15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight 20000 Lumens Buy Retail Nearby At 1:38

  1. Hello JJ,thanks for the very informative video and cool shades btw.
    Wish your family and you peacefull and happy easter days together , enjoy and a wonderfull time. All the best, stay safe and have a good time, Mate

  2. I've seen a lot of stuff, and done a lot of stuff, but the wrap around the tree tip is new to me. You never stop learning something new, no matter how experienced or old you are! 🙂 great tip.

  3. Awesome channel came over from kabarusers channel subbed. Neat trick on the tree hang, missed how to tie the first one will have to look for that

  4. This is a great tip. Especially if you are without some other tool for organizing your cord. It also looked like you had at least a hundred feet ready to go fairly quickly.

    Sootch00 / Sensible Prepper reviewed a product quite a while back called the "Spool Tool" that seems to be another great (and compact) way to keep your paracord organized. I think it will hold a full 100 foot run w/out having to cut into pieces. Have you heard of / played with it?