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Is your tactical pen allowed on a plane?
Can you carry it in your pocket, in your backpack,
in a carry on, while going through TSA checkpoints?
Watch this video.
I’ll tell you what the TSA thinks about it,
and I’ll give you my five tips that will help
you to stay out of trouble.
Hi, my name is Jeff.
I’m the founder of the Atomic Bear company.
Our company is making tactical pens, and today,
I would like to address one of the most frequently
asked questions from our fan and supporters.
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Just so that you know, I’m not a lawyer, so
anything that will be discussed in this video
is just for entertainment purposes.
I’m not giving any legal advice.
I want to clarify one thing, it is all right
to carry a tactical pen in your luggage, as
long as it’s checked in, so you’re not having
it with you when you go through security.
This way there’s, like you won’t have any
That’s the best way to carry a knife, a tactical
pen, or anything that is actually allowed
on your checked in luggage.
Now, the challenge is if you want to go through
TSA checkpoints with your tactical pen, then
you will have to just show everything in your
bag, and potentially have some issues if you’re
found having your tactical pen.
So, here’s what the TSA thinks about tactical
They have a list of prohibited items, and
you can find a link in the description.
But basically, this list will give you all
sort of objects that are not allowed, including
some sort of a volume liquids, or some sort
of a knife, obviously.
They will describe kubatons, they won’t mention
tactical pen.
So the question comes, can I bring my tactical
pen on a plane?
So the answer is, if the TSA finds something
that looks like something that could hurt
somebody else or can be used for defense or
even attack, they will take it out of your
We sold for more than 50,000 tactical pens
in the last year only in the USA.
So we just know that this is something that
happens time to time, it’s very unfortunate.
Now, the question comes, can you have more
severe, more larger penalties, and can you
get into trouble if you carry your tactical
pen through security, and someone finds out?
In a nutshell, yes.
There is a code there.
There’s a list of sanction for prohibited
items and also prohibited behaviors.
And there’s also a link in the description
below toward that PDF document that the TSA
is giving on their website.
But basically, you can look at the dollar
amounts for an individual being found trying
to break a rule or law.
And you can see that if the amounts, like
$1,000 to $5,000 in the lower range of the
sanctions, and it goes up.
And also think that if you are cited to go
in court, you’ll have to defend yourself,
you have to potentially hire a lawyer.
So, a lot of fees that can be engaged.
So, just know that the TSA has a lot of power.
They have the power to get a lot of money
from you, to just give you a lot of trouble.
The bottom line is most of the time, what
will happen to you, unless you’re crazy and
do stupid things, will be that your tactical
pen will be taken from you.
If you have a criminal record or you have
some records related to trying to go through
security and passing some sort of objects
there that were not allowed and you got into
a little bit of trouble, just don’t bother.
Just don’t try to pass any tactical pen or
any other things in your bag.
Don’t take a chance.
Okay, let’s get started.
What are the five tips that I’ve been following
when traveling in Canada, United States, Mexico,
and across Europe, that never got me into
Tip number one.
Place your tactical pen with other pens or
in your purse, or anywhere where it’s natural
to put a pen.
This way it doesn’t look suspicious.
The worst thing to do is to try to conceal
it by wrapping it into aluminum foil, putting
it in a metallic box.
Because this way, if someone opens your bag
and find this, you might be found trying to
conceal a weapon.
This is a bad idea.
Tip number two.
Is your tactical pen looking like it’s out
of a Transformer’s movie?
Does it look like gray tactical or maybe not
even like a pen?
Well, if this is the case, you’re increasing
the chances of having someone opening your
bag and checking.
And this is often what happens, when someone
opens the bag and check, this is when you
lose your pen.
So, make sure that your tactical pen just
looks like a pen, not like a tactical pen,
if possible.
Hey, let’s do a quick, fun survey here.
In the comments below, just write your answer.
Are you willing to carry your tactical pen
on the plane, or are you going to leave it
in your checked in luggage?
Tip number three.
Some tactical pens give the ability to unscrew
the edge, the sharp edge of the pen, so that
you could potentially remove it from the pen.
Either put it in a different pocket or even
let it in your checked in luggage, so you
still have your pen on you.
So, a pen like the MTP6 pen, from our line
of pens, allow you to do that.
That could be a good idea to just make sure
that your pen doesn’t have this potentially
dangerous part on it.
You can always assemble it past the checkpoints.
Other pens, like our Swat pen, will have a
cap that you can put back, either on the writing
end or onto the impact.
And so, you can always put the cap on the
impact end, and I hope that the image that
the security person will see through their
X-rays will just look normal.
Tip number four.
If someone opens your bag and asks you “What
is this?”
You just have to be totally honest and direct
with the person asking you these questions.
There’s no point in lying at this stage.
This is just your ink pen that you’re planning
to use.
The next question could be, “Is this a tactical
pen or is part of the pen sharp or could be
used to defend yourself or anything?”
You just say “Yes, this is my tactical pen.”
And depending on who’s asking you the question,
who is examining your bags, then will let
you go with it.
Some other people will just confiscate it
and let you go without it, which is pretty
But, you know, so just be honest, be direct
with the security agent when he asks you the
And if they get a bit upset about you carrying
this pen, you can always play dumb, because
honestly, we all forget stuff in our bag.
And I’ve been guilty of forgetting a knife
in my bag and felt very bad about it, because
I ended up losing my knife.
Which is fair, because when going through
security, you don’t want to have anybody carrying
knives with them, which I totally respect.
But, your tactical pen can eventually be confiscated,
so let it go.
That’s part of the game.
Tip number five.
The worst thing that you can do is resisting
or being insulting to the agent or like just
getting moody and upset when this happens.
Because, this is when people get into real
So, you want to be sad about your pen going,
if it has to.
But, don’t insult anybody, don’t resist.
Just be apologetic and realize that they do
have the power in that moment, even though
you might disagree or whatever.
Just let it go.
Don’t make it a big thing.
To recap, we’ve seen that tactical pen are
not totally allowed by the TSA.
Actually, they will try to take them away
from you if they can.
The good thing is that this is still just
a pen, so you have a good chance to be able
to go through security with your pen.
And we both know that this is not something
that will be dangerous, immensely dangerous,
for a massive attack.
You know, it’s not a knife, it’s not a gun,
it’s nothing like that.
But it can still be used for self defense.
So, just be realistic that there’s a chance,
it never happened to me though, although I
travel a lot.
Just being conscious of where I put the pen
and how I behave with it was enough.
And also, the choice of pen I make when I
travel is also a big factor in not getting
found or having the pen found out and taken
away from me.
So you know that the TSA doesn’t want it.
You know what to do to make sure that you
minimize the risk of it being found.
And also, you know how to react if it happens.
So, with this, I would like to thank you for
And one thing I want to say is that I want
to give you a chance to win one of our best
tactical pen.
This is the Rebel pen.
This pen is made of machine, aircraft grade
It’s very sturdy, looks elegant.
Yet, I don’t know if you can see this there
in the video, but the edge, actually I’ll
show you how it works.
But basically, the edge here is very, very
sturdy, and it’s made of tungsten carbide,
which can be used to break open a car window
in one strike.
This is very effective.
This type of pen is the perfect pen for traveling.
It writes very well.
And it can be concealed, in the sense that
it just looks like a normal pen.
You open it, you can write with it.
If you open it again, you can change the ink
Here, I do have a Fisher Space ink refill
in it.
It’s a great pen for all sort of things.
So I want to give you a chance to win yours.
If you want to win your tactical pen, just
follow the instructions below.
I’ll give you a link, and this way you have
a good chance to win, because who actually
[inaudible 00:10:35] in those giveaways.
So, I wish you to be safe.
I want to thank you for watching this, and
hopefully this helped you a lot.
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We’re equipping people, man and woman and
even children, to be better prepared, to have
better gear.
Our gear is affordable, and we’re so proud
of this mission.
So, if you like us, you like this video, and
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We love it.
Until the next time, I want to say, be safe,
take care, and prepare to survive.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Are you the type who will carry tactical pen through TSA? Is YOUR tactical pen TSA approved?

  2. Ummm. NEVER say that your pen is for defence at an Airport or in the UK! In the UK you are sadly NOT allowed any defensive items! Even if you say your wooden pencil or a pencil is “for defensive reasons” the police will arrest you in the UK. Just say it is a pen and leave it at that. As for American TSA don’t be touchy with them. Be nice. IF they ask, just say it’s a pen. Leave it at that.