, and has been for hundreds of years, whether you're talking about George Washington, Daniel Boone, Horace Kephart, etc. Mountain men, longhu nters, frontiersmen, on and on, all used a pocketknife with more than one blade as their main knife. They still do.

    The big belt knife you see in moves, or read about in books, or find too often on YouTube, was used for self-defense, and for skinning and processing large game. Every other knife task went to the pocketknife. YouTube can be a great learning tool, and many on YouTube do know about being a woodsman, and about the value of a real woodsman's pocketknife, but most do not. They pass bad information back and forth, around and around, and marketers listen. You should not.

    A good woodsman's pocketknife has more than one blade, and a serrated blade doesn't count. It's ergonomic, which means absolutely not a Leatherman, and it's a tool you learn to use properly, and for dozens of different tasks.

    Fortunately, there are some real woodsmen on YouTube who know knives well enough to use and teach the value of a pocketknife, even if most carry a silly fantasy knife, or use a fixed blade to do fine carving. And most of the world outside of YouTube's narrow bushcraft and survival communities still use a pocketknife for almost everything. The number one knife in America is the Stockman, and number two is the Trapper. The Stockman is the best non-dedicated carving knife ever made, and even a very large number of professional woodcarvers use it

    In Europe, the number one wilderness knife, carving knifer, and survival knife is a Swiss Army Knife such as the Fieldmaster, the Huntsman, or the Hiker, which are basically the same knife with minor differences. This is even the choice of many militaries, including our own.

    Boy Scouts have never been lucky where knife training is concerned, but the traditional Scout Knife was far better than a Leatherman. I know one Scout leader who goes into the woods with a Bowie knife, and that's really stupid. But I know others who are real woodsmen, who know what a pocketknife really is, and how it should be used, and who teach it well. This is good.

    But even if you don't know, name alone should tell you there's a major difference. The Leatherman is called a "multitool", but it's the Swiss Army KNIFE.

    If you can't use a slip joint pocketknife well and with perfect safety, and if you can't teach these skills, you're doing those under you a huge disservice.

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