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  1. Great light, and they use a Cree LED. I have the 2AA indestructable flashlight, and even though I have some expensive lights from 4sevens, Fenix, and Nitecore, the Rayo is the one I grab the most to use around the house and yard!

  2. Bought one yesterday and just a quick look, think it is great. I have 2 others from the series 3-C and 2-AA and I have used them for a while and found I love them, the series is a very good value I think. Take care and have a good one, Thanks for the review.

  3. I'm thinking about picking up the 3c indestructible next if anyone has one could you post a video response. thanks

  4. I own a few of the different Rayovac LED lights. I still want to buy more because of the quality for the price. I don't know how they have kept their prices down but they are doing something right. Big fan of Rayovac indestructibles.