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Hey What’s going on Survival Bros?
Cameron McKirdy here hanging out in the snow.
Giving you an #edc or everyday carry update
on the Survival Bros YouTube Channel for 2019!
I’m testing out the GoPro Hero 7 Black camera
in full 1080 HD.
But this really is my core carry.
Starting with my Kelty backpack.
You’ve got to be fully prepared to carry stuff
around, keep it protected.
This has a rain cover that comes out the bottom.
And it holds things like Butt Wipes.
The most essential of all survival items.
I have to carry a notebook around with me
at all times.
Jot down notes, ideas, phone numbers, and
dates of events.
Stuff like that.
I also have a leather belt.
It’s a Carhartt I got in Chicago.
It goes well with the leather gloves.
I believe these are Army issue.
I need to clean these, and condition them.
I might do that in a separate video on Survival
Thank you so much for watching.
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I’ve been sipping on that coconut water.
Got to have a container.
I have lip balm there; it’s pretty cold out
right now, and you don’t want dry skin around
your lips.
I have different pens.
A stylus for my phones.
And you gotta have a condom.
It better be lubricated.
That’s always more gentle.
And speaking of just synergistic and essential,
here is “Head Ease” essential oil.
That’s a blend of Basil, Chamomile, Frankincense,
Lavender, and blah blah blah Any kind of knife
really works for me.
It can be cheap, as long as it’s sturdy.
So I carry something like that, with like
my keychain tools.
This Leatherman Micra is a good one.
On my keychain, obviously I have my car keys,
house keys, stuff like that go with this phone
stand, a Gerber Shard which I use as a screwdriver
or pry bar, a whistle and a red light, and
a USB Thumb Drive.
I got two phone (and I need two more).
You know I’m doing lots of business.
Making moves.
Making videos.
So it’s a prepaid, and an old one (S5) that
takes decent video, has a case on it.
And I also class it up a little bit with this
bright Casio, The Illuminator.
It’s not worth too much, but it’s working,
my other ones are dead.
Got headphones right here, some Samsung.
Those work well, I have Bluetooth also.
This is my new pickup here.
It’s the JBL Flip 4.
And it is waterproof.
That was only $40 at Goodwill, normally $100
at Walmart.
I got to carry some kind of sunglasses on
What’s up?
And then, here’s a headlamp with red and regular
white light.
A hat, in case my head gets cold.
I should be wearing something around my ears
right now, but it’s all blue skies in Seaside,
Shout out from The Beach.
You are loved, and appreciated.
I hope you share this video, and hangout on
my YouTube Channel a lot more.
Take care.
I’m Cameron McKirdy.

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  1. Notes: I also carry a leather wallet with emergency contacts. My #edc includes a flashlight, with fresh lithium batteries too. Share this everyday carry update, and I will make another video soon. – Cam