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[Mechanical SFX]
Hey everybody. John here from O’Reilly
Auto Parts to talk to you about how to
prepare your vehicle for a road trip.
Whether you’re planning a cross-country
trip or just a weekend getaway, taking
the time for an auto checkup beforehand
could help you avoid trouble down the
Our maintenance checklist will help you
make sure that everything’s in working
order so that you and your vehicle can
get there and back as planned. Let’s
start with the items that you should
check on your vehicle, then I’ll mention
a few items that you’ll want to take
with you. First, stop by and let us test
your battery before you head out. It’s
fast, easy, and free and could prevent a
breakdown while you’re traveling. Take a
look at your belts and hoses. Belt or
hose failure can result in an overheated
engine, loss of steering power, or damage
to your cooling system. It may be hard to
detect wear or damage so it’s
recommended that you change hoses every four years and v-belts every three years or 30,000 miles.
Serpentine and timing belts should be replaced every 50,000 miles.
Maintaining your brakes and brake hardware not only
ensures your safety, it helps you avoid
costly issues in the future. If you’ve
noticed any noise, pulsating, pulling, or
difficulty braking, it’s a good idea to
take care of it before you hit the road.
Be sure to check the oil and antifreeze
as well as the transmission, brake, and
power steering fluid levels and don’t
forget to washer fluid. Bugs love the
open road. Speaking of washer fluid be
sure to check your windshield wipers. If
they’re streaking or smearing when you
use them or if they’re cracked, split or
flaking, they need to be replaced. Last
thing you need to inspect is your tires.
You’ll want to check your tire pressure
and tread depth as well as look for any
embedded debris, bulges or any type of
abnormal wear. Also make sure your spare is ready to roll before you head out.
Finally, here are a few items you should
consider taking with you when you hit
the road. Having these things on hand
will reduce your stress and could be the
difference between getting stranded and
making it to your destination. First, have
an emergency kit. There are different
kinds out there but many will include
items like gloves, a poncho, and
additional lighting. Most vehicles are
equipped with a tire jack, lug nut
wrench, and tire iron. Check to make sure
that you have these items. Often they’re
stowed near the spare tire. Stash a
first-aid kit in the trunk or glove box.
It’s a good idea to have one of these in
your vehicle even when you’re not
traveling longer distances. Bring fuses
in case any of them burn out while
you’re on the road. Keep jumper cables
somewhere in your vehicle at all times
but especially when you know you’ll be
on a road trip. It’s also smart to have a
portable jump starter with you. Make sure
to take a flashlight and extra batteries.
You might consider taking some interior
cleaning supplies for any spills or
accidents that happen along the way. A
warning triangle or two or road flares
are a great safety measure if you should
need to change a flat tire on your
vehicle or if your vehicle stalls and
you need to pull to the shoulder for any
length of time. Last but not least, don’t
forget your phone chargers. And if
there’s anything that I’ve mentioned
that you need, you can find it all at
your local O’Reilly Auto Parts Store or
Also, keep in mind that we have thousands of stores across the country.
So if you start having any trouble on the road, go to to find a location near you.
Our DIY videos are designed to help answer questions that we get in our stores each and every day.
If you found this one helpful, subscribe to our channel to see all the latest.
We’ll see you again soon.

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Survival Gear Youtube Where To Purchase

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  1. Don't forget to pack extra coolant and a duct tape, also some zip ties as well.

  2. Spare engine and transmission…engine puller stand…full set of mechanics tools…and testing gizmos for your computer are also a good idea!