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this week I want to show you guys a new
little tool necessity being the mother
of invention and military always coming
up with weird requirements let’s say and
then people find ways to make better
solutions for it so it comes up from
time to time overseas different units
doing different missions you may want to
deflate the tires of vehicles on target
so that perhaps those vehicles can’t
pursue you after you depart off of the
target site now ways to do that can you
shoot the tires yeah but that draws
attention to you if you’ve come in with
stealth and it’s been I’ve been a quiet
hit you haven’t made any noise yet you
want to get in and get out but without
making any noise so that leaves you with
let’s say cutting the tires poking them
with knives yeah it dulls your knives it
takes time already got your rifle in
your hand wouldn’t it be nice to just be
able to just punch a bunch of tires
you’d be able to run down the row of
them stab the tires right so the option
was carry that big old clumsy bayonet
that you know you see the bayonet leg
here really that helps for sometimes but
not for all well solutions been found
kind of neat I think you’ll get a kick
out of it let me introduce you to my
little friend with this here is is it is
a shoot through tire deflating bayonet
you still shoot through it but way it
works is you sit the collar right over
the top of the flashhider like so sit it
tighten that puppy down and now what
we’ve got is a tire deflator that
doesn’t make any noise at all pull it
out that tire run you hear the air
flowing I know some of you all out there
with those deep pockets you’ve got those
self-sealing tires you know at those
run-flats that would just they would
they’d seal up they take it a step
further in your little charge bag you
can carry a stack of collars for this
take this collar sits with locks right
on see how quickly emptied that tire now
I could run to the next vehicle grab
that next collar or slide it on and I
could leave those collars I could carry
a whole bag full of them in my dump
pouch and you see how it stays in the
tire and keeps that tire from sealing
you can literally zip through knock the
tires out on all these vehicles we could
get out there and there’s no way they’d
be able to chase after you great great
tool the other thing and like I
mentioned you can shoot the weapons
still shoots still fully functional
anyways looking forward to your comments
got any questions or other comments or
ideas for other videos be sure to leave
them below

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Tactical Flashlight And Lantern Best Buy Online

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  1. Now imagine using one for normal bayonet things though. You can't cut with it, and if you use it against a soft target you're getting blood down your barrel. Probably wouldn't completely ruin your day but it's something to think about. And bayonets ARE still useful in modern combat scenarios.

  2. MURICA !!! shit like this is why we win wars ……Americans are ingenious .that collar would also insure that pesky commies bleed out in a hurry