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  1. YEP BUT THE NEW FRENCH CANTEEN IT's made in the same material of the us canteen and the cup it's an stainless steel !! and the support for boiling don't exist with the canteen because in the french ration you have a mini stove with solid alcohol for 4 warming !!

  2. The British army uses camel back type systems as well as Osprey BCB water bottles, I'm presuming the US army still uses both of their systems but I hear they're mostly using the camel backs now. Yes, there's some good French gear out there, their mess tins are fantastic and tend to get overlooked so not overly pricey. $35 for one bottle!! guess that makes me a cheapskate too!!!!

  3. rambling ….ramble ….ramble ….you could have done this in less than 5 minutes

  4. i got a canteen cup +lid and an east german mess kit + a swedish stove. I modifated it and i am using it to make my foods and drinks when i go fishing. Modifay or custumize it to your needs, goes foe any kit.. Good luck

  5. Just subbed to your channel. I won a French canteen in a giveaway and came across your video. Too bad your not making videos anymore. I rather enjoyed your review. I'll stick around incase you change your mind. I did want to ask you where you found the stove stand for the French canteen? Take care. -ATB Adam

  6. Hi outdoorsoul77 I know for a fakt that for most kerent military branches use the camel back thing as fare as most to all branches still using canteens not to shere . the molle canteen pouch might just be for cavillyon use or posable in some cases for military things like in the past on some things , the molle canteen pouch kud be privit perches for ppl in the military some times on serten things the men and weminen like some of older G.I. eqpment .

  7. buddy it's not machined out of aluminium it's spun out of an aluminium sheet,

    and what you have there is not an original French canteen, it's a copy made by mil-Tec in Germany, the orginal has a heavier chain, but the canteen cover is orginal French issue.