9 thoughts to Survivor Flashlight Parts Where Can We Order At 10:37

  1. I have the spool tool as well but as you can from my profile pic I setup my 550 into donut rolls which compresses 100' in way to carry and deploy easily…

  2. OK, so that "SpoolTool" is really intuitive.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, and I do feel like this was stressed to some degree in the video, but making these wearable items out of paracord is intentionally impermanent. Theory is, you WILL break them down for their materials in a survival/emergency situation.

    As creative as these were, the only thing I found to be entirely relevant (dual purpose-wise) is the fire starter version, with the tinder in the middle. Break it down, start your fire, probably end up using the paracord for some kind of fixture, you're done. Everything else either doesn't take up a lot of room to begin with (wire saw), there are alternatives for (full-size compass), or you completely lose the original function forever (belt for tools/bracelet for carrying compass & mirror).

    I don't know though, I'm pretty inexperienced here, just had some thoughts.

  3. There is no such thing as a good survival kit that's tiny. Such kits are jokes, and worse than having nothing at all. And who in blazes would ever let themselves be caught in the woods with nothing but a bracelet for paracord, or for use as a survival kit.

    A paracord belt is as stupid as a screen door on a submarine. You need a belt to hold your pants up, and to carry real gear, not for storing paracord because you're too silly to stick it in a pocket.

    Making anything you may want or need to use from paracord is just as stupid. You should never have to make one item unusable so you can have more paracord. It's amateurish, it's silly, and it's dangerous.

    The spool tool is a great idea, and the perfect way to carry paracord.

    Using paracord bootlaces is so stupid I don't even know what to say about it. In the first place, paracord makes lousy bootlaces. In the second place, what kind of dummy would store paracord in a way that makes important things, such as his pants, his boots, his knife, his sling, etc., out of paracord?

    People who use these things are going to be walking around with their pants around their ankles, and their boots, somewhere behind them because they took out the bootlaces.

    Of everything shown here, only the spool tool makes sense. A bracelet is fine, but nowhere near as good as just putting a hank of paracord in your pocket.

    And anyone who thinks a tiny survival kit is a good idea should never go out of the house. Even the one SAA used that started it all was useless, and was issued for morale, not because anyone really believed it would really help those who carried it survive. The tiny ones on sale now are all gimmicks that no one who knows anything about real survival would carry into the woods.

    Unfortunately, thanks to so many videos promoting such kits, beginners actually do walk off into the woods with only a tiny kit like the one in this video, and nothing good ever comes from it. People suffer needlessly, or even die, because idiotic videos told them such kits are actually useful. And that wearing a paracord belt, or using paracord shoelaces, is anything other than completely stupid.

  4. The clasp on my bracelet is different. It has 2 make ends and has plastic rod with 2 female ends do you can clip it in either direction

  5. This should implemented in schools as well as first aid for our kids . I would have taken this over home ec anyday