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>> Today’s episode is
brought to you by Privacy.
>> Head on over to privacy.com/rogue,
sign up, and get five free dollars
to spend on any of the things that
you’re going to see in this episode!
>> Some of the things.
Some of the things we
definitely cannot sell you.
>> Oh yeah, like our hearts.
>> You already have that, though.
>> Instead of everyday carry,
you should have a wallet
so you’re prepared
for everyday marry, you never know when
you’re going to meet that special someone.
So you have, like, 17 different rings of
different sizes, and
then, when you meet them
right there on the street
you unfold it and you
figure out the right size and
you propose there on the spot.
>> Real creepy, I thought mine was creepy.
>> Wait, what was yours?
>> The machete.
>> Not for marriage, well, I mean, maybe.
>> Last time we opened some off the shelf
everyday carry kits and I felt like
we were kind of unimpressed.
>> Well, we found them wanting
for our specific needs,
they might work great for
somebody else, but not for us.
>> It’s being prepared for
those everyday situations
that you happen to have the right thing,
you never have to experience that,
oh, I wish I just had the…
>> Exactly, so I got a Molle
bag and I built my own.
>> Ooh, before we even begin,
can you disclose the budget?
>> Some of these were
things that I actually do
carry with me all the time.
This molle bag is about four dollars,
but everything inside if I were to guess,
I would say it cost about a
hundred bucks, you’ll see why.
>> Okay, all right.
>> JASON: Let’s go with
the first zipper here.
I’ve got my multi-tool.
>> BRIAN: Okay, there
are so many good options
on multi-tools.
>> Yeah.
>> BRIAN: I feel like this is all
a matter of preference, right?
>> Yeah, exactly I just got this one
for about 19 bucks, and then
some other little attachments.
>> Oh wow
>> That’s really handy.
>> Different hex bits on
there, you got flathead,
Phillips head, all of that stuff.
So we’ll say item one, a multi-tool.
>> Yeah.
>> This seems like it’ll
be useful all the time.
>> A burner!
>> A burner.
>> BRIAN: Oh my God,
how much did this cost?
>> JASON: This one I
think was like 35 bucks.
you’ll note that there’s another SIM card
on the back, just in case.
>> Wait a minute, this
one has a SIM card in it,
so you’re ready to make those calls to do
whatever you need to do, and
then if you need to burn it,
you just crush the SIM card
and you pop in a new one.
>> Exactly!
>> Brand new identity.
>> Now we’re talking, this
is a modern rogue EDC.
>> This is actually the burner phone
that I use when I go to Defcon every year.
>> Oh my gosh.
That’s a blue brand, for any
of you hackers out there.
>> Yeah, phone charger, not
for that phone, but you get
the idea, I couldn’t find
the charger for that phone.
>> BRIAN: This a stand in, got it.
>> JASON: Yeah, that’s a
stand in, we got a stand in.
>> Although it is a good point,
because you want a general
USB thick, do you happen
to have a battery charger
in there at all?
>> You know, I did, but
it was a little too big.
I couldn’t get everything I
wanted in there, and so that’s
something that you really
got to consider, the size of
your Molle bag or whatever
your whatever you’re carrying.
>> That’s a really good point,
there’s a trade-off to size,
because obviously you can
walk around with a giant
Sherpa bag on your back, but
I will say that you could
get those little fuel rods
or fairly small batteries
that are enough to get you
back to 30, 40% on most phones.
>> The one I had was kind
of sticking out the top
and it was just a little
too bulky and I thought,
if I sacrifice this, I can
get a lot more stuff in there.
The lock pick kit that–
>> BRIAN: Yeah, that
LockPickingLawyer gave to us, so good.
These were all hand selected,
and you saw how effective they are.
>> Oh man, they were really outstanding,
there’s just a lot of stuff
in here, it’s really slim.
>> If this is actually going
to be an everyday carry thing,
something that’s on you at
all times, people should go
to toool.us, T-O-O-O-L, there’s
three Os in Toool, dot us,
they have a map based on your state,
the laws are different
because if you’re arrested for
a misdemeanor but then they
find these, they could probably
up the charge and say,
well, you were obviously
about to do a burglary as well.
>> Yeah, well, speaking of burglary,
do you know what this is?
>> I don’t know, but it looks
like a blade of– [gasps]
I know what that is, that’s
a lock popping thing,
that’s an open a car thing!
>> Yeah it’s a slim jim.
I’ve actually had this since
high school and you can use it
to pop locks on cars by
sliding it down into windows.
>> I can’t believe that we have never done
this on The Modern Rogue.
>> Not yet!
>> We have to do this.
>> Oh, we are.
>> So the idea is you slide this
through whatever gap you can
get it through and then
you’re able to just, what,
hook onto something and pop it up?
>> Exactly, I’ve had this since
high school but I don’t know
where it came from,
someone left it in my car,
I think it was my dad, not entirely sure.
>> I am surprised you
have not converted them
into nunchucks already.
>> JASON: And like
yourself, my raycon earbuds.
>> BRIAN: Dude, it matters.
>> Always doing writing on the fly,
so I’ve got my little notebook and my pen.
>> Okay this is something that
I think was really missing
from the commercial
EDCs, is the stuff that
you actually use every single day.
>> Right, and you know, I’m not
going to use this every day,
but I had a spot for it
I thought it was cool
so I popped it in there.
>> Man, when you need it–
>> Same with the lockpicks.
>> You’ll be glad you have it.
>> Yeah, don’t use the
burner phone every day
but, thought it was cool, put it in there.
Also, you never know.
>> You might find yourself
suddenly surrounded with
fellow rogues in a campaign
that needs to be handled
by a proper dungeon master.
>> JASON: Exactly.
>> BRIAN: Mini D&D dice, this is amazing.
>> Those are actually my D&D
dice, and as any gamer knows,
you don’t just carry one d20.
If that one’s not working for
you, you got to have a backup,
so I got a backup.
>> To be fair, I’m going
to push back a little bit,
it seems to me like there’s
almost certainly an app
that would handle all of
this, an app that you could
have on your burner phone if you need–
>> Okay, I pushed.
>> I don’t trust those apps.
There are, but you don’t trust those apps.
>> They listen to everything
and they try to screw up your rolls.
>> You can’t blow on an app!
>> Put that on my gravestone,
you can’t blow on an app.
>> Yeah you can’t grab your
phone and go, don’t you [beep] me
on this one, we got a lot riding on this!
That necromancer’s coming!
>> Critical hit, go!
>> JASON: And one more
thing, a little USB drive.
>> Dude, these USB drives have
saved my butt so many times,
because there’s those
moments where it’s like,
oh, you need the thing, I have the thing.
Well let’s say, maybe
we’ll Dropbox it, FTP it,
trying to send it as a text.
Sometimes Hollywood has it
right, the easiest thing is
bloop blop bleep, like that.
>> Well you know it
doesn’t work like that,
it’s bloop, [sighs], okay, bloop.
>> BRIAN: You turn it over.
>> Okay, there it is, yeah, exactly.
So that’s pretty much mine,
there are a few things
in here I don’t really need,
but this is me in a nutshell.
>> Here’s what I love about this, man,
every one of these, I truly
believe you’ll use almost
every single day and you’ll be glad
that you’ll have it around.
Maybe the lockpicks and the
slim jim are a little bit
esoteric, but obviously the
fanny pack is a bit big.
You can keep this in
your car, your backpack.
What if you wanted something
that you could literally
keep in your pocket at all times?
>> Well that’s not all
Brian, I’m glad you asked!
[audience applauding]
>> Wow, what a professional
tee-up that was!
>> Indeed!
This one is an EDC inside an Altoid tin.
Now, this one’s a little more sinister.
>> I already recognize, this
looks like the outside of
what we call the All Access
Card at Scam Stuff, right?
This is one of those
multi-tools and blades?
>> That is exactly what
it is, that actually comes
from the Scam Stuff store, you see.
>> Oh, right on.
So for the uninitiated, you
got a couple of blades here,
you can use it as a can
opener for a tin can,
there’s a sun compass on, it
a serrated blade so you can
saw through wood, and of
course, a bottle opener,
flathead screwdriver, and of course,
the ability to do
measurements on the side.
>> And now, if we pop it open,
this is very tightly popped.
>> BRIAN: Oh dude, this is
like a getaway contraption.
>> My wife Allison and
I put this together,
it was mainly her with
some guidance from me,
because, as you can tell
I do not have the patience
to pack something in there like that.
>> I was about to say it’s
very neatly organized,
and I see no fist poundings anywhere.
>> Exactly.
>> Okay, so this looks to
me like the ultimate sort of
all-purpose getaway, is
this a magnesium strip
from the thermite?
>> It is, it is indeed.
>> Is there thermite in here?
>> There is.
>> There’s thermite in here!
>> A little straw full of thermite.
>> Oh my God!
Okay, so let’s say there’s a
hard drive that you need to
destroy absolutely, and so
you could just tip this out
and pour it on top, stick
this in there, light it up,
and it will melt the hard drive.
>> Precisely.
>> Oh, that’s great.
>> Now, this this entire
kit is much more diabolical,
but I’ll let you discover as we–
>> Well here, let’s look
at this stuff over here,
is this an SD card?
Okay, so did you have a
particular thought of what kind
of stuff would go on this SD card?
I’m just realizing this could
be like, a Bitcoin wallet.
>> Absolutely.
>> So if you needed to vanish
off the grid you would have
access to funds on the road
so this is all the money
that you want to be ready to spend.
>> Yeah, or if you want to put
some sort of malware on there,
some sort of diabolical
things that you need
to slide into an enemy’s computer.
>> There you go!
>> That’s good.
Okay, obvious stuff, we have matches,
which of course makes sense.
This striking surface,
where did that come from?
>> That actually comes with the matches,
with this particular package of matches.
>> Got it, so it looks like
they’re dipped in some kind of
wax, so they’re totally
waterproof, and then you strike ’em
on the surface and you’re good to go.
Wait, is this a flashlight?
>> JASON: It is.
>> Oh, look, and it has a battery in it.
>> Yep, and what’s even better
is that, put your battery
on there when you’re up to no
good and you can just clip it
like that when you’re rooting through
someone’s files or whatever.
>> And also when you’re out and about,
I assume this is for night
mode where you just want to see
but you don’t want to
necessarily broadcast that,
hi, nefarious person here
about, and then of course,
if you do need help you
could do the chirpy one.
>> Exactly, and it was mostly
chosen for its profile.
>> This seems astonishingly effective,
especially because, unlike
that everyday carry which has
a burner phone in it,
normally we use our phones
as our flashlights.
>> Right.
>> This is a non phone way
to get some light, which is
important if you’re totally off the grid,
then you’re going to
want something like this.
>> Exactly.
>> So this, I assume is
char cloth, is that right?
>> It is not, actually.
>> What is this?
Wait is this just a stocking?
>> It is.
>> Okay.
>> All right, I’d hate to guess
but is this for the purpose
that I think it is for?
>> Oh it absolutely is, and
a number of other things.
>> So if you’re really in trouble,
you might want to disguise
your identity to something like this?
>> Exactly.
>> I look great, don’t I?
>> I am so glad you did that.
Because now maybe people
will start using that
instead of my gas mask.
>> I need your money, sir!
>> You look terrifying.
Something especially wrong,
your beard is popping out.
>> So beyond that there
are functional uses
for this kind of thing.
Everything from filtration if you’re out
in the woods to holding stuff.
>> Exactly, it’s a multi-purpose, right?
>> BRIAN: Yep, but mainly for disguise.
>> JASON: Yeah, mainly.
>> Okay, so super glue I’m
going to guess that this is
primarily if you get cut, sliced open,
you want to be able to seal it up?
>> Exactly, you can also
use super glue for, like,
lifting finger prints
and stuff like that too.
>> How does that work?
>> It’s a much more complicated process.
>> That sounds like episode
of The Modern Rogue.
>> Exactly.
>> All right, right on.
Oh my gosh, the jackknife
lockpick, this thing is amazing.
This is top quality!
Sorry this is definitely
a plug for scamstuff.com,
gear for the modern rogue,
but this is a fantastic
lockpick set, it’s like a Swiss
Army knife for lock-picking,
really well-constructed
and really really good,
and I didn’t think about
the fact that it has such
a low profile, it takes
up virtually no space.
>> Exactly, as far as
the low profile goes,
it’s even better than this
one because you can just
fit it in this tiny little tin.
>> All right, obviously, a
handcuff key, that’s a good one,
although, if you’re in
handcuffs do you think this is
in your pocket, you’d
be able to get it out?
It’s certainly in your back pocket, maybe.
>> Oh yeah, as we learned
in our other episodes.
Is it behind your back?
Is it in front of you?
What are they using?
>> All right, home
stretch here, what is…
Why a bobby, oh oh oh oh!
So we have a bobby pin on some duct tape.
I assume the duct tape is
there, is it rolled backwards
so that we can actually
use all this duct tape?
>> That is exactly what it’s for.
>> Oh, that’s great.
>> That’s just a little
payload of duct tape
that you can use for
a variety of purposes.
>> I cannot think of
the number of times that
I’ve just wanted not a lot of duct tape,
I just, if I only had a
couple of squares of it,
then I could take care
of a bunch of things.
And then, is this intentionally
for, what, getting out of locks?
>> Well, there’s a lot of
different uses for a bobby pin.
>> Oh yeah, see, look at that.
>> BRIAN: Oh, interesting.
>> Yeah here let’s say–
>> That’s not a good idea.
>> You can bridge the gap in a circuit,
you can pick a lock,
or put your hair back.
There you go, see?
>> Yeah, all right.
>> This is one I wouldn’t
have thought of, but like,
a simple tiny pencil.
This is everything from marking,
if you’re in an emergency,
you could say, hey, I’m
alive and I’m over here,
follow this trail or whatever.
For yourself, you could mark,
like, yes, I’ve been here,
no, I haven’t been there,
that kind of thing.
>> Yeah, exactly, or as we’ve
discussed before you can use
the graphite, if you want
to blow it onto a keypad
to see hey, okay we’ve got 10 keys here,
but they only use three
of them so I know that
the code for the entry is
are these three numbers.
>> All right, I’m going to do
my best to try to figure out
what you’re aiming for on this.
It’s a piece of duct tape wrapped around
what looks like some broken garbage.
>> JASON: Careful, you could cut yourself.
>> BRIAN: Oh my gosh.
>> JASON: You know what these are.
>> I know what these are these are,
these are fragments from a spark plug.
>> Porcelain.
>> Okay, so porcelain, when it
breaks it’s very very brittle,
but it is extraordinarily sharp.
When we did the TV show,
we found out that just
throwing one of these at
a car window will cause it
to totally shatter.
>> Exactly.
>> So I would imagine that
these become fairly decent
weapon, like, I mean if
I were to run this down,
it would slice everything–
>> Oh, I didn’t even think
about that, but yeah,
mainly for breaking windows or car windows
and what have you, they’re
also known as ninja rocks.
>> Any kind of tempered glass
that’s struck by one of these,
even though it’s not with much force,
will immediately shatter,
because that point is so fine.
>> Exactly.
Now, we got one more in there.
>> Oh, there is more in there.
>> There’s one more thing,
let’s see if you can figure it out.
>> It looks like a little
nubbin of hot glue.
>> Precisely.
>> Would this be to bind
something to something?
>> Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, like, let’s say
for instance you need to
attach this to the bottom of this desk.
>> Got it, got it, so you
use this to heat it up.
you put a little nubbin of hot glue,
and then you stick that on there, and–
>> Superglue, the overkill, right?
>> That’s right, because when
you try to break this off,
it might damage this
because it’s so brittle,
whereas hot glue is just going to, y’know,
softly pop off on there.
>> Exactly, you take your
matches you heat up the hot glue,
stick it to where you need.
>> Dude, this is a very rogue payload.
The only thing I didn’t
see in the small one was
some kind of USB thing, but again,
you got it in the big one
on there, this is fantastic.
>> You also have this.
Y’know, lot of laptops and everything
do have SD card readers.
>> That’s a good point.
In fact you could actually
substitute this for just
a USB key if you wanted something
that was more accessible.
>> Exactly, yeah, and it all depends on
what kind of mischief
you’re getting up to.
>> All right, you know the
next phase is, we have to ask
the fans out there how
well they think you did,
and what you’re missing.
How confident, what grade
do you give yourself?
>> I think this covers a lot of bases.
I give myself and Allison an A.
>> I’m behind you man,
an A plus in my book.
I can’t really think of too
many things that you missed.
There is some first aid stuff,
I’m sure but the problem is,
once you get into the first aid thing,
all of that takes up more space.
I would say, for efficiency,
I can’t really think of
anything you’re missing.
>> Outstanding, now
let’s go put it to use.
>> Yes, not here, not
at HQ, we’re going to go
far away, to a different place that’s…
You almost avoided doing this man
>> I can’t.
>> You couldn’t resist.
>> It smells minty, it smells very minty.
>> I brushed my teeth
right before the shoot.
>> Well, it came from
an Altoid tin as well.
>> You’re number one.
>> Natural one.
>> Oh, that’s a huge fail.
>> That’s a critical fail.
>> Yeah.
>> That’s very bad.
>> Yo man, you want five dollars?
>> Yes, always!
>> For free, spend on anything you want?
>> Oh, you’re not going to trick me again!
>> This is sounding increasingly
creepy as I say it it.
>> It is, I hate it when you give me
these hypothetical scenarios.
>> No, look, if you go
to privacy.com/rogue,
you sign up for the service
you get five free dollars
to spend on anything you want.
>> And there is no reason
you shouldn’t do it,
Privacy is something
that I use all the time.
By not putting my financial
information out there,
my actual card number, because
Privacy helps me generate
a fake card number so
that I don’t expose myself
on the Internet…
Nope, let’s rephrase that.
>> Leave that.
>> We talked before about
how Frank Abagnale said,
never use the bank issue debit
card, it’s too risky, right?
So on that side you’ve
got Scylla and Charybdis,
am I saying that right?
>> That is correct, nice.
>> You got debit cards on the
one side that get too much
access if they’re
compromised, on the flip side,
you got credit cards, they
sell your information!
>> Yes.
>> They’re saying like,
oh you like that do you?
Well, let me just tell all your friends,
let me just sell it to this guy,
plus also, I think three times
in the last year I’ve had
a credit card be compromised,
and it is a pain in the butt
to change all the different things
that are tied in to that one card.
Think about this, with
Privacy, you press one button
and it auto generates a single-use card
that you set the max on, it’s
like a burner phone for cards.
>> And these cards are tied
to a specific merchant,
so if someone gets that card
number and tries to use it
somewhere else you get
an instant notification
via email that says, hey
somebody’s trying some stuff,
you might want to lock everything down.
>> The first time we played
around with privacy, we full on
gave out the number and
I got all the alerts,
as everybody’s like, well, does it work?
No, no it doesn’t!
>> That’s the point!
>> Privacy has your back, love it.
Privacy.com/rogue, but my favorite part,
when you sign up, you get
five free dollars to spend on
anything you want,
including buying the stuff
you just saw in the episode.
>> Yes, go in there and buy
some of the devious things,
not all of them, they’re all unavailable.
Nope, not going anywhere with this.
>> No, you know what, roll with that,
that’s fine, they’re all unavailable.
>> That was one of those were you’re like,
oh, I shouldn’t have gotten off here.
I should’ve just stayed
on the interstate, great.
>> Please leave that in.
>> It’s like, can I brake
and just throw it in reverse?
>> Privacy.com/rogue!
>> There were words coming out,
but I’m not saying anything.
>> Some of them aren’t available!
>> Everyday marry.
>> You never know, you bump into someone,
you’re like, oh my god that’s the one!
>> You’re the one.
>> Do you want to back up?

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