Tactical Flashlight Amazon Where Can We Buy

What does an ordinary person do
when wants to buy a flashlight?
Goes to aliexpress, types in
“powerful bright flashlight” and gets in
the search results just such a
coprophilic selection.
Today i`ll show you NORMALL zoomie
vs besseller, crappy Ultrafire T6LEd
with fake 4000 lumens.
and Convoy has REALL 2000 lumens.
if you like Z1, check video
secription, there are all the
links to stores where you can buy it.
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And most interesting part
right from the start. what light
can you get from both competitors.
And my overall impressions, of
course. Then we`ll see how Z1
looks like, it`s UI and check
rutime. Everything you need to
decide buy it or not.
Convoy Z1 is WAY better
than the Ultrafire.
It has a modern bright SST40 LED
with normal color temperature,
full stabilization and good UI
And it looks much better.
However, speaking of the brightness,
it is worth clarifying that in
reality you have to rely on
a maximum of 50% – the maximum
is quite good, but it drops
after a minute. The light distribution
at both ends is as poor
(for my taste) as the unnamed
ultrafires. 21700 battery is
not an advantage here, since
the sh1tfires can also store it.
What’s left in the bottom line?
If you fundamentally need to buy
an LED flashlight with a lens
from aliexpress, then, yes
– Convoy Z1 will be BEST option.
The question is that fans of
this kind of flashlights,
in the exceptional majority of cases,
are not ready to pay more
than 10 bucks for a flashlight,
and no matter what advantages
the Z1 has, they will most likely
buy a deliberate sh1t purely
because it is cheap.
Fans of models with LEDs labeled
XHP90 XHP100 (only these letters are
in common with the original
Cree LEDs) will still, I am sure,
continue to buy all this slag

00:02:30,380 –> 00:02:34,340
purely because the sellers draw
frankly insane brightness
numbers in specs.
In short, so. The Convoy Z1 is as
good as possible for an
aspherical lense model.
It has really decent throw
and in high modes gives
a wide bright circle for
near range use. But I still
think that it is more
justified to take some
kind of mid-range
Convoy S11 S12.
both they will work
well in close range,
and can even somehow
throw to about 150 meters.
And there is also GOOD
model line with lense.
but that is not aspherical lense
as Z1 has, but movable TIR-optic
i`m talking about Fenix FD.
But they cost way more
and normally, people who
like zoomie, are not ready
to spend these money,
no matter that they
finally get GOOD model.
I also compared Z1 with
C8+, well known budget thrower
and it worked really well,
I really didnt expect Z1 to
have such throw.
Of course, you will see nothing
out of this square, unlike
non-zoomie models, which
also have sidelight.
but, you can decrease throw
by pulling lense to like 90%.
you`ll still be able to look at
100-150 meters, and spotlight
will be quite wide.
By the way, if you would like
to buy good budget thrower,
bright, with modern 21700
battery – check my review of
Sofirn C8G. And now, lets
take a look at Z1 appearance.
By the standards of Convoy,
the packaging is the top-end.
Namely, the well-known
thick-walled beige cardboard.
There is a generous set inside:
Z1 itself and a lanyard.
Convoy Z1 looks pretty good
I especially liked the matte
anodizing. The design is really simple,
here Convoy does not
change itself, but this
is a pleasant simplicity.
And even such a simple design
looks like a baroque Versailles
luxury VS a mongrel freak,
the most popular sub-flashlight –
crappy Ultrafire LED T6 Zoom.
Here, by the way, you can
evaluate the dimensions of Z1
in both focal lengths, where the length
of the Convoy Z1 varies from 135 to 150mm.
button is very nice, metal.
The stroke is soft with a light click.
On the reverse side – spring
there are many complaints about
the quality of the shunt soldering.
it is better to re-solder it
yourself so that it does not chip off.
Medium thread is lubricated well
The knurling is very tenacious.
Not a rasp, but it sits in
the hand like a glove.
And the grip itself is
quite comfortable.
The cooling fins are quite good.
Although, as you will see later,
their efficiency should not
be overestimated.
Then the fun begins.
The only way I know of to
achieve at least normal light
distribution in a zoom lens
is a movable TIR lens.
Convoy Z1 has the simplest
lense possible – the usual aspherical.
As a result, it sticks out
of the head of as giant eye.
There is SST40 LED under it.
The bezel can be easily removed
As for the lens movement
mechanism itself, here it goes
along the thread. Although
the zoomies are poorly waterproof,
this model is ok – there are
O-rings in the appropriate places.
At this stage, there is nothing
UI – Well-known biscotti interface.
In general, this system is
quite flexible and convenient.
As a rule, all you need is
to see which group of modes will
be optimal for you,
choose it and that`s it.
Convoy Z1 has a 55 degree
thermal cut off.
So, 100% mode here works
like a classic turbo –
the brightness is kept
for about a minute, then it
rapidly dives to half.
The working maximum modes
here will be either 50%
or 35%. But they will be
fully stabilized and significantly
brighter than the same Ultrafire,
whose brightness will still
be systematically falling into nowhere.
As for the light distribution,
then everything is disgusting
as usually. Nevertheless, people
with alternative tastes find
both the evenly flooded circle
falling off into the dark
and the “throwy” square
as delightfully comfortable.
There are two important clarifications
about Ultrafire and other
craps like it:
1) at short focus, lower
modes are useless,
they will not be able
to achieve practical brightness
over the entire area
of ​​the circle. Prepare for
increased battery drain at 100%.
2) due to specific optics,
34 the luminous flux
is lost at the far “long-range”
Therefore, it turned out
that a completely ordinary
and purely short-range S2+
in its most budget version
wth xml-2 4×7135 gave almost
immediately the same throw
as stinking ultrafire.
And at the same time, S2+
can also be used at close
range light with much more
comfort than an all these
zoomies with T6
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