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  1. Boiling its still the best option, its cheap and 100% guaranteed to give you clean water every time. Just boil it on time while you are still not thirsty so that you dont have to drink it hot.

  2. pardon,you can have water boiled leave in stream.decanter to smaller containers if possible
    to cool quicker

  3. My first camping experience. Not enough food brought on the trip , barely enough water, a two person tent for three people (luckily my El Camino had a shell so i slept in there). When we went out hunting we ALL forgot the water and we were a couple miles from camp so we drank water from a spring running down a hill. I don't know what was in the water but about an hour or two later we started passing gas in huge amounts I'm talking in the 15-20 sec range and it seemed like every few minutes. I bet the three of us could have filled the Goodyear Blimp it was so bad as it lasted into the night until we fell asleep . Next day we were OK but in retrospect when I think of that first trip we weren't just stupid but Three Stooges stupid.

  4. I have been really really thirsty where u cant even swallow. Trust me you will drink anything

  5. Invest in a Kelly Kettle. You'll have an efficient method of boiling water with an unlimited supply of fuel