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might I sit over here what up what up on
Chad wild clay you know I had a lot of
fun last time when I did it video with
SIA about opening those strange japanese
dollar store items so I thought what’s
something else that strange that would
be fun for us to open I kind of want to
see what I can find in those candy toy
vending machines so let’s do that but
first be sure to click on that little
bell symbol down below so you can get
here quick because I hang out with you
guys for the first 30 minutes of every
upload in the comments section so let’s
go find those toy vending machines me
and be are going to go jump in the car
and find so do by the vending machine
Our a few, or a couple.
parking here just so I don’t lose my car
let’s go
vending machine missing my candy boy
capsule machine here we go all
amusements ones that got a holo machine
here that I am going to play it is the I
cube where you can win nintendo 3d as a
beat pedal or power beats wireless
headphones we need to do is you to press
this button here and if a nest fit
without touching the side you win the
prize so i’m going to go for number two
feet pills put my dollar and here i’m
going to fold it down and i need to let
go when the S is right inside number 21
I’ll shoot all the way out guys there
goes here one two three so i’ll spit a
little too far i think let’s see did I
get it oh just touched it a little bit
wow wow wow okay guys I found a sort of
a vending machine thing what’s the
gumballs here but mini mall
what did we get once again we got
nothing out Dylan buildable figurine you
open you build and you play
all right look just blow let’s just go
ahead and open him up I guess they make
these things adult proof so i can not
it in here come on there we go he looks
kind of angry doesn’t either don’t you
dare open me go what is it oh ok it’s a
body ok so she feels like what the heck
is this I’m going to put the head
together there we go and now we’re going
to put the head and the body together oh
wait I have to open the head first put
the body in the head Walt open come on
Chad you can figure this out yeah yeah
so what is this guy pink hands very pink
yeah its hands don’t really match the
color of his face do they must be
getting a little too much fun on its
face I’m gonna give it a it’s all that
because i just realized i can store cool
stuff in his head like candy I’ll just put him
right up here lookin at lookin at you
guys in the camera the whole time ok we
just watch next door to the laundromat
we found some more the first v wanted to
ride in the Batmobile you do fit of
course you with it which we get the pooh
row animal
oh my god why I went underground animal
girl all right be cool wanna help big
again Thank You coin laundry lots of
good toys baby look at this kid the free
car wash yeah free car wash when you
park here guys but before I open these
please give this video a thumbs up
because that’s going to give me good
luck let’s go apparently these animals
grow in water so let’s test this out
open it all isn’t he cute! Ouch, just kidding guys
he doesn’t bite so is he a sad starfish
because he’s blue let’s see if he gets
happier once he gets into some watery
into the water you go let’s see what
happens um nothing stop something come
on a starfish
ok guys let me look at starfish sit here
until the end of the video we’ll come
back at the end of the video and see how
big is ok
we just found the best place ever Wow
good job V if he found it alright let me
start with me should we get a little
ninja rare master golden ninja maybe
we’ll get the rare master golden ninja
rhythm dark ninja we have silver ninja
and got the nighttime than just the
white ninja invisible ninja go ninja I
wonder what we’re going to good oh dude
we just got the rare golden ninja
believe me here ah by undercover by ear
gone handcuffed so it’s flashlight
specifically is your lucky day come on
big money big money
billy-bob grill teeth and fang thought
there’s a safety warning choking hazard
yo something for you I some ground one
silver grills will let me hook you up
girl no silver grills for you you’re a
vampire a vampire the golden
ninja which we got really lucky with
because the vending machine said that
that was the rarest one it kind of like
size from Rapheal Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles and oh there’s a little loop
here so you could put it as maybe a
keychain that’s cool he’s pretty rubbery
but now he he needs somebody to fight oh
here we go got you golden ninja versus
leave vampire one and a little bit of
the size difference I think deal Frankie
let’s go even though we got really lucky
with getting the golden one I’m going to
give this golden ninja a crap don’t
think I’m
be able to do much with him I can put
them on a keychain but that’s about it
and the next weird toy was from that
five vending machine so here that is a
green magnifying glass in there what can
we do with our spotted Clinton if we
have some really small prints I’m
looking for a piece of paper that
doesn’t have my address on i almost put
that on the camera we’re going to have
to use our magnifying glass to look at
it oh there look at that there because
the IRS the IRS determined that they
want to give you a lot of money where do
yeah right look at that works pretty
well view is pretty disappointed that we
got this one I don’t know if I’d ever
really use it because I can read with my
own eyes pretty well without a
magnifying glass so the magnifying glass
is getting a crown goodbye to the
magnifying glass on to the next weird
item I know we were wanting to get the
bling-bling teeth but we ended up
getting some sort of vampire cheese here
we got some fangs here let’s test these
babies out what smells really bad okay
guys I’m going to go wash this out for
us to use in my mouth because who knows
where these have been got him washed off
oh shoot all right they don’t stay in
very well try to get here ah i want to
suck your blood! haha they don’t stand
very well but they don’t stay in your
mouth very well because it’s just like a
little flap here and you put your teeth
in this flap maybe they had fit a
smaller mouth a little bit better
because my mouth is pretty big I am an
adult you know so I’m gonna give this a
crowd alright another boba place me
and me always go to oh my gosh should be
is here already diamond my name is later
video via you thank you crunch balloon
I love doughnuts
that one quarter left so i’m going to
play the gumball in Bowl machine gave
here from 1989 oldie but a goodie I
could see if I quarter then she’ll like
that there it is oh the run went down
there yeah wasn’t that fun!
Your hair is caught in the shades, fail!
What did you get? I got a coffee boba with no boba.
Igot the energy infused boba drink
Punching balloon. let’s get some punching action going on
here you know these are a lot her to
open them they look there we go well
it’s pretty big I see it’s got a yellow
string on it for the punching here’s the
end that I blow into I’ll make sure I
make it honking know when you blow up a
losing you get dizzy and lightheaded
okay I’ll see if I’m talented enough
time out here let me stand back here now
we do some punch
sure what the middle Mike Tyson over
here my left hand in the action here
maybe I want to show you my punching bag
she just did resolve in the face all
right why I am giving this balloon a
it’s all that pretty good toy for fifty
cents maybe with even 25 I don’t know
next item the diamond ooh look at the
sparkle on that diamonds when I was
diamond shopping for these wedding ring
I learned that the yellow diamonds
apparently are really rare and that
thing is pretty huge I don’t know what
this would probably be a hen carat
diamond so I’m going to just jump on
google here and see if I can figure out
how much this diamond would be worth I’m
gonna do how much is a 10 carat diamonds
worth whoa okay I see a five carat
diamond for 170 2,500 if a five carat
diamond is worth 172,000 I’m going to
get this one as well over three hundred
thousand dollars so i think we made a
pretty good investment by spending 25
cents on this diamond guy
the doughnut teaching I can’t wait to
taste this delicious doughnut why can I
not open to you come up I promise cuz
I’m really strong in real life there we
go looks like a real doughnut I’m
getting kind of hungry looking at this
actually now I need to go get my keys
I’ll be right back okay i am back I’ve
gotten my car keys right here and there
we go call appropriate that it’s right
next to my LA fitness membership the
hedge not sponsored by only fitness by
the way because after i work out at the
only fitness i like to go with a donut
afterwards i’m going to give this guy a
it’s all back now for the taste test yep
just like I expected tastes like plastic
this strange green frog who apparently
has popping eyes oh this one was easy to
open oh right ha oh wow she’s very
squishy very green and let’s see if his
eyes pop out when I squeeze them really
hard look at that that’s pretty cool
it’s like when you see something that
gets you excited you’re like no I hate
kind of like Kermit the Frog doesn’t he
so when Kermit the frog’s these uh he
likes mrs. piggy right hey Kermit Miss
Piggy’s coming whoa this one particular
I really likes to jump out this one’s
kind of a dud though let’s see there we
go there we go I just gotta squeeze them
right hey Kermit yeah come on right
there we go that’s pretty cool and then
pop right back into his eye socket this
is kind of addicting actually this is kind
of like one of those stress squeeze
malls yeah yeah yeah I’m so stressed out
ah now I’m relaxed yeah I like this guy
definitely given this a it’s all that if
he’s cute
this gumball could be really old guys
that’s that pinball machine gumball
machine I’m talking about so what does
it say on here so I don’t know if you
guys can see if I think it says bubble
bubble bubble bubble here goes nothing
pretty hard oh look it’s all over like
sharp it’s like sharp on the roof of my
mouth holy cow okay pretty good note I
just like spit on the camera I think
make a beat with my chewing oh fail for
being a piece of gum that’s probably
older than half of you guys watch this
video right now it’s pretty darn good
and gum here I’m attracted I got to play
pinball machine to get it definitely
given a it’s all that I’m going to see
if all that thumbs up all right and back
to that very first item that starfish
whoo that’s super slimy yeah it hasn’t
grown a millimeter he’ll just tiny as
ever so okay we’ve got some boiling
water we’re going to see if the boiling
water make the starfish grow know what
want one that dark marriage is getting
Nick if you guys want to see me do more
of these weird unboxings of vending
machine toys let me know down below I
think you’ll really like this video
right here I opened up some really
strange dollar store items with Matthias
check that out definitely go check out
be who helps me by all these cool little
toys if you’re not subscribed to me
subscribe to me right there and none of
that looks interesting check out one of
my roast videos right here I think
you’ll get a good laugh out of that
alright guys I will see you real soon
with a brand new video

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