5 thoughts to Survivor Flashlight Stun Gun Best Brand To Buy At 4:49

  1. @JoeyB600rr p.s. couldnt you also use some small wire in the inner part of the bulb to create the heat if the bulb inners do break? just a thought.

  2. Similiar to much of Texas' terrain. Good vid. See my suggestions at survivalinurbania.blogspot.com/

  3. @journeyman2424 honestly I've never used it more than once, but I did see Cody use it upwards of 3 times so in my opinion it could be if you made sure the connection of the filament didn't get severed.

  4. with spear. is it not a good idea just to make the stick a point with the knife instead of tying the knife to the stick?
    thaks great vid