12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight And Holster For Sale Online At 1:43

  1. Lighter probably wasn't filled due to shipping restrictions. Doubt it has any approval thats been certified to hold the liquid and fumes. Only thing that sucks about these kits is they have way more cheap chinese made products that outweigh the price they ask. They are making some good profit on what it actually costs for what you get.

  2. Build similar kit all off Amazon I have 150 in mine and have more and higher quality. It’s a good starter kit for a outrageous price!!

  3. I’ve made 3 identical bags and each was probably over 1000 and it’s not to deter anyone and I am by no means wealthy or rich I prioritized my finances to get them how I like them so I can help my other family members navigate their bags and communicate what’s what and I only say that bc for $200 is about the cost of one of the fixed blades multi tool and flashlight of a high quality already around
    This price… therefore if you want to get something to start get a pre made bag and add better quality gear as you come across finances… overall pretty good kit here for the price, but some things I would suggest adding when you can and upgrading others when you can…. to be fair the 3 i spoke about are more long term not 72 hour bags you can get by for much less for a 72 hour kit think of the 10 Cs of survivability by Dave Canterbury and then add maps and coms and firearms sharpening gear and oil for maintenance etc as you desire… looks like a decent made pre made bag they are usually junk to be frank but for a get out of dodge to get home it seems like it’s got a decent batch of gear canteen water. Filter knife fire kit and shelter are the bare minimum you want to be able to trust your life to so buy once cry once

  4. what is with the antique filter with the yellow and fake film rub lines in it? why not just stay with clean filters. https://youtu.be/dppoW2eaotU?t=350

  5. What is the weight of this bag with all of the supplies in it I’m petite and don’t weigh much lol my family is looking at me like I am insane for trying to prepare but with everything going on you just never know when you might need these emergency kits !

  6. not a bad price but i think the bag is a bit small for most peoples needs.The kit is missing alot of needed things like a bottle/metal cup ect for boiling water which is cridical in a survival situation,no tool for chopping wood,no snare wire for trapping,no fishing kit either.

  7. 250$? Ppfftt couldn't even throw in a small burner stove. Nothing to boil water in. No knife. No folding saw. No nothing!! Rip-off!! All the space was filled up with water!! I get water for free!! 🤣

  8. you shouldn't talk to the camera with sunglasses on your head, it's disorienting for the viewer and looks foolish.