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if you’ve been curious about what’s in
an already made emergency kit
stay tuned hey everybody welcome to
Cascadia dispatch I’m Casey and today
we’re gonna do an unboxing of a wise
five day survival emergency kit this is
an example of what you might find at a
grocery store or Target or somewhere
like that of an already put together
emergency kit that you might want to use
for five days or three days to support
you and your family so we’re gonna go
through it look at it there will be
other videos that we’re gonna make on
what may be good or bad about it what we
might do differently but today we’re
just going to focus on the unboxing
portion of it showing you kind of what’s
in it what you might find an emergency
kit and then we’ll kind of wrap up and
look to see what excitement is hiding
inside so first off so we get rid of the
nobody’s back so this is the backpack
that it gives you as you can see there’s
a lot of latches and kind of some
elastic stuff here
one thing that you don’t really see on
here is any sort of MOLLE webbing or
places to attach a lot of extra packs or
something like that so you’ll be able to
maybe put a jacket up here but there’s
not a whole lot more that you’re going
to be able to add to this bag looks like
it’s waterproof the nylon and the
zippers look pretty solid we’ll open it
up so let’s start with the little pocket
first little pocket so now I’ll move on
to medium pocket and looks like the only
thing that’s up here is our orange flag
so you might use this for some firm
signaling or to let people know if
you’re in
or something who’s the leader and who’s
at the back or something I’m really sure
how useful that is but that’s what’s in
that pocket there are some side holsters
on each side that you can use with these
little draw tags where you can kind of
make them bigger and smaller so you can
put a water bottle in that they’re not
really deep so how big of a water bottle
you could put in there it’s probably a
question mark there’s one little pocket
up here this is kind of a pocket but
there’s nothing in that at the top there
is a actually this is very strange
they’re actually two main pockets that
look when I bought the top pocket with a
sunglass case but it’s actually the
entire bag so there’s a front thin
pocket that you can use and it has one
pocket two pockets these look to be
maybe water resistant or waterproof so
maybe you can put like some wet things
in here a whole lot of great
organization going on in here there’s
kind of big pockets of little pockets
but what you would put in there it’s not
real clear what’s going on so then in
the big pocket where all of this stuff
is all the rule bags we can go through
them so the big pocket there’s a little
bit of padding on the back for comfort
there’s a little inner tipper which I
mean I don’t know maybe you could change
your glasses or something in there it’s
it’s a little weird but it’s a little
pocket at the top
like that there’s a grab handle on the
top of the backpack so you can actually
like grab this one-handed which is nice
if you look at the back straps so one
thing that is nice
is there’s this kind of yoke version of
the straps so it’s it’s gonna be a
little more comfortable to wear the
shafts are padded and looks like it’s
adjustable there’s a waist clip so
depending on or a chest clip so
depending on kind of how big you are as
a person that may or may not be helpful
to kind of give you some stability and
some some sturdiness there isn’t a place
in here for like a water pouch or
anything like that so you can put like a
hydration bladder or anything in here
there’s a very little pocket here at the
top with some netting which I guess you
know normally you look for like a
sunglass pouch or something at the top I
don’t know if you would put maybe a
wallet or ID or something in here that
you would want to be able to access
really easily or see but it’s kind of a
it’s got pockets but the pockets are
kind of in weird spots it’s not really
defined what the pockets are for all
right so let’s get into the the pouches
and the packages wise food is known for
being a freeze-dried food company so you
would expect there to be a lot of wise
freeze-dried food in the wise survival
bag and shockingly enough there is so
you got maple brown sugar oatmeal cereal
apple cinnamon cereal you got creamy
vegetable pasta which I’ve actually
tried this before and it’s actually
reasonably good there’s Southwest beans
of rice there’s way milk alternative we
will talk about this here in a second
I’m gonna set that to the side and then
hearty tortilla soup so one thing to
note is this
supposed to be a five-day survival bag
so this should have all your food and
water for five days and what this is
really telling you is you have five real
powers which are 800 calories because
there’s a quarter of a pouch and there’s
four four servings in containers so it’s
about 800 calories per meal and then
there is 12 servings of this milk
alternative so while the box says
there’s 30 or 35 servings in here
they’re counting 12 of those as this
milk alternative and the rest are a
little 400 calorie like dividing this up
into four meals the other issue with
this is that once you have to add water
to it so once you’ve made it you’ve made
it you can’t really store it super well
and if you’re out somewhere else there’s
no refrigeration so really you’re
looking at kind of eating this and go
and then this they’re also counting so
you really are getting five meals and a
bunch of milk all right so let’s get on
to water so one thing to route to to
keep in mind is the freeze-dried food
you have to have enough water to
actually make the freeze-dried food so
what they have given us in the water
department it looks like is purified
emergency water punches so these are
great in that they’re purified they
don’t necessarily expire you can kind of
put them in your bag there’s four ounces
so about half a cup of water in each of
these for the for your meals you need
four cups of water so there is not
enough emergency water here there’s one
two three four five of these pouches so
you need four cups of water to make the
food but you only have really two and a
half cups of water if you use all this
to drinking water to do it so you’re
going to need to find some sort of an
alternative water source to actually
make the food that is part of this
package one thing that they do have is
they did include some aqua tabs so these
are water purification tablets so if you
are out and you find some drinking water
that you can kind of clean and get some
of the dirt of it out of it it’s not
full of all kinds of chemicals and
things like that
these tabs will purify it and make it
drinkable for you as far as how much
they will purify the directions don’t
actually say so you don’t really know
how much water you are gonna have it
looks like there’s two tabs / pervs
little square here there’s 1 2 3 4 5 so
you’ve got 10 tabs here plus 5 pouches
so realistically unless each of these
tabs purifies a little over 2 cups of
water you don’t have enough water to
make the food that’s in the back not
sure how you feel about that but I would
be a little bit uncomfortable with that
hey everybody just wanted to take a
quick minute to stop the video and give
you an update I was able to find some
instructions or some additional details
on the water purification tabs and it
looks like each tab will clean about two
quarts of water so with 10 tab that’s 5
gallons of water that she would be able
to clean as far as the taste goes who
knows exactly what they would taste like
sometimes water tablets can taste really
chlorine II sometimes they just have a
weird funky taste to them but it would
at least be drinkable
so that would be enough water to
actually do all of the food that you
have in the pack plus give you a little
extra for drinking and hygiene the
problem is they don’t give you any sort
I made two quarts container to make the
water in so you still would have plenty
of water but you just don’t have
anything to make it in you’d have to go
try and find something so I just wanted
to give you that update
while we’re talking about the water I’ll
return you to the video now to make one
of these and you have a cup that only
has two cups of water you now have to
boil two cups of this two versions of
this to make one of these which just
doesn’t seem like the right ratio it’s
not what you know if I were doing it I
probably would do it a little
differently and we’ll get into that in
future videos of how to do that to go
along with this so I’m looking in here
fuel tabs so here you go so these are
fuel tablets that are designed to go
with the little stove and so you would
put these in light them and they will
actually fill the you know burn and heat
up the water but those of you keeping
paying attention at home there are four
tablets there are five meals so again
you are trying to heat up five things
with four tablets I don’t know how that
math works up but you would then
probably have to find some other
alternative fuel source like paper or
cardboard or sticks or something and I
say that because the stove is not really
good so if you’re gonna try to burn
something you’re not gonna put a log or
something in this you’re not gonna maybe
put this you might put this on top of a
fire and try to cook with it if you’ve
got a bigger or fuel source but if
you’re trying to come up with some sort
of a replacement for these fuel tabs you
don’t have enough fuel tabs to run the
stove to make all of the meals and you
don’t have enough water to boil with the
stove that you don’t have enough fuel
times for to then make on wheels so it’s
just a matches so they give you some
waterproof matches these are really good
waterproof matches are always super
helpful and especially if it’s an
Iranian or it’s cold or windy or
something having a lot of fruit matches
to be really helpful for starting all of
the fuel trying to they do give you an
emergency blanket so this is great for
keeping you dry it will definitely
reflects most of your body heat so it
will keep you keep you warm and keep you
dry it doesn’t it says it’s 140
centimeters by two hundred and ten
centimeters destroy after use and it’s
for single use only so you have a
five-day survival kit with a single
single-use emergency blanket interesting
now most emergency blankets even though
it says a single-use you can still fold
it back up and use it as long as it
doesn’t tear but a lot of the less
expensive mylar blankets will tear and
so that’s also part of why it’s
single-use because they will rip this is
an emergency rain poncho so if you’re
thinking about it okay I could wear this
in the rain and this will also probably
keep me relatively warm it’ll be pretty
humid and maybe uncomfortable but it
will keep me warm and then maybe this is
something I fashioned into some sort of
a shelter I’m not gonna converting
centimeters to inches to try to figure
out how big that blanket is but if it’s
designed to keep you warm it’s probably
not big enough to actually make a real
shelter of any kind of inch from
probably more to kind of wrap around
your torso in your head and keep you
warm and dry as opposed to covering your
entire body
next up they’ve provided us with some
Kleenexes or some facial tissues sure
not sure other than you know runny noses
and things I would prefer to maybe have
some wet wipes or some paper towels or
something with a little more structure
if I’m getting
like wipe my hands or you know if you
don’t have a shower where you’re trying
to wake yourself off you’re eating and
you want like something to like food off
of your face there’s not a whole lot of
tissues here for that from little
first-aid kit so this is great having a
little first aid kit is wonderful it’s
not super big it’s got some bandages
it’s got some golf pads it’s got some
alcohol cleansing pads and it’s got some
it says cotton tips let’s see what those
oh there are these okay so they’re
basically like a q-tip so yeah so this
will work you get some sort of a minor
cut or a scrape or a scratch or
something like that it’s not going to
there’s no medication in there there’s
no trauma issues trauma stuff in there
there’s not even a whole lot of okay
I’ve sprained my ankle do I have an ace
bandage or splint or something like that
this is really like I cut my hand and I
just don’t want to bleed anymore all
right what’s up next so the the hand
pressing flashlight so this is
intriguing to me let’s see so you press
this and by pressing it it turns on so
this is great in that it doesn’t require
batteries so even me worried about
batteries or solar or anything like that
it’s kind of like a hand crank but it’s
actually a little bit easier because
it’s it’s like a push so actually if you
know you have kids or something and they
wanted to do it it’s probably easier for
them to squeeze and press it than it is
maybe to operate the big crank so that’s
a great thing it’s got a little button
here so that the it’ll kind of hold this
trigger button down so it’s a little
more compact when you put it in your bag
and then it’s got the amount off so it
looks like this hand crank maybe charges
a little battery or a little something
that’s going to hold the charge to then
allow it to work as an ally
it does look to be pretty bright ish I
mean I can see it six feet to the wall
so in the dark is probably pretty decent
but it’s not going to be like big
search-and-rescue or anything like that
like it’s to make sure you don’t run
into a tree that you’re walking next it
looks like that two big things left so
one is this survival whistle so when I
was a kid these were super fun because
it made you feel like you were very
survival League you could order them
like from magazines and things like that
I think I got mine at kind of a pre
Cabela’s Cabela’s sort of a place that
they had in Portland it’s got a compass
on it which not sure how accurate that
is but it is there there’s a little
Ferro rod where you could strike to make
some fire so I guess if you run out of
matches they’re assuming that you can
use that to make some fire there’s a
huge whistle which is great for
signaling but having a whistle this big
is just it’s way more whistle than you
probably need inside there is nothing on
the inside so I would like to see maybe
the matches stored in here because
there’s a little waterproof washer ring
so I would like to see that or you know
something else money or something that’s
a lot of wasted space it can I don’t put
anything in it and then there’s a little
signal mirror so this is great for
signaling it’s a little on the small
side but you know you don’t need a whole
lot to kind of make the glint that
someone might see far away light travels
for a longer time so this is okay I’ve
never been a huge fan of these because
they just feel like they’re really big
and kind of more of like a toy than they
are like a real survival thing you know
it’s got a Ferro rod but there’s nothing
to strike against it
I guess you could use the sight of stove
to strike it but there’s no there’s no
multi-tool there’s no knife there’s no
there’s no steel I mean you could try
and then use the cup it’s got a little
lanyard so you can actually tie this to
the back of the backpack or you can put
it around your neck and wear that way
playing cards so these seem like this
you know if you were to lay all these
things out the playing cards probably
seem on the surface to be the silliest
but actually these are really useful
because when you’re in an emergency and
you’re kind of sitting around or you’re
trying to meet new people
how many something like playing cards is
a way to introduce yourself it’s a way
to kind of build community and maybe
you’re an evacuation shelter or
something like that there’s also a way
to keep your mind occupied when you’re
sitting and waiting for 3 or 6 or 8
hours for the next move and evacuation
or something like that so this is
actually kind of a useful thing to have
in there even though it seems silly glad
to see that in there let’s see what else
we got
Oh antiseptic cleaning things thating
Wentz so these are kind of you’re into
bacterial antiseptic I want to clean out
a wound I’m sure that they have them
separate because maybe they’re using it
as like a facial wipe or something or to
wipe your hands or something that I
would like to actually see these stores
in the emergency kit because know that
first aid kit because this is really
more of a medical thing than it would be
anything else and finally there is a n95
mask so this is a respirator mask that
you would put on your mouth and it would
help you breathe if there’s dust or
anything that’s airborne that you would
want to not breathe into your lungs so
that’s what’s in the Y’s five-day
survival kit
I think notably it’s a good start I feel
like this is one of those kits that if
you don’t know where to start
okay you would buy this and then there’s
plenty of space in the backpack to fill
it up with other things like maybe more
water or some additional fire starters
it definitely has some food you might
want to have more food one thing to
consider with food is whether or not you
are allergic to the food ingredients so
most at least a couple of these have
milk in them looks like there may be
some cheese possibly eggs involved in
some of this so if you are allergic to
some of those sorts of things you you
know having five packages of food with
only two that you can eat is a problem
we’ll address that in future videos I
have a son they have lots of food
allergies so we’ve done a whole lot with
this sort of food to try to make it
better for him we’ll go into that later
so ultimately this seems like a really
good start the bag was fifty-five or
sixty bucks at Fred Meyer it was the one
kit that they have that’s already there
and she just walked in to buy you would
definitely be more prepared than you
were if you had nothing to begin with by
buying this pack is this a five-day
survival kit I would say probably not I
don’t know that you would unless you
know a lot of bushcraft skills and
things like that we don’t know that
you’d be able to survive for five days
with just what’s in this bag that’s a
good stunt so as we go through with more
videos we’re going to talk about how to
adjust what’s in here the reasons why I
actually don’t have one of these I’ve
made my own I think a lot of people who
have spent time end up kind of getting
something like this to start with so
they feel comfortable that they have
something and then they move on to
something else in something bigger
something more customizable something a
little bit more substantial things that
you can use in other in other uses and
other areas and for other events so
anyway that’s the unboxing of the
five-day survival kit please subscribe
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  1. Wow that's… not a great kit lol. I hope someone doesn't buy this and just stick it in a closet somewhere, expecting to be able to pull it out and be able to survive for 5 days with it. Great video!

  2. Good video – fun to watch. It is important that people realize this kind of thing is just a starting point. Adding clothes, a map for your area, a radio, a water bottle (or 2 or 3), and more first aid would be important, and not too expensive.

  3. Also, it would be fun if you tested that stove and cup/pot, along with some of the food. Especially under cool/wet/dark/windy conditions. I suspect that it would be very hard to have a positive experience. I've used a variety of backpacking stoves and a good one is well worth the extra cost, if you can afford it. BTW – were there any utensils? Something else to add

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