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This emergency flashlight,
which has the LED lantern built in,
and then on top of that.
What’s that, a flashlight that you can use
you can hang this in the event
something catastrophic happens.
The power goes out.
Something happens to the local power grid.
People are too sick to be
tending to the power lines.
I don’t where your mind is going.
I’m thinking about everything.
I’m going to have this more handy
then it’s ever been before.
And then unlike a flashlight,
which you can just kinda project upward,
no one wants to leave a
flashlight on all night.
This will actually create a light beam,
in a circumference.
I’m gonna show this to you up close.
I’m gonna show you how this worked
in a completely dark garage
and then I’m gonna show you
one of my favorite deals
available on this product right now.
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Now the price that I’m gonna show you
for 14 dollars and 99 cents
when you buy more than
one is a great deal.
But many of you ask why do I profile one
product over another?
Some of you say in the
comments that I favor brands
and at the end of the day I have brands
that I love and trust
and I go back to them
time and time again just like you do.
But as a consumer advocate
I also want to show you
what many of my decisions entail.
So for example,
let’s look at this Gold Armor four pack.
Many of you would send
me a personal email,
or leave a comment and say
“oh Granite, you’re an idiot,
the one that you feature
is 14.99 when you buy 2,
why would I ever buy that
when I can get this deal,
which is four for 24.99
plus an additional 20% off.”
And you would see that as the
Amazon’s choice designation
and perfect reviews and I would get some
really mean comments about this.
What you don’t realize
is that I might have
already tested that product,
I might have determined it’s not
as well or high performing as this
and then if you use the
FAKESPOT review analysis system,
where you can find out if
there’s any counterfeit
or deceptive advertising going on,
this review brand has an F.
Which means the search engine has
profiled review patterns
revealing a high level of deception
and 187 reviews as of
the last analysis date
have been altered.
That is not an honestly reviewed product,
where only 16.2% of reviews
are seem to be reliable.
On top of that if you were, for example,
take a more reliable brand like Etekcity,
which also has Amazon’s
choice designation.
Let’s analyze these reviews.
You’re gonna see that there
is a grade review of C.
And that’s for just a few
dollars more than what I found.
That is why I take all of my
product testing so seriously.
Now let’s put this to the test.
With three double A batteries
you get 72 hours of
continuous light out of this.
Now this is thanks to 30
high intensity LED bulbs
that comprise this omni
directional lighting lantern.
Which means you get a 360 degree angle
of ultra bright light.
This is perfect for power outages,
emergencies, great for glove compartment
if your car brakes down, barbecues,
later down the line, holiday gatherings,
lighting the pathway to a dark yard,
a basement, having this on standby
in the event of an emergency.
But more importantly before
we get to that point,
the batteries in this device
last longer based on the power management
compared to many competing products.
Just to show you the projection
in a completely dark
garage and storage space
this outperformed many of the
models I’ve used in the past.
One of the other reasons
I happen to really like this, the design.
I love the flashlight,
I love the fact that this is a two in one.
I love the handles.
Now I don’t want to be an alarmist.
Obviously it’s been quite the week
for a lot of us with
community concerns right now,
but this is something you
could use to walk the dog.
This is not only one of
my daughters favorite toys
ever when the lights go out,
but if you camp, if you hike,
if you host any parties
outside frequently.
I mean this is wonderful
right at these prices.
I’ve got a bunch I use
them as my emergency ready,
to got to tool in the basement.
I have one hanging at my dad’s garage
where he can just grab this and,
for my grandparents I
mentioned a while ago
they actually gravitate toward Florida
in the winter from Montreal
and they asked my to get them a light
and I got them flashlight
but they also mentioned
that that had seen me
profile this lantern on YouTube before
and were asking for something like this.
It’s very lightweight.
It’s easy for them to carry.
You can use this to illuminate steps
on your property late at night.
So many benefits and none
of them have to be tied
to hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages,
grid failures and all of those topics that
we don’t need to mention right now.
Cause I’m fine, I’m not
worried, everything’s great.
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Survivor Flashlight Stun Gun Buy Today At Discount

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