10 thoughts to Survivor Flashlight Used For Sale Online At 19:48

  1. Hi Alex,
    I am also looking at Kydex sheath options for my F1. Want to add water purifying/bag, sewing kit (clothing first line of defence) and fishing kit (if we need water may as well do some fishing while there!) firesteel etc.
    What is the cordage you were showing? and do you sell it?

  2. Luv all your videos and this one is no exception. I'm also based in the Uk and getting into Bushcraft for the first time, what's the best school / training centre you'd recommend as there's lots out there? – Huge thanks in advance

  3. Hi mate great kit just thought I'd let you know snares are not illegal in the UK as long as they are free running just meaning they don't have locks on them atb

  4. Nice mods mate! Like the application of shrink tube on the fero rod particularly. All the best!