9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Academy Sports How To Buy At 5:43

  1. This is a bit one sided. Comparing an expensive Surefire to come crappy flashlights is very misleading. There are a number of flashlights that will perform better than the Surefire, as far as actual light output, at a much lower price (Olight, Fenix, ThruNite, EagleTac to name a few i personally own). Surefire is probably an over all tougher light if you going to war with it, but for most folks there are better values out there. Surefire is a great light if you need super tough or are willing to pay for a Surefire cuz that's what you want.

  2. I own several lights including surefire. But this is not a fair comparison, there are many great led lights out that will outperform surefire f
    or half the cost. Both in lumes and user interface… hell not only is surefire's UI antiquated they don't even bother including a medium mode on there lights.

  3. The red Mag Light beam could have been focused better. Also, Mag makes LED lights now. The Mini Mag is only around 150 Lumens, but it also only costs around $30 and used AA batteries. The D cell version in LED is at least as good as the Surefire and is still around $30. Much bigger though!

  4. I have the eb2 backup 500 lumens, man i love that thing its so bright! The 200 lumen surefire in the video is a decent light tho for a $100 bucks

  5. Yeah, quality flashlights, but you forgot to mention about what type of batteries it uses and the cost of those flashlights. For practical-purposes, the Maglight (3D) is adjustable and that was not shown in the video. Also, the Surefire models (go to the site and check the specs) don't have adjustable beams. If you want a flashlight that costs over $100., then Get a Surefire–but for for practicality, I would get either a "Maggy" or look for the many other affordable options online.

  6. The most important feature of any battery powered device is METAL battery contracts are made from.
    99.9% of all cheap flashlights dont work untill you shake them. Cheap metal does not provide good contact with the battery so it cant work to its full potential.

    So tell me. If this SureFire flashligh cost $100-$200, does it have at least gold plated contacts ?

  7. Good video, my opinion is that surefire will price themselves out of existence if they have not already done so the only folks that will buy them are police depts as they dont care how much they pay, what the hell , its the taxpayers money…..there are many flashlights on the market as good or better at one fourth the price….. check the reviews on u tube…