9 thoughts to Survival Gear You Should Have Buy Retail Nearby At 8:44

  1. Currently I’m using the old Canadian/ British Army Bivy Bag. It’s of similar design, but constructed of a lighter weight gortex style material that is soft on the outside and not noisy at all. I pair with that a poncho liner or a jungle bag depending on time of the year. This goes with me on every wilderness outing. As you know I’m looking to add or maybe replace this with the Finnish mini lavuu. We’ll see how that goes.

  2. You can put your pack in there too to keep your pack dry. I can see room in there for a nice sized pack. Maybe even between your legs if its really big.

  3. Hi hi
    Have Schrader extreme survival knife..know some things..not a knife person..been using it in the mts..but really don't have enough intel..any sugs.

  4. Ok..jj..the powers that be are telling us to be ready for 6 mo..no water. No electricity , food shortages…Olympic Penn in wa , in an earthquake (a big one) will be water locked..port here may not be loadable…so..will start checking out better artillery ..any suggestions for women. Will check out tack videos…geez 6 mo..seems like alot.

  5. Think I’d like this in my vehicle get home bag. But I’m good with my shelter/sleep systems that I already use. Good review. But price point is a concern with it too. At first glance it looks more like an emergency blanket that’s been sewn together into a bag. For the money I’d prolly go that route… 20 bucks and a little work sewing isn’t bad imo.

  6. Add a poncho liner on the inside of that and it would make a pretty comfortable bag I'm sure. That's what I have in my bug out and my bug in bag. An emergency sleeping bag and a poncho liner.

  7. Interesting .. however, in a MAJOR SHTF with everyone 'bugging out', where are they going to all bug out too?

  8. I haven't seen one of them before & I am as impressed with it as u r, a must for the vehicle and the boat.