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hello hello everybody it is 9.05 a.m 
central time on the 12th of november 2020  
it’s thursday here in the united states 
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great so here we are we’re looking at earthquake 
3d the program if you’ve never seen it before it’s  
a program that keeps track of earthquakes and 
we use the usgs of course and we also use the  
european agency emsc to give us a good idea of 
what struck around the planet and we’re looking  
at about 48 hours worth of earthquakes 
right now we can look at the whole week  
and we can look down to just a few hours but i 
look at 48 hours it gives us a good idea of the  
areas that have moved in the last couple days just 
pretty basic there so we’re going to begin here in  
the west pacific and for again for new people the 
earthquakes that are raised high off the globe are  
deep down into the earth and the higher they are 
off the planet the deeper they are into the globe  
or into the planet i should say there’s going 
to be some people that disagree on the globe but  
so down below the plates is where we have a 
lot of activity that comes up and spreads out  
and away from where the deep earthquakes take 
place for instance we’ve got a deep earthquake  
marked here at 569 kilometers deep today 4.6 
and that’s on top of the deep six that you see  
here we had a deep 6.0 range quake down below the 
pinnacle tip of the plate right here next to fiji  
and we watch for shallower larger earthquakes 
to spread out from where that deep six is and  
that’s just if it was a deep six on its own with 
additional new deep earthquakes down around the  
same depth some even deeper as you can see 
we’ve got something going on below the plate  
all the way from new caledonia here back to fiji 
and all the way down to new zealand where in the  
kermadec islands we had a 4.2 last night down at 
400 kilometers deep and the perfect point for me  
to get into new zealand check it out right here 
on the north island of new zealand in the middle  
of the catcher’s mitt position as we call it east 
of auckland but it looks like a catcher’s mitt  
right in the middle of the catcher’s mitt 
is a volcano and let me take you down there  
and show it to you again we’re going to go 
on google earth now and go into the middle  
of the catcher’s mitt and here’s white island 
volcano now last year white island volcano had  
something happen at it where there was a bunch 
of tourists out on the island they were taking  
people out into an active crater here you 
can see a picture of it on the screen i hope  
and they were taking people into this and an 
earthquake struck a couple days before this event  
happened while all the people were there it blew 
and a lot of people were injured and killed a lot  
of people were killed a lot of people were injured 
it was a big deal and they ignored the earthquake  
that it struck in the middle of the catcher’s 
mitt just a couple days before it was a five  
point something earthquake that struck there well 
the reason i’m bringing up the volcano now we need  
to go over and open up the volcanic ash advisory 
center and just look at this so you’ll see this  
it says new zealand gns confirmed no eruption but 
ash is present within steam plume apparently whoa
whoa what was that apparently a steam 
plume erupted out of white island  
and long story short on that ash was included with 
it it went up god knows how far six thousand feet  
observe va cloud flight level zero six zero that’s 
six thousand feet and basically they’re trying to  
just say it was a steam plume with a little bit 
of ash in it i don’t know why they would try and  
downplay an eruption at white island other than 
it’s a tourist attraction and they’re trying to  
shift blame on this eruption from a few years ago 
still in court and so forth but nonetheless it’s  
in the middle of the catcher’s mitt position 
we have a warning going for the north island  
we have a warning going for the south tip of 
the north island of new zealand by wellington  
and we’re looking for 5.0 range activity so we 
have a deep earthquake below north new zealand we  
have a warning going right here and at the halfway 
point between the two between the warning point  
and the deep earthquake that’s where white island 
just did its new thing with its steam and ash  
over to the west a spread of the same sized 
earthquakes this pinkish colored earthquake is the  
older of the bunch it’s a 5.5 we can actually even 
get that out of there once the feed refreshes here  
just wait for it hold on sorry guys okay get 
the 5.5 out of here here’s what struck since  
the 5.5 and i think most people’s eyes is 
going to be drawn to what’s up to the north  
5.7 came in right in the middle of the zoo ridge 
and let’s just get the information on this 5.7  
volcano islands japan region easy ridge let’s turn 
on the usgs tectonic plates to show you where the  
easy ridge is it’s the thick red line here on 
the screen now why am i making even a big point  
about this or anything issued a warning for larger 
earthquake activity to strike on the easier ridge  
6.0 to 6.5 and a 5.7 came in so i mean that’s 
within the magnitude certainly within the  
magnitude it’s definitely in the middle of the 
location warrant and it’s within the time frame so  
it’s an earthquake forecast direct hit on the izu 
ridge following this 5.7 up over to the west a 5  
and a 4.8 two separate quakes struck right next to 
taiwan or north philippines i’ll call that taiwan  
now why does that matter well if we take the 5 
plus the 4.8 it equals 5.048 you could round it up  
to a 5.1 why does that matter well the europeans 
reported this 5.7 as a 5.2 you don’t see it on the  
feed here anymore it’s been over 50 earthquakes 
and fallen off the european feed but usgs has it  
at 5.7 europeans have at 5.2 does it really matter 
it’s within a half magnitude right well it’s the  
same size whether it’s a 5.7 or a 5.2 it’s in the 
5-ish range and they’re on both sides of this see  
the red lines again 5.7 or 5.2 hard to know which 
and over here five so five and five on both sides  
of this and i’ve talked about this for years that 
we watch for about the same sized earthquakes on  
both sides within about a day of each other as 
energy is traveling up and around towards japan  
and we have double-sided arrows there because 
sometimes if the energy is big enough if there’s  
a big enough shift that takes place on the coast 
of japan you can see energy go down the other way  
down towards indonesia and really increase things 
big time seismic increase when that happens  
well that’s not happening at least not 
right now it’s going up towards japan  
which the next stop up here is going to be on 
the coast of japan tokyo going up to hokkaido  
middle point coast of honshu it’s our most famous 
earthquake zone on the planet pretty much still  
how big well we should take the 5.7 plus the 
5.0 and that equals 5.8 but if the europeans  
were right it was a 5.2 well then we should 
see something like a 5.3 to 5.4 pop off on the  
coast of honshu again what’s the difference it’s 
between a 5.4 and a 5.8 on the coast of honshu  
now you’ll also notice we have a big open area 
here with no earthquakes in papua new guinea  
and we have open areas between our sets of 
quakes here at the solomon islands and vanuatu  
and going back down around the bend the u-shaped 
bend of the plate here between new caledonia  
and fiji all three spots here between new 
caledonia and fiji here between papua new  
guinea and solomon are between papua new guinea 
and new caledonia and here at the middle point of  
i guess that’s western papua new guinea all three 
locations are going to get hit by something bigger  
than what’s on both sides currently so if we 
have upper fours what do we have a 4.8 on one  
side and a 4.8 on the other let me highlight 
those 4.8 on one side 4.8 on the other we go  
down in the middle that middle point should be 
something bigger than what’s on both sides same  
with back over to the east what do we have we 
have a 4.8 and a 4.9 pretty basic stuff here so  
we watched the middle point for something bigger 
than the combined total of what’s on both sides  
same with back over to the east even further 
we have our 4.9 and our deep six but this one  
should be something a little bit larger than 5.0 
i would put it as high as 7.0 potential next to  
new caledonia in the next few days so fiji new 
caledonia maybe as far west as vanuatu where the  
deep 4.9 is but i would look at the middle point 
along the bend of the u-shaped bend of the plate  
let me show it to you here i would look between 
our sets of earthquakes and at that middle point  
east of new caledonia is where i would watch 
for the new shallower larger earthquake that  
could go up into the seven range the other 
two spots to the west the middle point here  
and the middle point here should both be in 
the six range so it should still be big but  
it i think is going to strike the most right 
next to the big deep earthquake in this case  
now spreading out from there though sixes are 
nothing to scoff at if we go up into the mid-range  
six level that’s actually enough to cause major 
damage over here and then we go over to the west  
and we have a big open area again this one’s an 
open area between myanmar where our earthquake is  
and all the way back down over to east timor 
east timor is right here so the middle point  
brings us in right here sumatra and guess what 
just happened here mount cinebung just erupted  
and that was a pretty big blast so let’s 
just go see who’s on the list for today over  
in indonesia we’ll start at the top of the list 
so ducono in indonesia regular erupter every day  
fuego in guatemala on the opposite side of 
the plate white island we already talked about  
sanjay in ecuador savankaya and peru these are in 
south america same with rory aventador fuego again  
sunnis ajima’s in japan so far i’m only counting 
one volcano and that’s again dukono in indonesia  
but now look mount semaru in indonesia 100 well 
i’m sorry that would have been major 13 000  
foot i i almost thought it was a hundred thousand  
let me get a sip my coffee add 
another zero on that that would be bad
it’s not though it’s only thirteen 
thousand who else is on the list  
as far as i can tell that’s everybody on the list 
for indonesia which is way low we have to go into  
yesterday to get any more eruptive activity so 
the amount of eruptive activity in indonesia  
is extremely low we’ve seen 10 and 11 different 
volcanoes erupt in one day’s time across indonesia  
when we were going through a major seismic unrest 
like two years ago so in this case two one of them  
is here in the middle of our open area the 
other is right here where this whole broken  
apart section of the plate meets together in 
an s shape bend so i’m going to look at the  
middle point since mount cinnabon erupted and the 
eruptions now have dropped off and the seismic has  
now dropped off but we’re getting a bunch of deep 
earthquakes all around it i would put a warning  
for a new upper five to be coming rolling in right 
next to the volcano that’s in sumatra indonesia  
or i shouldn’t say right next to the volcano 
on the plate boundary to the west of sumatra  
northwest tip as we go up into asia 
same-sized earthquakes going across nepal  
back over to myanmar they’re within a hair of a 
point of each other and they’re both tied to this  
the plate boundary the thick red line that goes 
around the entire planet and for some reason i’m  
slowing down here oh that’s wonderful isn’t that 
great okay well thick red line around the plate  
boundary going over into europe and we have threes 
the usgs is just ignoring those earthquakes so you  
don’t even see them on their feed so you have 
to get the info from the europeans but it all  
comes to a pinnacle right here where our arrows 
point together coming out of russia tajikistan and  
going down or out of kazakhstan i mean going down 
into afghanistan and going west now this is pretty  
interesting a 4.6 earthquake but look where it’s 
drock kuwait again it’s not every day that i’m  
talking about q8 it’s at a 10 kilometer depth so 
that is not exactly reviewed by a seismologist  
it’s auto-generated depth at 10 km on all these 
earthquakes around the world but let’s just go  
see what’s in kuwait is there anything here of any 
significance i think kuwait has something that we  
whoa what the heck is that looks like a 
military base of some kind what is that  
it’s gotta be oh yeah yeah look at that yeah okay 
we have anything else out here of any significance  
maybe there’s some oil wells are these 
also military no this is oil look at that  
holy cow look at that the amount 
of where the oil wells let’s go see
yeah this is all oil guys all of this is oil
but i’m trying to find the wells themselves
it’s kind of grainy a little hard to tell i’m 
100 on that though i yeah these they’re massive  
what is this is there housing that’s how these 
are the houses that’s what the houses look like  
just so you guys can know the difference we got 
the hey there we go look at that you’ve got the  
shadow of the derrick you’ve got your ponds 
oh look for ponds they’re injecting water  
oh look at the craters hold on oh 
my god dude look at the craters
you know what the craters are from right
oh my god look at that this is when they okay kids 
let’s flash back to like the 90s or the late 80s  
early 90s and there was the saddam hussein 
invasion of kuwait which then led to desert  
storm or desert shield and desert storm 
or was a desert storm in desert shield  
anyway the country of kuwait was overrun by iraq 
and then the whole world came together and a  
coalition or most of the whole world came together 
any of the military countries that are you know  
global military uh came in and basically drove 
saddam hussein back into iraq right to the border  
and then they stopped at the border but then they 
came back in and went back and invaded iraq again  
and that’s a separate war but anyway that’s what 
all the craters are from unless a meteor hit there
so we’re at an oil field now why does that 
matter well before we go any further i  
shared something on social media yesterday 
about the professionals acknowledging that  
oil pumping operations where they’re injecting 
wastewater into the oil pumping operations now  
fracking basically that the wastewater 
injection we already know they’ve talked  
about that leading to earthquakes but 
over in california at the oil wells  
not at the gas wells so they’re doing wastewater 
injection at the oil wells to get out oil  
sometimes and gas and previously people said that 
oil wells were not vulnerable to earthquakes at  
all at any time wastewater injection or not 
i got attacked for years by professionals  
who said that there was no relation between the 
oil wells wastewater injection and earthquakes  
well now they’ve changed all their literature to 
and to reflect the new findings look i mean this  
is how it goes in science you think something’s 
wrong or right and you end up getting proved wrong  
or right in this case they were wrong they thought 
that there was no relation between earthquakes and  
oil wells and wastewater injection for years and 
then there was a big increase in activity in texas  
and oklahoma and the west coast in california 
and that’s what this new study that came out  
referenced now in california it’s also ironic 
that they did the study right off the san andreas  
that’s part of the headline but i don’t think 
that’s related i just think that that’s just a  
coincidence personally but who knows you know 
coincidence or not oil pumping operations are  
getting hit in kuwait is a good example of that 
right there now going to the west we go over to  
turkey and let me show you the plate boundary 
again this is you got to remember the plate  
boundary map here just try to memorize it as much 
as you can i’ve got the arrows on the map on the  
globe showing you where the expected flow goes and 
many of those arrows fall along the red lines but  
going over into europe right here at turkey right 
where the two meet where the two plate boundaries  
meet where the usgs had no line connecting between 
them that’s where the earthquakes are striking in  
between the two right there eastern turkey right 
at the tip of our arrow coming out of the mideast  
going over into turkey then over here to the west 
that’s where our seven point something earthquake  
struck this past week and tsunami hit pretty big 
too you guys should go see some of those videos  
man have you guys looked at the videos of 
the tsunami over in greece this past week  
here hold on hold on let me see if i can find 
a few this is educational so we can definitely  
do that uh let’s open up a copy of youtube 
and go over and search greece turkey tsunami
for the past week now let’s just do this 
month and maybe more than a week ago  
oh man wow they really oh 
here’s rt i don’t want to
there we go watch this
so i’ll just turn down the volume look at this so 
this is legit footage there’s many compilations of  
this guys this is from the disaster compilations 
channel and you guys should subscribe to them  
by the way they do a pretty good job of bringing 
all the stuff so look at the people there they’re  
watching this come in and as they’re watching it 
come in it’s pretty obvious uh it’s something nor  
bigger than normal something bigger than a storm 
wave and it keeps surging and notice they start to  
notice pretty quick that the wave is surging 
and it’s going to keep coming and it does it  
comes right up over the dock comes up onto shore 
and keeps coming in and it goes in for at least  
a couple hundred feet at least in now this 
is just at one spot there’s better shots of  
this it was bigger of course closer to the 
epicenter but you start seeing something  
like this come in you start you better start 
looking unfortunately right hold on right there  
okay what i’m seeing in this shot is a younger 
man and an elderly man they’re both there watching  
the waves recede because this whole thing had to 
take a half hour at least to happen the wave had  
to pull out you had to see the water recede out 
into the bay completely disappear out there for  
hundreds of feet out you see exposed shoreline 
and you have an elderly person there that’s not  
smart now the wave comes in of course here’s 
another shot of it in a different part of  
greece or turkey i don’t know again which 
part but you see it starts coming in big  
time coming in and it doesn’t stop it goes 
on for a while starts sweeping the cars away  
now when this happened when the tsunami happened 
guess what this is crazy when this tsunami hit  
the usgs didn’t report it they ignored the 
they ignored the wave no tsunami warning  
no tsunami anything i had to go and search 
the buoys my video’s still on youtube where  
you can watch me doing that they did not have 
any kind of advisory or anything on it they  
completely ignored the tsunami the usgs completely 
ignored this and pretended like it didn’t occur
here watch this watch this wave come crashing into 
this place here it is watch you can see the water  
at the door right there you see it’s starting 
to surge up it’s starting to come up water  
started pouring boom water flows in the weight 
obviously on the door and next thing you know  
the whole office is flooded and these again we got 
so many shots of this it’s amazing now this one  
this one check this out this part this is just to 
me you can see the waves are the ocean is receded  
you can see the rocks out look at the little kid 
do you see this this is why i need everyone to  
be smart i don’t care what country you’re in at 
this point in this day and age you should know if  
the ocean reseeds out and you suddenly suddenly 
the ocean recedes out further than you’ve ever  
seen before enough for you to get out your camera 
and start recording you’ve got a little kid there
and then the waves start to come back in it’s 
all of a sudden you’re like wow look at that  
the water started to get a little unsettled i 
don’t know what’s happening here let’s see let’s  
keep recording and it starts surging up on the 
beach you’re now if you hear the audio on this  
this person is calling to their kid telling them 
to get out of there they got the dog oh my god
oh my goodness oh my god
yeah oh omg guys so anyway just taking the 
time to show that to you as the usgs ignored  
that that happened right in here they ignored 
it they i video documented it they literally  
ignored a tsunami and didn’t report it so you had 
to come online to people like me to get the info  
all right now since then that’s where the big 
earthquake happened right down here where we’re  
still swarming out and obviously energy is still 
trapped in releasing there is more flow keeps  
coming in one more time let me explain this to 
you one more time flow comes across where the red  
lines are and it goes into europe the flow hasn’t 
stopped so this broke and it still continues to  
swarm and a push has gone up across eastern and 
central europe not over to the west yet it’s  
still stuck right here now let me take you back 
two days a deep earthquake happened right here  
i think it was in serbia right next to bosnia 
a deep earthquake happened you don’t see it on  
the feed here anymore it was down hundred 
300 something kilometers down below europe  
then a new five popped off here at albania 
montenegro subsequent 5.0 range activity is struck  
two sets of fives has now struck here right 
on the back side of our little arrow it’s  
there’s a little arrow telling us which way we 
expect energy to flow out of greece and it’s  
a perfect hit five-ish range activity check it 
off the list four-ish range activity 3.9 to 4.0  
struck over in romania which is in the magnitude 
of what we were looking for within the magnitude  
so you can check off romania and you can check 
off bosnia going back down into albania don’t  
forget croatia was also hit earlier this week with 
a 4.6 which is just north of the tip of the arrow  
so tip of the air to the north tip the arrow to 
the south both have been hit again it’s a smack  
spot on hit earthquake forecast hit yesterday or 
two days ago 4.0 range earthquake struck up in  
switzerland again right at the austria 
border with switzerland or luxembourg  
not often you hear about luxembourg 
let me show you where luxembourg is  
it’s this tiny itty-bitty little thing right here 
in the middle next to the 2.1 that’s luxembourg  
and it just got hit i think that’s luxembourg 
am i right no no no wait that’s not luxembourg  
luxembourg’s up here to the north what is 
the little oh man what is that little town  
or that little country called dang i need it’s 
the one i didn’t learn hold on liechtenstein
the one you never remember guys come on 
man luxembourg’s the other small one up  
to the north this one’s even smaller lichtenstein
mean guys it means earthquake in 
german german oh man oh man okay  
enough enough shenanigans let’s carry on over 
to the west we go and we have twos coming out  
of the pyrenees this is south france a northeast 
spain and it goes out into the azores and the  
canaries so so far the canaries have been hit 
but the azores is quiet the flow is stuck back  
in south europe and one more final thing before 
we move out of europe a new deep earthquake has  
struck it’s only in the two range what is this 2.9 
let’s just call it a deep three a deep three down  
below the south boot tip of italy or just north 
of the volcanoes there that’s the second deep  
earthquake so we had a deep earthquake down below 
croatia and bosnia and followed up by a five now  
we have a deep earthquake down below italy i would 
think that two would be followed up by something  
in the upper four to five range it’s not too 
far of a hop skip and a jump from where it  
just happened the only other spot left to 
move is italy central italy to the north  
north side of central italy that’s norcha 
basically and it didn’t get hit this past week  
so far a deep earthquake that’s it let’s 
jump all the way back across oh wait hold on
dude a new deep earthquake
750 kilometers deep now you guys know there’s 
a cut off for the measurement and reporting  
of deep earthquakes 750 so this earthquake 
here could be deeper most likely is most  
likely is deeper than 750 the chance of it 
being right on at 750 at the cutoff point is  
come on so it’s likely deeper than 750 but 
again their cutoff point for reporting is  
750 as far as i know and this could 
be a thousand kilometers deep but it’s  
down below north new zealand on the kermadec 
islands if you will or the ridge that connects  
to the kermadec islands go down to new zealand and 
just go take a quick gander here we are so a new  
deep earthquake right down below the catcher’s mid 
again but it’s on the northwest side more close to  
auckland i would say wouldn’t you let’s go down 
and see how close we are to auckland on that
new deep earthquake uh yeah auckland right 
in here and the new deep earthquake somewhere  
right next to it yep wow we’ve got ourselves a 
deep disturbance going on down below the area  
between new zealand fiji and new caledonia hence 
my warning i’ve got the warning going up here  
i wonder if i should reassess 
now i have to reassess live let  
me get to sip my coffee while 
i think about this for a second
okay so we’ve got ourselves deep earthquake 
activity here now we have previous deep earthquake  
activity right here we’ve got white island sending 
off some kind of large steam burst with ash  
up to the north we have a deep six that’s a lot 
of deep all the way up here should spread out over  
to the west that’s the way we expect the flow 
to go to the west into the east spread out two  
directions and the third is down to the south and 
well it’s spreading down to the south another way  
to look at this would be that the whole area from 
up here over to here and down to here or from new  
caledonia over to fiji and down to the karma decks 
it’s like a triangular area right here down below  
it major force is coming up so that means it’s 
going to spread up out and away should go i guess  
again this is a guess all three directions i 
don’t have very many examples of 750 kilometer  
deep earthquakes down below north new zealand i 
mean there’s just a handful of them we had one  
happen i want to say it was two years ago a deep 
earthquake that happened here that was in the deep  
four to five range and then they replaced the 
deep four to five down at 750 with a deep eight  
a deep eight happened here and when the deep eight 
happened spreading out from the deep eight a line  
of sixes and six point fives up to six point 
nine basically sixes went out from the eight all  
the way around the planet and came back around 
back down into indonesia and culminated with a  
cluster of sevens so a line of sixes went 
all the way around the planet it was like  
five or six different 6.0 range earthquakes 
leading in a path from that two years ago the  
deep aid all the way over up across back down 
through alaska back down on the coast of japan  
and dead ended back here so went around and back 
and when it came back the impact was huge as a  
matter of fact there was a volcanic eruption that 
accompanied that that created a tsunami at mount  
krakatoa right here where the 5.0 is that was two 
years ago i’m not saying that’s going to happen  
now i’m just saying that the last time that we 
were really dealing with 750 kilometer deep or  
greater deep earthquakes here was two years ago 
when they replaced that one with the deep eight
okay let’s jump across because like i said energy 
flows out to the west which we’ve already talked  
about at length and energy flows out over to the 
east where the arrows point now the arrow points  
down to the south and chile and then there’s a 
middle point between the two arrows and that’s  
where the biggest cluster of earthquakes is 
that middle point we call that the fulcrum point  
the southern arrow points down to 
where our cluster of earthquakes stops  
and villarreaca volcano came back on the list this 
week new eruption at villarreal volcano right here  
where the travels underneath point exist so 
our earthquakes come down to the volcano that  
erupted then up here to the north right here 
saban kaya erupted last week with a 30 000  
something foot high blast that’s where the rings 
overlap south peru north peru we get just north  
of peru into ecuador and we have sanjay and rory 
ventador both erupting here where the letter v is  
central america it’s a stepping stone path of 
the same size earthquakes look 4.4 4.4 getting  
down into the middle of it a 4.8 and what’s the 
other size there’s another four let’s see 4.3 4.3  
and a 4.8 at the middle and a 4.7 to the south so 
it’s again they’re all about the same size they’re  
within a hair of a point of each other the 4.4 
4.4 and 4.3 obviously are three of the same sized  
earthquakes then the southern tip 4.7 and 4.8 
again those are two of the same size quakes so  
all of mexico going down past guatemala down into 
costa rica all moving in the past couple days in  
the middle of all of this mount fuego is erupting 
at the letter v and popocatepital is erupting at  
the other letter v and let me show you on the map 
again here it’ll make more sense fuego is erupting  
right here purple conceptual is up here but fuego 
is right where the two plate boundaries meet  
and that’s where the predominance of the activity 
is taking place fuego is putting off more blasts  
than popocate at all along the plate boundary so 
where the two plate boundaries meet that’s where  
the more blasts are happening and that’s where 
the earthquakes the biggest are taking place  
4.8 right here fuego letter v where the plate 
boundaries meet then going over to the east  
we have a spread of activity that tends to go all 
the way over to the eastern side of the caribbean  
and the same sized activity that strikes here you 
can add it all up and it tends to strike over here  
on the eastern side from puerto rico over to 
the eastern caribbean within a few days time  
now you’ll see right now we’re only dealing with 
twos and threes in puerto rico but we’ve got all  
of this with eruptions too going on across central 
america in an increase one more time an increase  
in volcanic activity if fuego right here where 
the plate boundaries meet kind of letting us know  
that there’s traffic coming in on the road or if 
there’s a train getting ready to go down the track  
so we’re gonna look down 
here at the end of the track  
the end of the track right over here in between 
our previous sets of earthquakes from this past  
week which i don’t know if we’re even going 
to see it we don’t see the venezuela quake  
so i’d warn the eastern caribbean going 
from puerto rico over to pele montserrat  
now back behind it we have a separate warning 
going and i’m not going to expire that one till  
two days from now let’s see hold on yeah 
saturday on saturday the warning for cuba expires  
and nothing’s hit so far at least as far as i 
know there may have been something there and  
i just missed it or something but i have not 
seen any earthquake activity there reported  
at all from jamaica to cuba what size we 
were looking for mid-range to upper four  
maybe even five so now that’s two spots where i’m 
watching in the caribbean for 5.0 range activity  
basically one at cuba the other all the way 
over here in between puerto rico and montserrat
united states lower 48 ah let’s also talk about 
alaska and hawaii too we’ll work everybody in  
today so let’s start up in alaska notice 4.3 all 
the way up in the aleutian island chain and look  
hey they reported an earthquake yesterday oh my 
gosh a 4.3 wow two of the same sized earthquakes  
what do they have in common a size from 
their magnitude being the exact same  
they’re both on the plate boundary one up here 
in the aleutians the other over here at heidegg y  
connected on the plate boundary and in between 
we have smaller earthquakes that go up around and  
down into the pacific northwest now this is the 
juan de fuca fracture zone which has been shifting  
and it’s been shifting pretty heavily let’s go 
look at the tremor map and see what’s going on  
so on the tremors these are little red dots 
that signify a vibration as the plate shifts  
look at this this is yesterday 11 11 520 
different epicenters 520 different vibrations  
most of which are happening up in washington right 
at the border with canada going into vancouver  
island going across the strait of juan de fuca 
and quite literally spreading across the whole  
south tip of vancouver island the other clusters 
are smaller but they’re equally spaced the most  
all the way down across oregon into california 
520 as of yesterday let’s go back a day  
let’s go back one day to the 10th 462 about 
the same within 100 and the predominance is  
up in washington at vancouver island again but 
notice between yesterday and today the area in  
vancouver island is spread it’s growing in 
vancouver island so but down to the south  
you’ll see down in oregon in california it’s 
clustered let’s go back a day to the ninth  
655 and we’re dealing with four clusters again 
but really again it’s pretty much the same areas  
northern california southwest oregon and 
up at the washington canada border region  
so we can keep going back day after day and 
you’re going to see hundreds and hundreds of these  
and normally there’s like 10 10 20 30 at the most 
maybe there’s even some days where there’s none  
but when we start seeing hundreds and hundreds 
of these every day and they add up to thousands  
in the course of a week we call that a slow 
slip an episodic tremor slip where the plate  
is slipping or vibrating as it’s shifting so these 
are magnitudes assigned to this but they’re really  
just small vibrations there’s no real braking 
going on not like faults that you would think  
with an earthquake while there are magnitudes or 
vibrations associated with that now what do these  
areas correspond to well out in the ocean there’s 
something called the juan de fuca fracture zone  
you can see it here it’s like a zigzag 
shape it’s a letter m shape the jagged  
edges belong to the pacific plate and 
tension is created or power is put into  
this area from the pacific when it goes into 
motion remember the pacific plates in motion  
from all those deep earthquakes coming up from 
down below spreading out over to europe and up  
and around in the illusions and across over into 
south america all of our arrows showing us where  
we watch for energy to flow one more time i’ll 
show you where the arrows are if you’re new  
so we watch for energy to flow out up around 
over and down into the united states north  
american craton coming in from the northwest and 
it comes in through the juan de fuca fracture zone  
and then we get all this vibration on 
the plate here in the northwest vancouver  
island going down into washington oregon 
in california and these arrow points of the  
jagged edges of the pacific plate plate point 
into where all of our vibrating is taking place  
so each pinnacle point of the pacific plate 
pushing into the juan de fuca transfers over  
to the east and drops off all this vibration 
think of this more like coming up into the plate  
like this is the bottom of a bathtub and this 
is the side of the bathtub up towards the top  
and you push in on the bottom and it 
comes up through the side up to the top  
that’s where this vibrating is taking place  
so why does it matter well as the plate shifts 
and vibrates guess what accompanies that  
not just vibrations earthquake activity and on 
the north side of there right where the juan de  
fuca comes into the north side up here that’s 
where our four point something earthquake just  
struck yesterday queen charlotte sound four point 
whatever and it’s the same size again that 4.3  
that struck up here on the north side same size as 
what’s over here in the aleutians and connecting  
in between a stepping stone path of the same size 
earthquakes all in the two and three range well  
that’s a big drop off from where we were which was 
7.6 and tsunami there was a 7.6 and tsunami here  
so wait a second there was a seven point 
something earthquake over in greece in a tsunami  
and then the next week within seven days or so 
maybe two weeks at the most not not two weeks  
ten days we have another tsunami and this one’s 
in well actually the first one was in alaska the  
second one was in greece but two in two weeks 
time basically it’s insane so a big amount of  
movement on two sides of the planet two tsunamis 
we were dealing with now the flow is starting to  
go into the united states hence all the movement 
hence all the shifting of the plate down here one  
more time all the little red dots why are these 
all occurring because the red line is shifting  
the red line is shifting all the way from back 
in the aleutians all the way back down across and  
into the united states which goes into the north 
american craton now something happened last night  
aside from all these little red dots all these 
little red dots are the vibrating as the plate  
is shifting but let’s go show you what happened 
in oregon something happened in oregon last night  
something that no one can explain except 
for me and i’m not happy about being able  
to explain it but everybody tried to say or 
not everybody my viewers did not disagree but  
the hot spots the hot spots let’s go look 
in oregon and go take a look at the state  
of oregon in shortwave infrared and look at 
last night look at that so every little red  
dot is the detection of a fire signature or 
a heat signature that’s going up into the  
multi hundred degree range let’s say four five 
six seven hundred degree range maybe even more  
and it’s all across the state of oregon and 
it goes up into washington and it goes all  
the way across the whole state of oregon 
across the coast up to the mountain range  
and it stops at california basically just about 
50 miles north of the california border just stops  
carries on over east into idaho these little black 
dots this is last last night yesterday afternoon  
so the go-to fake whatever explanation that was 
put out by the deniers and the professionals  
trying to say that first of all they tried to 
say that it was only me who could see the hot  
spots that was in the vice article that they wrote 
about me well once everybody could start to see  
them they had to come up with another explanation 
they tried to say it was farmers burning their  
fields over on the new madrid seismic zone well 
we know it’s not farmers burning their fields here  
it’s pine forest and not only is it pine forest 
it’s pine forest and volcanoes and they’re not  
burning farmers fields here and certainly they’re 
not burning them overnight and certainly they’re  
not spread out across two three states all at 
once at the same time that kind of coordination  
would be insane to do even on a military level 
let alone from farmers who are not related  
to each other so the explanation of farmers 
burning their fields is a laughable childlike  
grossly negligent explanation for the hot spots 
and i’m not accepting their explanation by the way  
we reject their explanation now we can for certain 
because these hot spots are not being caused by  
farmers burning their fields as a matter of fact 
we’ve even seen them out in the ocean unless you  
think it’s kelp farmers out in the ocean burning 
their kelp maybe it’s spongebob down at the bottom  
of the ocean making some kind of fire again 
this is such a joke to try and say that it’s  
farmers burning their fields so you can even see 
this on the natural color fire view for last night  
now i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it 
you should be able here’s right after sunset  
you should hopefully be able to see it here on 
screen it’s a little bit hard to translate through  
the stream just because of the bits per second 
and i’m again streaming at a certain quality  
but you guys can come over and check it 
there is no disputing it it’s showing  
again back up on shortwave infrared let’s 
go look at particle size near infrared  
so again this is going to take us to last 
night you should even be able to still see  
it on there too look at that here’s 
yesterday going in just after sunset  
okay so what could cause a bunch of hot 
spots here in oregon just pop up along from  
the coast up into the mountain range well there’s 
only one thing that’s going on from the coast  
up into the mountain range from on the coast 
of oregon let’s go and show you one more time  
these these these are happening along the coast 
of oregon going up to the mountain range which is  
nothing but a bunch of volcanoes by the way the 
mountain range is exactly nothing but volcanoes  
all the way up we’ve got a mark you can see them 
there’s the state of so all of this ties together  
the hot spots the earthquakes the seismic 
activity the tremors as the plate is shifting  
the ets the episodic tremors slip the 
plate is slipping it’s releasing heat  
that’s it that’s the only explanation that we 
could come up with you couldn’t tell me that  
was chance or coincidence or farmers burning 
their fields or anything else other than heat  
from the plate shifting coming up on the coast 
of oregon now wouldn’t that lead to an earthquake  
wouldn’t you think an earthquake would accompany 
that i would think an earthquake would accompany  
that i know there’s going to be other people who 
wouldn’t but we’ll have to wait and see wouldn’t  
we since i don’t have many examples on the coast 
of oregon lighting up like that that’s all in  
just a couple hours time that’s in literally 
a couple hours time where those hot spots just  
suddenly appear across the whole state going over 
to idaho by the way going across oregon over nida  
right to here and going up across southern 
washington right through here across the  
oregon washington border region well do you guys 
know what’s at the washington oregon border region  
this the biggest volcanic cluster in washington
that’s where the other hot spots are going up and 
around so nobody can explain this as anything else  
other than heat being released as the plate is 
shifting it’s not too far of a stretch either  
i mean heat rises and the plate is up above 
magma and if the plate starts to shift and  
there are cracks in the plate that go all the way 
through the plate should release some heat upwards  
so one lone earthquake over here in idaho let 
me make sure i’ve got the right feed turned on  
hold on one day 0.0 and greater earthquake feed 
let’s just hit refresh one more time make sure  
that’s accurate okay the number of earthquakes 
across washington oregon idaho montana has fallen  
through the floor there are four earthquakes four 
normally we’re dealing with a handful to a cluster  
to a couple dozen different earthquakes coming 
out of the northwest on the edge of the craton  
it’s all locked and loaded right now all of 
this is shifting building tension but it’s  
locked between here at yellowstone which is at 
the wyoming idaho border region where the arrow is  
it’s all locked west of the craytown 
edge west of montana it’s building energy  
hence the hot spots shifting releasing heat but 
no transfer over to the edge of the crate on yet  
meaning that rock and that plate is taking 
that tension right now it will break soon  
i would think not any long period of time here 
i would think in the next few days we’re going  
to be seeing a significant sized earthquake up 
here in the pacific northwest somewhere between  
wyoming which is the yellowstone national park 
and all the way back up here to haida y and all  
the way down here to northern california so 
what would be the halfway point between all  
three the triangulated point between yellowstone 
hecate strait and eureka california well if we  
go right in the middle of it it puts it in 
oregon where all the hot spots are but i  
would lean towards the edge of the middle point 
which is right out here off the coast of oregon  
the pinnacle tip of the juan de fuca fracture 
zone so let’s just go ahead and do that let’s  
issue a warning now off the coast of oregon for 
a significant sized earthquake to take place  
not mega how big is significant well i consider 
a 6.0 or greater earthquake large and i consider  
a 4.0 greater earthquake just to be moderate so 
that would mean it would be in the five-ish range  
now here’s a problem they don’t report 
fives off the coast unless you say something  
they hide them they don’t want people to see the 
earthquakes out off the coast so they literally  
go years without reporting fives off the coast did 
you guys know that they don’t report fours fives  
they don’t want to alarm people out off the coast 
so you have to say something to them about them  
not reporting the earthquakes then it gets kind of 
pressure on them and then they get they debate it  
i’m sure somebody makes a phone call to somebody 
and next thing you know they get an earthquake on  
the feed just to satisfy the lack of earthquakes 
of reporting because it’s suspicious that i mean  
it’s the most seismic zone on the active seismic 
zone in the at least in laurentia on the north  
american plate we should have at least a few 
fours and fives every month and instead ever  
since i came around and started to note them they 
stopped they used to happen on a regular basis  
and i started making note of them and 
i forecast let me tell you a story  
i forecast a 6.0 earthquake to strike out 
here like six years ago five or six years ago  
and a professor from the pacific northwest 
seismic network the guy who ran the dang plays  
came out on social media dogging me hard and i 
mean ripping me a new one the guy was making up  
all kinds of accusations about me i couldn’t 
believe it i thought it was a troll account  
or something but it turned out it really was the 
director of the pacific northwest seismic network  
and he said there was no chance of me being able 
to forecast an earthquake first of all and i’ve  
called for a six and he said it wasn’t gonna 
happen a couple days later guess what happened  
right out here at the pinnacle tip right out 
here just south of the pinnacle tip on the  
blanco fracture zone a 5.9 earthquakes 
truck when the 5.9 earthquake struck  
i called for a six the professor had already said 
it wasn’t going to happen that it couldn’t happen  
he came out and said well it did hit but 
forecasting fives and sixes out here off the  
coast of oregon is like shooting fish in a barrel 
there’s so many they happen all the time he said
well guess what stopped right after that  
all the fours and fives basically stopped unless 
somebody complains and then all of a sudden a  
magic earthquake appears on the feet after many 
many months without anything it’s like a miracle  
surely they wouldn’t do anything until wood 
about the earthquake information would they touch  
no no they would never do anything like 
that no they’re totally honest good people  
now let’s go up here into northern california 
oh by the way we’re going to skip over the  
whole state of oregon that doesn’t report 
earthquakes at all unless you say something  
too and even if they do even if you do say 
something they don’t even report earthquake  
it’s a seismically immune state you’re 
immune to earthquakes did you know that
oh wait you’re not there’s no 
such thing as earthquake immunity  
wait why are there no earthquakes in oregon then  
okay never mind don’t ask any questions that’s 
the most important thing about doing science  
if you want to be part of their science don’t 
ask any questions just wait to be told what to  
think it’s much easier hey macleod ah sean 
we’re missing sean john connor sean connery  
what you’re experiencing mcleod is called the 
quickening oh guys come on man okay so we’re  
going to mcleod let’s go put the coordinates in 
let’s go see what’s there hey why did sean connery  
play a spaniard in highlander 
when he’s from scotland
why did he play a spaniard 
i know and i can’t tell you  
because you might figure out where to 
go and where to go in the real world  
find out the secret city of lost gold that 
connery was trying to show us in all his movies  
man with the golden gun gold finger zardas 
plays the spaniard a chief metallurgist in the  
highlander huh sure seems to be a lot of gold 
let’s go put the coordinates in wait hold on  
search we’re just south of mount shasta south 
east of mount shasta or west of brushy butte  
volcano but i’m going to say we’re on the flank 
of mount shasta the stratos shredder volcano  
mcleod is on the flank of the straddle volcano 
so do you think it’s related to the volcano if  
it’s right next to the volcano i would say it 
is let’s go down to bella vista and see where  
this earthquake is taking us this is going 
to take us into the north tip of the valley  
so we’re leaving mcleod 
and going a few miles south
look at that we’re right next to silver lake 
now we’re also north of a few volcanoes that are  
from our past updates we’ve talked about at 
length but silver lake we have to go back  
almost two years earthquake started to strike 
next to silver lake before the fires broke out  
down here down to the south at paradise
so all kinds of fires broke out down here after 
an outbreak of earthquakes up here next to silver  
lake it may just be a coincidence i don’t have 
previous examples of it happening and i don’t  
have any examples of it happening since so 
it could just be a one-time one-off fluke  
that that happened but we keep track of the 
earthquakes that strike there now just in case  
down to the east-southeast belden california let’s 
go see what’s there now we’re a kilometer down  
inside of the crust californians californians 
where are we we’re southwest of lake aluminor  
and again now this is taking us in next to a few 
things first of all do you see that says high  
voltage power lines now this is something 
i haven’t really been checking for so far  
but look where we’re going in see where it says 
story high voltage power lines we can follow the  
clear cut of the power lines to the north and 
see how far it goes it follows up this way at  
least as far as this juncture at belden but do we 
have any more up to the north it’s a little weird  
that we get so close to these high voltage power 
lines transmission lines but i don’t see any here  
let’s go zoom in a little bit more we have roads 
the roads look like they’re going down to mining  
operations is there mining going on here oh man 
that changes everything if we’ve got mines in here  
i i mean that’s where that’s what those 
are right up here on the north side  
it’s got to be gold or other precious materials 
in the ground there okay we’ll leave that one up  
in the air because that is that’s really close 
to all those old what look like prospect claims  
that’s not forestry clear cut that’s like people 
have mined out the side on those hillsides there  
and they don’t put anything back that’s 
how it lets you know that it’s just like a  
a mom-and-pop miner that’s not replacing 
the trees like a company would with a  
you know replanting of back on the location 
so let’s go down across western california or  
northwest california and go look at geysers 
cobb and anderson the location on here i  
started to see these coordinates pop up and i 
was like wow i’d recognize those coordinates  
anytime i see a 1227 coordinate i know 
it’s taking me in on the volcano there
so where are we we’re at a series of 
power generating electrical stations  
geothermal turbines pipelines that go out to drill 
points and the drill points go down a few hundred  
to a few thousand feet to get the steam from this 
volcanic field called clear lake and depending on  
which earthquake you click on you’re either 
gonna get anderson cobb or geysers california  
so the geysers the name speaks for itself tells 
you what’s there geothermal and humans are tapping  
into it they’ve drilled in and that’s where 
all these earthquakes are now the number of  
earthquakes here has actually gone up it went 
down to next to nothing this past week but as  
it went down next to nothing guess what went 
through the roof up here to the north the plate  
started to really go into overdrive shifting which 
is still happening today like i said the flow  
out of the northwest is cut off the edge of the 
craton is now quiet as we’re waiting for a release  
to come out of the northwest we should see a 
break up here pretty soon which should then  
release seismic activity down across the edge 
of the craton all the way to the east let’s  
go down through the bay area and end up on the 
san andreas with a 3.3 on the creeping section  
san juan batista and again this is the famous 
creeping section of the san andreas the star  
is where the earthquake is and the red line is 
the thick red line that goes all the way down  
to southern california that’s the san 
andreas fault itself it’s the plate boundary  
and it’s the way we expect the earthquakes to flow 
so coming out of the volcano to the north going  
down as far as this point here east of monterey 
bay we are on the san andreas now wait a second  
let’s go pull that study on the oil pumping 
operations oil earthquake california
fizz see if that brings up there it is  
one day ago oil field operations likely triggered 
earthquakes in california a few miles from the  
san andreas fault the san ardo oil field near 
salinas california has been linked to earthquakes  
so let’s go read what they have to say the way 
companies drill for oil and gas and dispose  
of wastewater can trigger earthquakes at 
times in unexpected places in west texas  
edge of the craton guys in west texas earthquake 
rates are now 30 times higher than they were in  
2013. studies have also linked earthquakes 
to oil field operations in oklahoma kansas  
colorado and ohio and they provide links to 
each of the department of interior studies
california was thought to have been an exception 
hence all the people who came out to all my  
videos and said there was no relation between 
wastewater oil pumping operations and earthquakes  
in california california was thought to be an 
exception a place where oil field operations  
and tectonic faults apparently co-existed 
without much problem now new research shows  
that the state’s natural earthquake activity 
may be hiding industry-induced quakes what a  
tricky way to word it as a seismologist this is 
the author of the article now as a seismologist  
i’ve been investigating induced earthquakes 
in the u.s europe and australia blah blah blah
most of these earthquakes are too 
small to be felt but not all of them  
in 2016 a magnitude 5.8 earthquake 
damaged buildings in pawnee oklahoma  
and led to state and federal regulators 
to shut down 32 wastewater disposal wells  
near a newly discovered fault large earthquakes 
are rare far from tectonic plate boundaries  
and oklahoma experiencing three magnitude 5 
or greater earthquakes and 1 years happened  
in 2016 was unheard of wrong wrong 
sorry i hate to disagree with them but  
they’re not taking into account the edge of 
the crate on the flow goes across the edge of  
the gray time and in 2016 the 5.8 we could go 
back to 2016 and you can go see what happened  
on the west coast before the 5.8 struck 
over in oklahoma do you want me to show you  
do you want me to show you what 
happened in here let me let me show you  
2016 oklahoma 5.8 see if that brings it up
up dutch since
wow wow they barely i’m not coming up 
at all even by putting my name in there
what the heck
okay i hide it dutch since oklahoma 
5.8 let’s leave the m out of there
what they look who comes up look who they frankie 
mcdonald come up when they search me what a joke
okay first of all it wasn’t a 5.8 it was a 
5.3 maybe that’s why my video is not coming up  
they changed it to a 5. 5.8
oh my god okay here we are in 2016. let’s 
hit let’s just hit play and see what happened  
there it is wow they brought the earthquake up 
by a full magnitude or is it a separate quake
oh boy here we are
ah hold on what hit in colorado look at the threes 
okay here’s what here’s what happened before  
the five in colorado or in oklahoma a 
four and a series of fours and threes  
across the west coast coming in 
on the edge of the crate time
oh we can go back even before there let’s see 
if we can go back to the start of the week  
on the update here let’s hope i did they upgraded 
it to a 5.3 there’s our fours oh and we’re  
swarming on the west coast fours and swarming on 
the west coast let’s just see if i show any more  
and fives coming across the plate this is 2016 
now guys this is years ago i can’t believe that  
it doesn’t come up when you search it in 
a search engine that they have it hidden
i wish i would have shown more than two days 
worth in this update from four years ago  
do i have any more i i still 
can’t believe they got me uh
i still can’t believe they got me blocked
well you get to see it here live you’re going to 
see all the other people coming up too when you  
search my name look at all the other people that 
are using my name or youtube is putting them in  
trying to lump them in with me meanwhile 
you can’t find the relevant information  
dude that’s deliberate that is deliberate in 
the frankie mcdonnell thing come on man that  
is deliberate if i ever saw it now over to 
the east let’s go and look at these quakes  
over in nevada going down into california man 
oh dude what an update this is sure is nevada  
shoes sures how do you say it i’m probably 
butchering the way it’s pronounced it’ll be  
skewers or something people correct 
me either way even if it’s not wrong  
i think they just like doing that makes them 
feel special here we go all right so pilot cone  
basalt peak fisher ridge black hills north that’s 
where we are right next to it within a few miles  
so i’m going to say it’s related to the volcanic 
field that it’s right next to down to the south we  
go right into the middle of the caldera again next 
to mammoth mountain in the middle of long valley  
caldera let’s go pull that up mammoth lakes this 
is a super volcano and we’re back in the middle  
of it we actually never left the middle of it 
we’ve been in the middle of it for several years  
at this point with earthquake striking right 
next to this see these well maybe you don’t
geothermal turbines where they drilled in to get 
steam to come up and turn the turbines and there’s  
electrical generation going on right in the 
middle of this so it’s already a weak point for  
piezoelectric energy to be coming up electrically 
speaking through the crust humans start generating  
electricity up on the surface we perforate the 
surface with long tubes made of metal and that’s  
not going to act like some kind of antenna or 
something or plugging into the ground let’s go  
and look up to the east northeast this 
is taking us into another volcanic field  
right at the california nevada border mana lake 
mono lake volcanic field look there’s mono lake  
we’re on the east side of it or you could even 
say we’re closer over here to the volcanic hills  
buttes hills or mono lake or the super volcano 
i guess we’re really between all three aren’t we  
but they’re just a few miles in each direction 
so it’s just one lone quake the bulk of these is  
still happening are still happening over to the 
east at the monte cristo hills volcanic buttes  
where the 6.5 earthquake struck like five 
and a half months ago right here and a tear  
in the ground again a 12 mile long tear in the 
ground a fissure formed when that 6.5 happened  
and that’s fishers in the same direction as the 
earthquake still are going and they all connect  
they connect back down across the border down 
to the super volcano it’s really just the whole  
area from the super volcano over to monte cristo 
that’s basically moving from here up and across to  
here this whole thing and it broke apart five 
months ago and it hasn’t stopped moving since  
it’s been catching most of the energy that comes 
down across the california nevada border once it  
gets to here directs it over to the east you’ll 
notice the flow down to ridgecrest has been cut  
off since the big earthquake struck here if you 
live in ridgecrest you know what i’m talking about  
because you were going through the roof you were 
constantly getting hit with threes fours fives  
it was just keeps going kept flaring back up as 
new pushes were coming in but then a big enough  
push came in last year or well well yeah 29 6 
months ago so 20 20. big enough push came in  
that it redirected the flow over to the east 
following the trajectory we normally expect  
over to the east so it took it away from you down 
at ridgecrest well now well should break again and  
release back down to ridgecrest at some point 
i don’t think that’s gonna happen this week i’m  
just saying in general that’s what should happen 
eventually this will resettle back out if you will  
and allow for flow to go back down across 
the owens valley back into ridgecrash  
also the flow coming down the san andreas once 
it comes down to let’s say kolinga or parkfield  
it jumps over and across the energy across 
the valley down to the east southeast over  
to ridgecrest we see a path of earthquakes that 
comes down from where this 3.3 is and goes down  
to the south tip of the valley dead ending into 
the garlock fault let me show it to you this way  
well hold on let me show it to you on this 
map coming down the red line getting down  
to a right about here and jumping over to the 
east and impacting back down into china lake  
ridgecrest and the garlock fault 
so far that has not happened today  
so far a 3.3 last night has struck on 
the creeping section of the san andreas  
where down in ridgecrest were only at a few 
twos zeros ones and a couple twos i would  
expect the increase to take place between here at 
the creeping section and here down at ridge grass
over to the east a 2.0 earthquake out in the 
middle of the desert of eastern california at  
the nevada border two different twos or is it just 
one two reported by two different agencies hold on
uh 1455 utc from one agency
how could we have why are they doing that yeah 
and the usgs has the same earthquake but a few  
miles away at a different slightly different 
time 14 55 53 utc one second apart uh okay it’s  
again it’s just a variation in the way they’re 
reporting both agencies having it too where  
they’re within a few miles of each other okay both 
are coming in next to black butte mountain volcano  
let’s go in and take a look at black 
butte see what the deal is with that  
well we have black basalt on the side at least on 
one side the other side shadowy so it’s a little  
hard to tell but yeah that’s one certainly 
is there’s probably others on the ridge here  
that’s the one that’s marked shachon shoshone 
is the location do we have anything else here  
out in the middle of the desert again i go 
looking i want to see if there’s anything  
else here nearby do we have any kind of 
power lines or railroad tracks all right
two road systems come together right 
there okay nothing else what’s this
that’s a bit odd what is  
oh power lines is that right no yeah no it is 
power lines well you just gotta look you just  
gotta look follow the lines they’ve got a tower 
there tower there it just keeps going this way
power lines
oh boy yeah it just keeps going
any out here man if we have a set out here 
i’m just gonna just say what here’s a house  
oh wait no that’s not a house that’s a microwave  
transmitting subset that’s that’s a microwave 
tower with a line running right to it
pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew
okay that’s the sound effect 
for your your microwave radar  
and then earthquake sound right 
okay rumble rumble uh microwave
microwave tower how can a microwave tower 
induce earthquake activity piezoelectric  
into the crust how can that 
happen efficiency scaling
modern earth acts as a rectena a receiving 
antenna and converts ac to dc naturally down  
into the crust and that ac i think can even 
vibrate down these deep shafts that get drilled  
and if they have any kind of mines here nearby or 
if mother nature is punched up through the crust  
that can lead to piezoelectric weakness a 
place for the electricity to come up and  
out kind of like a thin point in a rubber 
glove you’re touching something electric  
and there’s a thinner point in the glove 
that’s going to allow for the electricity  
to go through that or a hole in the 
glove might even be a better analogy
can’t tell me it’s chance are coincident hey 
look at this old volcanic feature out here  
in the desert little little butte there little 
weak point in the crust there that allowed for  
magma to come up at some point in the past and 
form a little itty-bitty volcano there long time  
ago might even be from back when that was in the 
underwater do you guys know about that hold on  
do you guys oh man this is where i always 
the mud flutters are going to love me mud  
flutters you’re about to just think 
i’m the best person in the world  
okay all of this was underwater at some point 
or at least the areas that are the salt flats  
were underwater and the leftover remnants of the 
ocean that was here is over to salt lake city you  
can see where the great salt lake spread out at 
least to here but it actually went further i would  
think this looked like the caribbean at some point 
in the past with mountains and volcanoes coming up  
out of the oceans now since then that’s all been 
buried by sand and uh over time been blasted away  
this all uplifted at some point in the past so 
this was all an ocean going up to the entire  
northwest and you can even see the water marks 
over on the eastern edge of where the ocean was  
that’s not from wind erosion the 
water marks i’m talking about now  
and it flowed out in two directions apparently 
this all uplifted at some point pretty quick  
i guess within a few years i guess and in two 
directions the two different oceans flowed out  
one ocean was contained in here very high up above 
sea level and rose and rose and then flowed out  
over to the east dropping off all the sand over 
to the east into kansas nebraska the badlands  
basically all these sand dunes and they’re all 
you can see which way it flowed yes they’ll tell  
us it’s from the wind whatever i don’t buy that 
i don’t buy any of the official explanations  
on most anything now that i figured out that 
they were wrong about a lot of the other stuff  
so i have to re-assess all what we’re told about 
the way the plate formed because they were wrong  
about basically everything the professionals 
it’s okay they won’t ever admit they’re wrong  
that’s okay so this was all underwater and it 
flowed out over to the east and down to the south  
dropping all the sand along the way and you can 
see which way it flowed through the grand canyon
colorado river just flows through it now as the 
remnant so let’s go up here let’s go out in the  
middle of nevada rachel nevada a 0.0 kilometer 
depth you know what people wrote me about rachel  
i said hey look we got an earthquake out here 
rachel i didn’t bother to really look it up  
they’re like hey did you go stay at the 
alien and i’m like the alien what’s that well  
here this is the famous area 51 and let me just 
go ahead and turn on our google earth community  
so you can get the info on the groom lake you guys 
have all heard about this before area 51 and it’s  
double long landing strip out here in the groom 
lake facility anyway there it is the earthquakes  
right next to it and this is the nuclear test site 
too where we did all the underground nuke tests  
that’s what all these craters are here 
u.s nuke operation s rom february 4th 1976  
200 kilotons pretty big that’s just one all of 
these underground craters are from nuke testin and  
area 51 is right next to it and the earthquake’s 
just north of area 51. that’s where the 1.1 is
down to the south let’s go look up this 2.2  
blue diamond nevada blue diamond i don’t 
recall ever having to look up this location  
i’d remember that name let’s go put 
the coordinates and see what’s there  
this is what you got to do guys you 
gotta look up every location it takes  
all morning if you start in the morning 
you’ll be done by the early afternoon  
look up all these spots so where are we calico 
basin wait we’re right next to vegas we’re on  
the west side of vegas that’s where we 
are is there anything else here nearby  
a road okay well we’ve got a road we’ve got 
a parking area a trail that goes this way
out into the middle of nowhere
why would you have a parking area and 
a trail out in the middle of nowhere  
what’s the deal why why is 
everybody going out here
why is everybody going there why do you have 
a parking area and cars parked there with  
with nothing i mean there’s literally it’s 
just desert that’s weird why would there  
be a bunch of people going up in here to right 
here is it beautiful or something let’s go see
let’s just bring it down right here in the middle 
see if we can see up in the valley or something  
right where the car park area is
i mean yeah i could see why okay i can 
see why you might have a hiking area here  
i could see it but that would be extremely 
dangerous to get out and go to think that  
you could go walk up in there the perspective the 
distance on there it’s got to be at least a mile
but okay that’s why they got a parking area there 
i think again it’s just become wait what the hell
oh my god what the hell is going on out here hold 
on just a second man why are you going to be on a  
bike in the desert out in the middle of nowhere 
look look at this 50 miles from from anywhere  
and he’s looking the other way he’s trying not 
to be seen on the google car you know what i mean  
like deliberately looking the other way so that he 
can’t be seen hold on there’s something out here
hold on my curiosity look you could see him 
off in the distance start getting closer  
start getting closer now is your chance 
to be on a thing and what does he do  
he looks out to the open field to the west
whoop look look look at look at he’s 
deliberately looking away from the car  
and he’s got his ipod he’s got 
his iphone no water no water
he’s looking over at this thinking it’s bones 
from an old cattle or something you know like  
a west wild west scene he’s like looking at these 
he’s like i can cut those open and get some water  
out of those got his hair all done what the 
hell is this a glitch in the matrix or what  
what’s going on there why would there be so many 
people parked and walking or riding their bikes  
and everything out here in the middle of the 
desert yes it is west of las vegas but it’s in  
the desert miles west i’m just whatever whatever 
i get suspicious i do i might be unintentionally  
unjustifiably suspicious but nonetheless i 
get suspicious when i see something like that  
let’s go down to the west southwest shall we 
let’s just get out of that whole clustering  
go see what’s down here out at the california 
coast a 1.5 ventura california okay  
ventura what’s in ventura put the coordinates in 
i showed you the other day what’s in ventura so  
this is just gonna be a refresh for anybody who’s 
a repeat viewer for new viewers look where we are  
see the earthquake epicenter see all 
these little pads in the ground right here  
every one of these little pads is a different 
oil or gas well waste water disposal and  
yeah it’s all over the place here ventura’s well 
known for its oil and gas they’ve even had big  
leaks here you guys remember the big oil leak that 
filled up a ravine it was flowing like a river or  
something anyway that that’s where the earthquake 
is it’s right on the edge of the oil pumping  
operation and i mean it’s literally right on 
the edge of it and now the oil pumping operation  
carries on over across the valley over to here 
where all of these are different oil wells as well
so we’re connecting between here and here 
and that’s where the earthquake is ventura  
1.5 what about the 1.0 is 
this a quarry blast hold on  
yeah hey proof they can list a quarry blast 
if they want to let’s go down to the east  
by southeast to panoma california now i 
think this has taken us pretty close to  
the san jacinto meeting into the san andreas 
fault but i just want to see what’s there is  
there anything of significance at the earthquake 
epicenter might not be turn on my place marks  
might not be anything here of any significance but 
you don’t know unless you look there we are san  
dimas oh man really where it’s san dimas that’s 
just what’s on the other side of the hill there
anything else here nearby it doesn’t look like 
we have any marked pumping operations that’s good  
i don’t think there’s any drilling around 
here at least not anything current we do have  
a quarry or some kind of landfill here that’s 
where the previous earthquake struck last week  
we’re north of the oil well so let’s see how 
many miles north i look within 6 to 10 miles  
so the reason i look six to ten miles there can be 
a spread that far it’s nine miles to the oil wells  
how far to this one ten miles to that and nine 
miles to this so it is within the acceptable range  
right on the edge or perimeter of 
what i would think to be too far away  
now why do i look six to ten miles usgs used 
to look six to ten miles in oklahoma until  
they changed the state regulations to see if 
there was any other nearby wells etc between  
around the earthquakes and the oil wells in 
oklahoma we’re out here in california so i  
look six to ten miles just because they used 
to in a different state and i think the reason  
they used to look six to ten miles is that’s 
how far that they can have an effect a drill  
i think they can even drill that far i know 
there’ll be people that say they don’t but  
i don’t really believe any of that anymore i don’t 
believe what people tell me anymore i have to find  
it for myself again i’ve seen too many people have 
told me i was wrong too many times when i wasn’t  
so down to the east by southeast we have a 
predominance of earthquakes going on the west  
side of salton sea with pretty much two sets 
of earthquakes on the east side of salton  
sea one quake in the mojave 2.6 so most of the 
earthquakes are on the west side of salton sea  
what is on the west side of salton sea let’s go 
look let’s go back to the usgs plate boundary map  
west of salton sea we have these the san jacinto 
and the elsinore fault to the east we have the san  
andreas and like i said most of the earthquakes 
on the west side well we can trace that back  
up to the north and it goes right back up to where 
the fault spreads out and goes over to ventura  
and it goes right back up to the north where the 
fault spreads out and goes back up to the garlock  
so all the movement down here on the west 
side it’s just a path of least resistance  
instead of going around the san andreas it’s just 
bee lining it straight across the faults down to  
the south where it’s slipping all this is moving 
and slow slipping the professionals announced this  
was etsy episodic tremor slipping five years ago 
southern california just like the little red dots  
that i was showing you up here at the start of 
the u.s update all those little tremors up here  
to the north let’s again let’s get that back on 
the feed here all the tremors here well imagine  
them going on down here as well they just don’t 
list them on this map they should and if they did  
you would see a connecting line of tremors going 
all the way down the coast and you would see going  
from washington down through oregon down through 
california a connecting line of tremors but they  
don’t want you to see a connecting line of tremors 
you know why they said there was no connection  
they said there was no connection idiots i don’t 
know why they did that but whatever for every  
reason they did and now they have to maintain 
that so they can’t put all the tremors on one feed  
otherwise you’d see a connection across the 
coast and you say hey look there’s a flare up  
up north that’s a flare up down stuff look there’s 
earthquakes in between them there’s a connection  
it’s that level of obfuscation guys it’s 
hilarious that’s why i’m doing so well online  
everybody knows it even them come on even 
they know the professional even they know  
let’s go out here to ludlow tell you a little 
story a a time when the professionals got it wrong  
so a steam plume appeared out of the 
desert in the middle of july on a clear  
day with not a cloud in the sky came out of the 
ground just east of here right pretty much right  
where this earthquake is just east of these 
lava flows pisgah crater volcano right here  
and the steam plume was picked up on radar like 
i said on a clear day there wasn’t a cloud in the  
sky yet moisture return being detected coming from 
a ground level and blowing up enough and spreading  
out enough that it blew up over and was carried 
by the santa ana winds the moisture returned  
all the way down here to north la where it finally 
started to dissipate the moisture right about  
over san bernardino and this happened in 2011 in 
july and my viewers found it i didn’t find it at  
first my viewers contacted me and said what’s 
going on in the radar california i had to go  
look and i was like whoa so i made a video and 
i showed the steam plume coming being detected  
on radar showed the location and said look it’s a 
volcano it’s clear day i don’t know what to tell  
you other than it’s some kind of steam erupting 
from a volcano usgs freaked they took my video  
made a press release about my video and this is 
in 2011 when i only had a few thousand subscribers  
and they made a big old deal about it said a 
youtube video that claims that there’s an eruption  
happening and there’s no eruption blah blah blah 
it’s a thunderstorm this was on day one this is  
so funny notice i said day one on day one they put 
out the cover story trying to deny my video which  
was just saying look it’s a steam coming from 
the desert i think it’s gotta be related to the  
volcano so they’re like it’s a thunderstorm well 
it was a clear day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky  
it went on for two more days it went on for 
three days straight from the same location by  
day two they deleted their press release but you 
can still go find it in the wayback machine it’s  
hilarious other people made stories on it even 
they’re like usgs has issued a press release from  
the california volcano observatory referencing 
this person named dutch since who’s claiming  
that there’s an eruption out here east of the 
and again i just said it was steam i didn’t say  
it was erupting i said steam come erupts which i 
mean again i mean what was it it was moisture from  
the desert on a clear day in the summer next to a 
volcano so then people got creative when it went  
on for three days they deleted the story saying 
it was a thunderstorm obviously thunderstorm can’t  
originate from the ground source same spot for 
three days straight in a row they tried to say  
it was a military blast must be the military 
out there blowing up stuff next to the highway
well the military weighed in on that they 
contacted me and asked me to take down my  
video because they were worried people were 
going to come in from the south all the way  
down here on foot and traverse the desert from 
29 palms military base and they were gonna die  
in the desert and they wanted me to take my 
video down and i asked the guy who was the  
communications commander at the base who contacted 
me below my video and asked me to call them at the  
base and i didn’t call their switchboard and put 
me to a secretary who put me to the commander of  
communications at the base back in 2011 and he 
said they weren’t doing any explosions out there  
and they don’t of course do bombing runs along the 
highway and uh that they were just worried people  
were going to come in and try and access the area 
through the base and they didn’t want my viewers  
out there traversing the desert and so could i 
take my video now and i said no i can’t take the  
video down if i do that they’re definitely going 
to go out there to investigate instead let me put  
this disclaimer up on my video telling people 
don’t go onto the military base and stay on the  
highways if you’re going to go out there and 
i i even told my video in my video my viewers  
i said don’t go out there it’s the desert what 
do you think you’re going to find blowing steam  
this is miles wide it’s more like i bet it’d 
just be like a hazy day uh if you’re at ground  
level it probably just looked hazy and humid in 
the desert but on radar it’s a moisture return  
coming up and blowing away that’s what happened 
here in 2011 they tried to deny it for three  
days to four days then within a couple weeks 
a 5.0 earthquake struck right next to the spot  
now look what else is here going through the area 
just as if we needed any more weirdness going on  
we have a large electrical transmission line 
series of transmission lines going right next  
to the area and it’s one of the only spots in 
the mojave desert where it’s going through it  
really is right across the road and right up next 
to where the earthquake is that’s where the 2.6 is
so a line of quakes let’s recap line of 
quakes coming down from northern california  
starting up next to mount shasta going down 
across the valley going down to geysers where  
we then go down across the san andreas to a 
3.3 the largest earthquake of the day so far  
basically struck last night on the creeping 
section of the san andreas east of monterey bay  
same time that’s going on a spread of earthquakes 
going down across monte cristo hills volcanic  
buttes over to long valley caldera and pretty 
much bypassing ridgecrest going over to the east  
spreading out to our volcanoes our nuke test sites 
and out to a weird spot where we got a guy riding  
a bike in the middle of the desert hiding his 
face from google car with no water or anything  
okay then down to the east southeast a 
spread of earthquakes but they’re all small  
tremors if you want to call them that going 
from the oil pumping operations down here  
to the east all the way to the border one lone 
earthquake down south of the border down in mexico  
3.6 and you could say that’s the largest of the 
bunch but it didn’t strike in the united states  
over to the east the oklahoma oil pumping 
operations and fracking ops have been hit  
as well as table rock lake down in south missouri 
as well as the new madrid seismic zone which by  
the way speaking of the hot spots that we talked 
about earlier there’s hot spots ever returned  
back on the new madrid seismic zone as well i 
guess the farmers are re-burning their fields
i guess the farmers are re-burning their fields 
dutch ah they didn’t burn them that’s the first  
time need to get out there again and do it again 
get her done so is it going to happen again today  
that’s the true question uh let’s see can 
you see it from yes you can’t see yesterday  
and we’re looking at shortwave it happened 
just before yesterday so let me see hold on
did they wipe it uh you can’t 
see again we’re looking at  
200 images so this is gonna be like last night 
damn all right well today you’re gonna see it if  
they’re back today but it was all across arkansas 
into southern missouri again series of hot spots
ah you know why i’m making a big deal about that 
farmer thing when the hot spots start first a beam  
came shooting down out of space going 
right down into where the spot is here  
at the missouri arkansas border next to success in 
maynard arkansas and then a swarm earthquake swarm  
broke out right there the hot spots picked 
up and thousands of them just right here  
not anywhere else and then people tried to say 
the usgs waiting and the skeptics came out and  
tried to say it was farmers burning their fields 
hilarious now it’s really funny because now they  
look like bloomin morons for saying that whoever 
said it was farmers burning their fields needs  
to have their head checked they’re just a denier 
they’re just a you know we shouldn’t even listen  
to them they just kind of lost the right to debate 
because you can only listen to foolishness so much  
before you have to throw out the deniers 
so trying to explain it as farmer’s fields  
doesn’t explain it on the west coast or over 
in the ocean and i’m saying they’re related  
and if you don’t agree it kind of doesn’t matter 
because nobody’s here to hear what you think  
okay and now no offense i mean you didn’t build 
your thing for 10 years trying to find stuff that  
people said didn’t exist i did by the way harper 
rings exist i found the us army experiments  
creating them up at harpen alaska people said 
that didn’t exist people said fracking couldn’t  
cause earthquakes people said wastewater 
disposal couldn’t cause earthquakes people  
said there was no relation between earthquakes 
hey i’ve got a question for all the deniers  
and all the people who don’t like me if you 
guys are so smart and you’re so on top of it  
how did you miss the earthquakes going across 
the craton every week for the last eternity
since they’ve been measuring earthquakes how did 
you miss that how did you miss that it matches how  
did you miss that it goes down through texas and 
back up into oklahoma and over to the east coast  
with all pretty much the same sized earthquakes 
in a week’s time how did you miss that every  
week for the entire life that you’ve lived i 
would say that you’re not as observant and as  
justified in your critique as you think you are 
and that you missed something so glaringly obvious  
a spread of earthquakes going across the craton 
that everything else that stems from your gross  
error has now interfered with you understanding 
what the rest is happening around the rest of the  
planet what the rest is taking place you can’t 
understand that because you are refusing to see  
that you were wrong about a spread of 
earthquakes happening across anything  
now why am i taking the time to address that 
because geophysical meta geophysics metal winners  
the professor who i mentioned for instance 
said it was chance or coincident that  
the earthquakes were following the plate 
boundaries and following the crayton ages  
that was five or six years ago 
it’s happened every week since  
so anyway there’s a spread of earthquakes and you 
can follow the spread of earthquakes following the  
arrows which we have on that map here for you 
to identify pretty easy and we’re looking for  
large activity to spread out from the west 
pacific particularly next to our deep six  
shallow seven and a series of sixes to fill in 
our middle points all the way across the plate  
going out over to sumatra indonesia 
and going up towards japan  
where our middle point should be filled 
in with again upper fives to low sixes  
with a seven next to the deepest event deepest 
biggest event united states little bit different  
we’ve got ourselves a slow slip going on a spread 
of earthquakes going across the edge of the craton  
and we’re looking for a big release off the coast 
of oregon now should be in the upper five range  
if they report it they won’t be able to hide the 
increase that comes down into the plate so while  
they can hide earthquakes out in the ocean since 
nobody’s there to report them or feel them they  
really can’t hide the earthquakes that strike on 
land all they can do with those is downgrade them  
so for instance when the five comes rolling 
in here to california i mean i told you how  
dishonest they are right the the professionals so 
they would probably downgrade a five to a 4.9 if  
it was a 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 they would probably take 
it down to a 4.9 they can’t have that many fives  
in the course of a year in california because they 
said there couldn’t be and they can’t be wrong so  
in other words they’ll change the earthquake 
to be something else so that they remain right
i’m serious you think i’m joking i’m not i’m 
not so there’s a spread of quakes that’s going  
to go across the plate in the next few days 
and we should see it break out off the coast  
if they report it and we should see it go on land 
which they can’t hide but they sure can downgrade  
but either way we’re gonna see it go across the 
plate it’ll get everybody’s attention and you’ll  
wonder if it’s a bigger quake and then you’ll look 
at it you’ll see them downgraded to like a 3.9  
were like knocked things off shelves uh it 
broke sidewalks and they haven’t listed as a two
so what else is going on wait a second how did 
i miss this a 1.5 earthquake up here in new york  
what hold on
wilson new york eastern edge of the craton 
is moving but i need to go look it up because  
well first of all we got that four point 
something earthquake over at massachusetts  
rhode island massachusetts right next to 
that mansion mansion belonging to the guy who  
donates to the boys and girls 
club or something it’s so freaky
wilson niagara niagara falls we’re 
at niagara falls that’s where we are  
that’s where we are is there anything else 
here nearby isn’t there power generation  
going on here at niagara falls i think there 
is i mean i might be wrong but you think they  
would have some kind of power generation 
going on at the falls here are the falls
parking lot
if they haven’t harnessed this for electronic 
generation electric generation i will be just  
shocked that would be foolish if they didn’t 
uh do we have anything else here nearby again  
i have to look for everything i have to look for 
drill points electrical there are drill points  
up here in i think new york certainly on the 
canada side of the border over here there are  
let’s just show you what they look like oil 
and gas pumping operation just to show you how  
hard they are to find do you see that there’s 
the oil well there’s the tank but look at it  
from this level even you can’t even like i 
would have to zoom in all over here’s another  
set right there there’s another jack and 
tank and pump for oil now actually it might  
be gas they might be doing gas on there you’d 
think it would be gas because of the methane  
so is there more up here 
to the north they’re on the  
south side of the border too down here frac well 
oil and gas but again when you zoom in on them  
it takes forever to find them man you 
know how long i had to look to find these
let me just tell you took a long time man 
so up here are there any probably probably  
i would think there would be and all i 
need to do is just go into the fields  
and go inspect and see if i can find any but 
doing that live is a real pain in the you know  
what so we’ll have to come around and see if 
there’s any other earthquake activity up here  
i usually wait for more than one to strike if more 
than one earthquake strikes then i start to look  
i mean i’m looking right now obviously but if i 
see more than one i’ll really put the detailed  
study into it and go find the nearest wells right 
now there’s one if i don’t see a well exactly  
at the epicenter i’ll just move on and i don’t 
see one of the epicenters so let’s just move on  
hopkins beach next to niagara falls anything else 
i think that’s it so i said i was going to cover  
hawaii too didn’t i let’s go out to hawaii the big 
island where you have another 3.0 range earthquake  
that struck in the middle east rift zone how 
big did it go 2.8 2.9 let’s see 3.1 3.1 and the  
location is spot on at kilauea so should i pull 
the 2.9 or the 3.1 it doesn’t matter either or  
volcano hawaii is the location it’s triangulated 
from and for my hawaiian viewers guys we’ve  
been waiting for this for now almost two years 
almost two years we’ve been watching and waiting  
starting to get to the point where you’re getting 
repeat activity up here at the top of the middle  
east rift zone that’s the crater for kilauea this 
used to be a lava lake and a flat crater that you  
could look out across now it’s a giant open pit 
in the ground gravel pit filled with water no less  
and this collapsed the middle east rip zone 
is filling with magma and now we’re getting  
earthquakes up at the top of it at the base 
of mauna loa what’s causing that magma red  
hot burning magma spreading up out and around 
the middle east rift zone going down to loihi  
going all the way up here to hualalai up on the 
northwest tip of the big island and of course  
spreading out around the middle east zone which is 
refilling and i’ve shown this at an angle so many  
times i’ll do it one more time well not not one 
more i’ll probably do it many more times than that  
in the next several months and weeks but 
weeks weeks and months not months and weeks  
proper time schedule there we are kilauea and 
kilauea has collapsed down into the middle east  
rift zone which this is the middle east rift 
zone rising from down below the magma chamber  
and up at the top kilauea and the earthquakes are 
happening at the top now we’ve gone all the way  
around the outside edge of this this whole thing 
has taken two years to shift and move and refill  
how do i know it’s refilling well look at it 
it’s whole perimeters lined with earthquakes  
it’s going up to the top of the magma chamber 
right up at the top by kilauea that would mean  
that the magma is refilling the whole area and 
it’s spreading out to the other volcanoes nearby  
hence the earthquake up next to hualalai up 
on the northwest portion of the island up here  
the other ancient volcanic chain that 
most people don’t even think about  
when they think about hawaii they think about 
kilauea mauna loa mauna kea down here they don’t  
think about the ancients up here on the northwest 
side but that’s where the earthquake is on the  
northwest side so one lone quake which is almost 
the biggest of the bunch it’s 2.8 2.9 near 3.0  
on the northwest tip and then a big cluster 
going up to 3.0 at the middle east rift zone  
it’s refilling eventually what will happen i think 
i could be wrong but i think it will refill to the  
point where stresses start to build inside 
and it blows and it’ll blow out a new crater  
as opposed to a collapsed caldera it will 
put out a new blast that blast will be big  
but it will eventually happen then you might 
even get a new lava lake up inside of there  
so taking you back to the start of the update 
this is the last seven days feed we have our deep  
earthquakes in the west pacific we’re watching for 
a big outbreak to take place in the west pacific  
going up to japan and over to sumatra we’re 
looking for an outbreak on the west coast probably  
in the five-ish range assuming they reported a 
spread of earthquakes to go across the edge of the  
craton i didn’t even talk about colorado by the 
way colorado got hit twice two pumping operations  
in colorado i don’t want to even get caught up 
in that should be big we should see some big  
activity this week 7.0 next to our deep quakes hey 
that includes for the people in new zealand look  
i’m leaning toward if i’m wrong let’s just say 
i’m wrong and it goes down towards kermadec’s  
instead of going towards here it goes down along 
the plate boundary to the south if i’m wrong  
so i hope i’m right i hope it goes over 
to the west out in the middle of nowhere
but we have to watch anything else that’s it 
you guys you need to have an earthquake plan  
you need to know what to do when an 
earthquake strikes i say this in every update  
i don’t know who takes it for serious 
you should you should take it serious  
let’s talk about you for a second your 
preparations and how you are or are not  
prepared for disasters like fires and floods and 
earthquakes severe weather even you need to take  
shelter well do you have a place to go underneath 
a table or a desk if you don’t have a table or a  
desk to get underneath for an earthquake and you 
live in an earthquake prone area why don’t you
you can go to goodwill and even get a desk or 
something to get underneath that’s wood or metal  
so kinda don’t have an excuse you should have 
something to get underneath a table or a desk  
you should also have an exit plan  
an exit plan to get out of the structure that 
you’re in in case you’re in a big earthquake  
that’s going to knock down the structure or let’s 
say the structure is not capable of withstanding  
a moderate earthquake like brick or cinder 
block you need to know where to go outside
so take the time right now to develop a plan 
where you’re going to go outside make sure your  
friends and family know where that is make 
sure that your co-workers or the people who  
you’re around know where to go and make sure they 
know where the emergency kit is that way they can  
grab it if you’re not right next to it good idea 
on all those things your emergency kit change of  
clothes set of shoes flashlight batteries first 
aid kit sanitation food and water for a few days  
seasonal specific don’t forget to make it seasonal 
specific so if you live in a cold area you need  
to have that cold survival gear i know it’s a 
pain in the you know what but you got to do it  
you might last a few hours outside if it’s 
freezing cold outside and you don’t have that
think of the elderly think of children that 
you have think of the disabled you might even  
want to have a little bit extra that way you 
can barter or help someone if they need help  
that you can at least have the ability to 
think about helping people you won’t have  
to be completely selfish in hoarding all 
your stuff just to protect it for yourself  
the time now 10 53 a.m central time 
i’m going to save this as a video  
we will go put it out over on youtube you 
can watch it back as a premiere with me in an  
hour or so and if anything big goes down i’ll 
jump back on at a moment’s notice like i said  
easy ridge at the start of this update japan 
easy ridge check it off the list also check  
the area over by taiwan off the list but that 
means it’s coming up your way and sumatra you  
can check mount krakatoa off the list but i would 
look next to mount cinnabon or the northwest tip  
over in europe we got like a day left to go in the 
warning for italy not even like 24 hours basically  
24 hours so 24 hours left to go in the warding 
for italy so far bosnia croatia has been hit  
and albania montenegro’s been hit and romania 
with a four so i would look for at least a four  
to come into italy oh uh switzerland was also 
hit to your north in italy so all sides of you  
has moved on a 4 to 5.0 basis except for central 
italy itself you might get off lucky and nothing  
hits and i’m wrong but we got one more day to go 
in the watch please keep watch for the next day
that it that’s it i’m out 
of here peace out much love

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