Tactical Flashlight Advantages How To Purchase

this Expo is a great expo to come to
if you’re looking at all types of
survival and preparedness needs we have
some seminars were going to teach you
everything to basics up to the more
advanced to give you an idea what’s
going on is for a five-gallon bucket you
need about a thousand to 1,500 cc’s we
have different people different vendors
that are running around here that are
going to teach you all of their
experience and needs that they have
found and I’ll pass that on to you so
you have anything that you’re looking to
do to expand into your survival
preparedness means then these survival
and prepardness expo we have here is going to
help you with your knowledge database
for your preparations for practice and
then becoming proficient with that what
I got going on here
is custom hand make knives I work with
a lot of railroad spikes that I hand
forge blades out of on the blade
smithing aspects i work with spring
steals that I really like to make our
knives with I work with files farriers
my popular one for my small utility
Skinner and my hand forged work and custom
orders on the forging process i work with
a small gas forge small like 85-pound
anvil a four pound hammer and I try to stay
primitive on a lot so it’s was just a lot
of heat in the forge hammering them out
and working the steel until I am happy
with it i don’t use domesticated soft
woods or pines or anything like that from
my handle so they’re all exotic
hardwoods pakka woods boka woods and
that nature like always guarantee my
blades smithing with any of my work and
i have never have one complaint or one return on any of my knifes
and i pride myself with a quality product
that people who are not going to be
afraid to use drop in the mug i still
and still pass on to the grandkids you know that’s kind
of my goal I don’t want wall hangers of
Fancy ornate knives i want that
utility knife people are going to use and
you know be happy with
my name is Morgan Stewart on the editor
and publisher of narratives business
news Americas land prepared already
we r e trade magazine for the survival
industry to cover everything in the
industry with different people or
businesses products the training set on
the Expos we do all that but with a
consumer edge and the idea behind it is
everyone when I started prepping myself
I was looking for a resource tell me
who’s who and what’s Y and there was
nothing out there for representing
myself to figure that out so i had to go
to search to 5,000 different websites
you know all the logs all the retailer’s
podcast so on and as I did that year
over year or year kinda figured out
people need a resource the businesses
need a resource to consumers in the
resource so Erica’s business news does
that for the survival of businesses the
bloggers the podcasters Miller’s we do
that for everybody so we try to be a
resource for you so that number one you
can kind of figure out who’s who
you get the backstory on the blockers in
the retailers and then people who are
making the products at the same time for
those businesses they’re getting
promotions that they wouldn’t get
otherwise the local newspapers aren’t
doing stories about the folks here at
the expo not doing the story about the
essential oil companies for that you
know the gun guys are the board of
technical guys are doing stories about
the food preparation guys so we try to
provide that service
well morning for the business is anyone
that makes us unique is that we do have
the big-box retailers for watching
square we’re talking to those folks so
if you’re inventing a product and you’re
out there marketing in and they like
they’re going to be able to see it and
decided they want to put it in stores
but bottom line is really trying to be a
resource for the consumers who are going
to prepping for building their bug out
bags for homesteading trying to be more
self-reliant we also want to be resource
for the business is to make sure to
promote you to the consumers so it’s a
little bit of a two-way street for
everybody but since there’s no one else
doing that we’re trying to do that for
you so carrots business news is that the
name of the magazine website asperities
news.com our bag here weighs only 28
pounds features over 40 items for you
have to see all laid out here before you
I don’t care you for any disaster or
emergency situation you have three ways
to filter water three ways to start a
fire all the camping essentials you need
it’s got everything is electronic solar
power we have our own solar panels seven
watch on the charge everything back up
battery that’s one of our flashlights
also with bacon emergency beacon and a
ham radio that’s also FM it has no one
built into it and VHF but we also have
slingshot ammo all the footing sets that
you need and there’s a lot of redundancy
and ride him something but lose the
compass there’s a compass and a
waterfall surface compass and r5 a
whistle three-way started far like i
said so no matter what situation you’re
you’re all set with are ready pac you
can’t beat the price 499 dollars like 11
hundred dollar value try to get it
online $1,500 try to get it in a big
back big box store so you won’t be able
to beat it and it’s also online
superstore so check us out Freddie
network backslash son sa ndtv.com for
all of your height prepping companies
don’t see as many of you know me through
the dead doctrinal I audiocast it’s a CD
in the book of cds or nine languages we
have a thousand products for the young
city system and we provide all ninety
cents new physics Carvel vertebrates
including human beings 60 mineral 16
environment bonus businesses and our
products are organic and non-gmo they’re
not msg
we’re very very proud of that and course
we provide are over 900 diseases we call
the secret sauces
everybody needs 97 difference whether
you’re a hummingbird MN goa elephant
herds rapper human being hurt or fish
all vertebrates required 90 essential
nutrient 60 minutes 16 bottoms problem
has three fatty acids you can’t get
these things from your food anymore
then you must supplement if you’re going
to prevent birth defects prevent the
things like autism and ADHD eliminate
diseases such as dimensions and add
things like diabetes and arthritis lupus
fibromyalgia liver cirrhosis all these
seasoned cosmin social deficiencies and
the reason why we have so much that easy
general disease now these nutrition
factors are no longer found in the food
so we provide these things we have
freeze-dried food 25 years shelf-life
these kinds of things have a way for
people to learn how to take care of
themselves and emergency survival
situations we have 14 different books
written without public on how to do that
for the dead doctors alive on the more
well-known ones newest one is
epigenetics schools over 900 diseases
and how to prevent many cases reverse
them very very proud been doing this
commercially for years I’ve been doing a
person myself for 72 years price today
with 72 years the only survivor and was
a cutting of landfill accord was born
never been sick have no prescription
drugs and never going to prescription
drugs and surgery don’t get cold up your
dogs on supporting my immune system
within ninety cents nutrients and
everybody does this is not a genetic
thing I’m not well as they have a
genetic propensity well I’m well because
I give my genes DNA RNA and telomeres
290 centrifuges they need to maximize
your potential for health and longevity
and strength and speed intelligence and
so forth very very exciting we can make
America and now
great again but we can make America
healthy again god bless you look hard
I’m a wellness advocate with Tara
essential oils and we like to essential
oils all of our natural following year
but we use it for variety of things as
real bugs that cuts burns and burns
allergy oils for pretty much everything
we’ve pretty much replaced our medicine
cabinet with and oils essential oils are
really valuable for survival scenarios
because one there’s something that’s
easy to stock up on them in very small
bottles and they last for a very long
time the shop life is extremely long so
they’re great to have in your survival
kids to stock up on you have a sense of
emergency when you come into tomorrow
just anything first-aid there’s an oil
literally there’s oil for everything
when you’re going to be stocking up for
your supplies and your bug out bag or
any type of emergency that you want to
be prepared for essential oils are
essential to your survival expert here
extreme becoming a vendor you simply a
choir at RK prepper shows dot-com you
can acquire their it gives your shelf
space you set up your own boot your
gardening it is your source of your
alternative energy sources of anyway
anything like that medical feel free to
contact our caper shows dot-com and we
can work out how you can get you a booth
and set up for your situation here at
the expo

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Tactical Flashlight Advantages How To Purchase

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