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  1. Love your load out fella. But just one thing… Get out of the mind set that you have to be in a bad area for the need of extra ammo. This day and age the bad guy is not only limited 2 the hood, they also lurk in the burbs. You have to be ready when you least believe you will. Besides that brother, excellent video. Watch your six and stay safe.

  2. Yes.. So we conceal all our stuff.. Then let's put on a giant paracord bracelet that screams to the whole world.. "IM THE ONE WITH THE GUN!!". discretion… Don't wear combat boots. Don't wear tacticool pants.. And don't wear giant paracord bracelets people.. If you do.. You may as well open carry.. Discreet.

  3. like your videos but don't the metal screws and rivit on your holster set off the metal detector

  4. Whaaat?! That's a lot to load out everyday. You got some deep pockets or a fanny pack? LOL! Good stuff! Stay safe. And thanks for the videos.

  5. nice presentation. dude, the ring was a distractor. Q: Presentation or ring?
    Semper Fi

  6. have you ever used your gun on an actual day walking down the street? dude, this is exaggerated… always saying that the US is the greatest country of the world, but then you need a gun to feel safe walking down the street… lol.