8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Amazon How To Purchase At 17:41

  1. The XT11 is a great light, I can't say enough good things about it. I also have an NT 10 that I use as my edc light.

  2. Chris I have to agree. I was very surprised with what this lights capabilities were.

  3. I like the features as well. When it turns on and it is already on high.. Love the buttons on the back. I have been caring this light since this went up and still very pleased with the XT11.

  4. South Carolina Gun School. Kinda hard to put all that on a arm… Thanks for noticing it.

  5. Thanks for doing this review. It helped me decide to get one of these. I just got one from Amazon, along with two Tenergy 18650's, and a Brite Strike BTL Holster for it, all for duty use.

  6. Welcome glad to help. I have used this flash light regularly since this review and it is still going great!