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  1. Sir,
    I see there is a small plastic tab i.e. "Flasher Switch" on the Turn Signal lever. How do I activate the flashers? I don't want to force the small plastic tab on top of the turn signal lever as it might break.
    Thanks Much – – John / sends

  2. How about the horn? How do you get it to function? Will it function when switch is moved to "stop"? It's been 48 years since I've been in a military 2 1/2 ton. Plum forgot.

  3. Hi. I know you work on a lot of M998 Hi. I hope im not interrupting you at dinner or anything. I know you work on a lot of M998 HUMMVE. Was wondering if you ever ran across problem with no low beam on drivers side only? I see this to be a common problem but no answers on what the cause or repair is? Can you help please?

  4. Hi sir. If the main light lever in the middle is on “off” but I left the lower left lever on DIM. Will that kill my batteries? That’s how I left mine and now the truck won’t start at all. Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Thanks. It's been years since I've driven a HMMWV and I forgot how the lights worked. I remembered the feel of holding the unlock switch with my finger and kicking over a switch with my thumb, bjt I forgot which switch it was (headlights). Now I remember. I want a HMMWV that I can drive around. I loved the sound and smell they made when I would crank them up. I have no idea where I would get parts and a mechanic, though.