14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight 20000 Lumens For Sale Buy Now At 22:43

  1. สนใจรุ่นนี้.หาซื้อใด้ที่ใหนคับ

  2. This is what you buy when you don't do any research and you don't know a single thing about flashlights.

  3. Another fake tactical flashlight. They did everything wrong. Okay for dog walking light though but there are better lights in this price range. Unfortunately there are more fake tactical lights than real ones. Don't waste your time trying to use this light for defense. As for Mr. Ellis, stop lying to people.

  4. To change the mode you just press the power botton slightly. You dont need to press it full. Soft press without hearing the click can change the light mode… U

  5. That's a dollar store flashlight marketed to conservatives who are too dumb to notice that it's made in China. Get some Chinese Tac Glasses while you're at it.

  6. This light is absolute garbage! Outrageous light output claims, looks more like 200 lumens. For $30, people can actually buy a quality light that puts out insane amounts of lumens.