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New Lockdowns What Can Preppers Do Now
Inauguration Day Challenges pandemic
shutdowns virus easy prepper pantry food storage
stockpile hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if
you’ve been paying attention to the news you know
that new lockdowns are being implemented all over
the world England Britain China Netherlands
USA the coronavirus pandemic just doesn’t seem
to be lightening up in the eyes of the government
authorities businesses are closing restaurants and
bars are becoming off limits schools are either
still not open in person or they’re closing down
again and this isn’t just in our own communities
it’s happening across our nation USA and worldwide
if you look at the new administration that’s
going to be inaugurated next week in the United
States they’re already talking about new stricter
controls to try to get the pandemic under control
if you’re not fully prepared for strict lockdowns
and shutdowns quarantining at home stay-at-home
orders an ongoing pandemic to be a part of your
life you need to get your act together now if you
don’t have a food supply in your pantry so that
you don’t have to leave your home in case you
can’t then you need to lickety-split get some
food in your pantry you should have at least
30 days worth of food prepper pantry stockpile
that sounds impossible but it really isn’t
you can do something as simple as stock up on
30 cans of ready-to-eat canned foods like chili
ravioli beef stew soups chicken pot pies there are
lots of different easy to open cans of food that
can feed your family you can also get some
packaged foods that are easy to prepare you
can get packaged foods like macaroni and cheese
pasta roni Knorr noodle mixes hamburger helpers
they may not be your favorite food to eat but
if you get stuck at home where you don’t have
money coming in and you can’t go to the store
or food prices are ever increasing you’re going
to have something food that you can open and
eat and prepare meals easily to serve things
to your family easy prepper pantry food storage
stockpile get 30 cans of ready to open food get
30 cans of meat get 30 cans of vegetables 30 cans
of fruit get 30 packages of easy to prepare noodle
mixes rice mixes there are lots of ways that you
can have a lot of food in your home for not that
much money four pounds of pasta has 30 servings
add some jars of sauce and you have 30 meals
a large box of oatmeal has 30 servings get a
few boxes of cereal maybe some shelf stable or
powdered milk granola or protein bars these are
easy foods ways to quickly fill your pantry for
not a lot of money bottled water isn’t something
that you must buy but you must have clean
drinking water in your stockpile you can fill
up clean containers with water store those away
don’t use container like a milk carton because
you can never get them completely clean
and they’re not long lasting milk cartons are not
going to hold up under storage conditions you can
use empty juice containers soda bottles sports
drinks something that’s a sturdy p-e-t or p-e-t-e
container can be used and recycled to fill with
water to have on hand for emergencies make sure
you have some way to cook if you should lose your
power have some kind of an emergency or a camping
stove in case the power is out you’re also going
to need some flashlights with extra batteries
candles with lighters and matches an oil
lamp with extra fuel and wicks there are
many different choices it’s up to you to decide
which are the lights stove that fit your budget
you feel most comfortable using and then add those
prepping supplies to your emergency stockpile many
of us received a stimulus check an important way
to spend that money might be on prepping supplies
filling in the gaps filling your pantry buying
any kind of prepping supplies that you still need
should be a priority to use your stimulus money
and any other money that you’ve been able to save
make sure that you have first aid supplies in case
someone in your family should become hurt or ill
if you take any kind of a prescription medication
make sure that you keep your supply up to date
and that you keep a copy a paper copy of the
prescription should you have an emergency maybe
you have to leave your home keep that with your
emergency gear and then if you needed to get more
of a prescription in an emergency situation you’re
far more likely to be able to get that filled
if you have a paper copy of your prescription with
you think about hygiene yes we all know we need
a stockpile of toilet paper but you also need all
of the hygiene soaps that you use on a daily basis
from shampoo to soap toothpaste all
of the products you use all day long
have a backup of those you have extras of
those so that you have the things you need
keep your gas tank full of gas don’t let it drop
below a half get it filled up again have some cash
on hand in small bills in an emergency maybe
the power goes out but you’ll still be able to
buy some things with cash there are many small
businesses nowadays that won’t accept cards and
they will only accept cash big box stores seem to
be only wanting to take your credit card or your
debit card they don’t want to take cash anymore
we’re going into very strange and unusual time so
be prepared for whatever the future holds nobody
could have predicted a year ago that this is where
we’d be sitting now when this pandemic broke
out in March 2020 everybody was flabbergasted
stay home 14 days to flatten the curve and here
we are 10 months later 2021 and they’re still
saying that covid pandemic is spreading
it’s bad nobody knows how to get pandemic
under control even with this new covid vaccine
they’re saying you still need to wear masks you
still need to stay away even if you’ve had it
and you have the antibodies even if you’ve had
the vaccine and you’re protected you still need to
follow the protocols of social distancing wearing
masks staying home so this lockdown is going to go
much longer than most of us have ever anticipated
so while you have the chance while you can
still get to the store and there are still
things in the store make sure that you’re
getting a supply of the things that you need
it’s not a joke to get rice and beans if
you see a big bag of rice a big bag of beans
grab it they’re a great way to stretch the foods
that you have to make larger meals and they’re
also going to be there as food insurance should
you use up all of your everyday foods and then you
still need something to eat if you do have food in
your pantry figure out how the foods go together
get a few cards of menu ideas of meals that
you can make out of the foods in your pantry
organize the food so that you know what’s there if
there are food items that you need to make a meal
out of the supplies you have on hand write those
on your shopping list and pick those up right away
get basic foods inexpensive foods and think about
ways that you can have the foods that you like
if these aren’t the foods that you choose
if you prefer fresh fruits and vegetables
figure out how to get them in canned frozen
or dried if you look over the last year a lot
of us would say SHTF is actually here and we
need to make the best of it so think about not
the way things used to be and when will it go
back the way it used to be because chances are
it’s not going to and if it does it won’t be
for a very long time stock up on the foods and
supplies that your family counts on having on a
day-to-day basis then no matter what the future
brings you have lifestyle insurance that you can
continue to live your life the best that you can
while you figure out what to do next that’s the
best that any of us can do if you liked my video I
hope you’ll share it with someone else you think
might enjoy it learn more at alaskagranny.com
and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny
channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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  1. The best advice I have heard. The simple way and not buy the high price shtf food is great. Thank you for explaining it normal terms.

  2. It's coming people. be ready for it.. SHTF is going on right now.. it's going to worse than this.. I've been hearing rumors that they are planning on cutting everything off.. gas electric water sewer cell phone towers.. all of it.. martial law as well.. people are coming up missing as I speak especially homeless people.. also if you don't have proper photo ID birth certificate social security card. you will be put in jail. you stay in jail until they can find out who you are.. or you just come up missing.. for good.. you can call me crazy. it's coming people

  3. Thanks for the awesome video, I'm about to go stock up on food now before this inauguration day hits.

  4. We're open everywhere in Florida except movie theaters (I don't know of any at least). Life is pretty normal except wearing masks, social distancing. We haven't gotten comfortable tho, still prepping!