15 thoughts to Survival Gear You Should Have Where Can I Buy At 17:47

  1. I have been using Sterno stoves since 65. My mother purchased and presented to me for my 1st camping trip to Starved Rock State Park with the Civil Air Patrol. Great little stove light and did not take up much space.

  2. I down voted you because you said " Sterno Sucks " too many times. Yet you used " their " cook set to review an alcohol stove. Maybe Sterno knew what you were looking for before you did. That's why they didn't include Sterno fuel in their cook set. But you still bought it.

  3. Also, appears to be amazing for those on an urban campout…..ya know, like no smoke!!

  4. At one time , long before recognized prepping these stoves were just common place in most sporting goods department and many sportsmen carried one under the seat of their pick up , station wagon or minivan. Many homes used these for emergency situations like power outages.

  5. Did you try the stereo stove?
    Some people get along fine using them.

  6. The water would've boiled in half the time if you had put the water in the pot instead of the cup. You lost a lot of the heat because it went around the cup. I have a Sterno Stove kit, but the main reason that I bought it, is because you can actually build a small wood fire on the bottom rack, if you don't have any other fuel source.

  7. That Sterno is getting pricey, and it doesn't store well for extended time periods because it dries out even if still factory sealed