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  1. Does your water bottle leak when you turn it to the side or upside down?
    Cause mine is and when I contacted them they said that they don't claim that they provide a non-leaking bottle. However, mine looks like it has a hole in the seal. Can you let me know if yours leaks?
    Thank you

  2. I think Clearly filtered has terrible customer service. They claim that you will get your products within 10-14 days. Well They didn't ship mine till day 14. I called them a few times, you only get an answering machine. Then when I left a message, no one phoned me back. My bottle is leaking and they basically told me oh well, you can ship it back at your own expense. We don't claim that it does not leak. My bottle leaks when you turn it sideways or ups side down with the lid closed. So supposedly it's ok that your bottle leaks. That is unacceptable.

  3. How much water does it actually filter and can it carry when full. How often do you need to replace the filter?

  4. WARNING …. before you buy Clearly Filtered, Perfect Water Purifier or Perfect Aqua Purifier (all are the same ) please be sure to note that their products are not certified by NSF nor the BBB. And be sure to look at the many Texas BBB complaints.  My personal experience is the same as many at BBB. I purchased the pitcher and filters and then a year later Pure Aqua charged my credit card $274.95 and sent me an email the NEXT day. I phoned them the next day and they said that they had shipped the 6 new filters on the same day that they charged me and I would have to pay to ship the filters back to them and then they would refund my money. I contacted Wells Fargo Bank and they assisted me obtaining my refund. I have filed a complaint with the Texas AG and am waiting for a response. I would encourage everyone to make an Online Complaint to the Texas AG, it is actually simple.  The more reports filed the better the chance of shutting down this water pitcher / filter scam.

  5. I agree with another comment here that mentions that you did not actually "test" the water but rather just did a "taste test". I purchased this filter bottle but am now having buyer's remorse because I now realize that there is not a good way to test if the filter is truly doing what it claims. You can't use one of those digital water testers because with this bottle you suck it up through the straw right into your mouth. You can't "pour" it through the filter into a glass for testing. I hope I haven't been scammed!