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  1. My first gear experience was with a catalog that a surplus company used to put out called " kaufmans army navy catalog" I ordered a NATO backpack, Standard gi canteen/cover/cup, poncho, a pilot survival knife with sharpening stone, and an MRE. I
    thought I was the tits…

  2. Hey Bryan!
    could you do a segment on controlling the adjustment straps on backpacks?
    i recently bought the Propper UC pack and the straps are really long. it comes with velcro on the straps to keep them tight, however the straps are quite slippery. any suggestions are welcome. I really love your website and have used the land nav 101 posts for my geocaching merit badge. Thanks!

  3. I was reading SOF 1983ish time frame. Hiding it in history class and learning about the war in Afghanistan. Good times! Appreciate the channel and the website. Cheers!

  4. I got my first omega vest when I was 14 or 15 right after black hawk down came out. I live in OR though so I got that bad boy in OD ha ha!

  5. damn ITS doesn't make a single kit that doesn't have at least one essential item that is optional or an add on. I would like to see a kit that I don't have to buy extra essential things that should already be in the kit

  6. I started my gear collection with old surplus gear from the danish and german army. The first brand new stuff I bought was from british CQC and Arktis around 1995/96.. Today I still prefer british gear brands like Warrior Assault Systems, British Tactical and Range Master/Military Range…

  7. Just Found your channel! As a Navy rigger back in the day I would always end up moding my gear some how to fit my taste but the stuff out now is mind blowing. I still have my OG black hawk Dive Bag, garment bag, Big ass rolling foot locker(not the product name lol), A bunch of pouches and even found their 2001 calendar in my gear porn stack the other day after I watched this.